Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 11 Review

Lu Xingcheng’s reflex is always to avoid Xiaoyou’s kissing attempts and we live for such scenes!

Favorite things :

1. Xiaoyou’s parents’ ambush. I’ll need to compile all of Xingcheng’s sudden encounters with Xiaoyou’s parents and every scene that he has with an apple. It was so funny when he told Xiaoyou’s dad that he should always visit her. You sneaky man!

It was very sweet of him to tell Papa Tong that his daughter has a gift for designing.

2. Emotional Xingcheng. Make way for this Jerry fangirl to be in awe of his acting in this scene. He was right when he told Xiaoyou that it wasn’t her business. I couldn’t stop myself from face-palming with what Xiaoyou did. More on this on my only meh thought.

3. Cute apology attempt part 2. While we had a series of cute apology attempts from Xingcheng in the previous episode, it’s Xiaoyou’s turn now. I’m always a sucker for post-it notes with sweet messages placed everywhere no matter how cliche it is.

4. Tea time! I was so happy that we’re finally getting more revelations about the NIKI dress. As predicted, Yan Zhi knew that he wasn’t really the reason why Xiaoyou became a designer. Fortunately, he admitted to it and didn’t want Xiaoyou to leave because of his admiration towards her talent.

5. Xiaoyou’s starry eyes. I really love it when she’s fangirling over Xingcheng. It’s more meaningful now knowing that he’s been her inspiration to be a designer all along.

6. Xiaoyou’s boldness. I’ve seen so many bold female characters in dramas, but not the kind of boldness that Xiaoyou has! She makes it so easy to pull someone like Jerry Yan’s Xingcheng for a kiss. That was such a tease again though!

7. Sweet banter. We all know that he’s not going to admit it to Xiaoyou soon but that makes Xingcheng more endearing!

8. A thing of the past? More than designing, it seems like this artistic director was also a thing of Xingcheng’s past. He was just ready to reject her offer more than anything.

9. Ruru’s advice. I love that this drama made Xiaoyou recognize that she can’t show off her real talent when Yan Zhi is just always there protecting her. We all need a wise friend like Ruru who told her that other people shouldn’t be stopping her from fulfilling her dreams. She said what Xiaoyou exactly needed to hear!

10. Birthday surprise? We’re in for a birthday bash that we all have seen during the drama’s first trailer. I’m beyond excited about this!


Overly concerned Xiaoyou. I hated her so much in this scene. What right did she have to tell Xingcheng about how he should act? If it were that easy, he would’ve done it years ago and it’s not something that he chose. It’s trauma, dear.

This was still a decent episode and I was happy about all the revelations shown here. It made us understand a cold-blooded character like Xingcheng better. We see how he’s slowly becoming a melting ice cube as what Jerry described in one of his recent interviews. Until the next episode!


1 thought on “Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 11 Review

  1. Rosa Frausto

    Love how the script writers developed the main antagonist’s cherector. If allowed, the male castrating woman is adamently out & about to put a ring on the nose & a leash on the neck of her chosen focal point.



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