Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 12 Review

Of birthday surprises and rekindled dreams, this was a great episode to look back to!

Favorite things:

1. Everything about this surprise birthday party! I think we can all agree that this was the episode’s major highlight. I just wanted to screen-record everything! From Xiaoyou being in a rabbit costume to this birthday cake that maybe just the two of them (+ the audience) will understand, I could develop diabetes with the sweetness of the whole thing.

2. Birthday history. Xingcheng hasn’t celebrated his birthday for 10 years now and he painfully recalled the last time that he did. When Xiaoyou invited Mu Yang, I wanted to shake her head. Are you sure?! That could have been a recipe for disaster which was even confirmed by the “birthday gift” that he’s preparing for Xingcheng.

Putting that aside, I thought it was still sweet that Mu Yang celebrated with “him”. He wasn’t ready to celebrate with Xingcheng in person just yet.

3. Xiaoyou, you’re such an ideal girl! If I were Xingcheng, I would have probably kissed her right away. What she has done was most likely the sweetest thing that a girl has ever done towards Xingcheng!

4. Xiaoyou’s granted wish! I had to replay this bit to see how quick and cute Xingcheng shifted from one reaction to another. Xiaoyou was the cutest too with the icing on her lips and in that chubby rabbit costume. Without her push, he might not even consider to return to the world of fashion design.

5. A kiss? I knew he was going to tease him, but I didn’t see that cake fight coming! I’ve always wanted to do that intense head-push to a cake so thanks Xingcheng for fueling my desire even more.

What I loved about this scene was how genuine their reactions were. Has the BTS clip of this been released yet? Pretty sure that was the real them playing around!

6. Xingcheng’s crying scene. I’ve always loved everything about Jerry’s acting and that’s how I became his fan in the first place. His emotions were so raw that I wanted to hug him right there and then!

7. A different Xingcheng. He told by his mom’s grave that Xiaoyou is the reason why he has changed for the better. If only Xiaoyou could realize that, then we wouldn’t have any problems about these two expressing their feelings for each other. Although it might be too early since we have more episodes left!

I laughed and felt bad for Daly when he got startled by Xingcheng calling him. That’s just one major difference shown that he has changed in a good way!

8. Fierce Xiaoyou. She just never fails! I love that she was brave enough to call Wu Meng out, I can’t say that I could do the same!


1. Selfish parents. No matter how much dislike I’ve expressed towards Yan Zhi, this boy just really needs some loving. No wonder he attaches himself to Xiaoyou because she’s probably the only decent person in his life.

It was even emphasized when he saw Xiaoyou having the time of her life with Xingcheng. They should’ve paired him with Wen Xi or another female lead instead, not Wu Meng please.

2. Wu Meng. Speaking of her, I thought she would be decent enough not to play dirtily against Xiaoyou again. Looks like Xingcheng was right all along that she’s just going to keep fighting against Xiaoyou now that they gave her a second chance.

3. Cruel step-sisters? Well, they’re not in any way related but they seem to be the evil sisters who would go against whatever Cinderella does. Oops, I meant Xingcheng.

This episode makes it clear that Xingcheng has feelings towards Xiaoyou beyond the boss-employee relationship that they have. Wen Xi has Mu Yang now, but both leads have people who like them act as a barrier to have a smoother relationship. I’m already excited for what’s to come for our main OTP!


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    1. dramarian Post author

      Hi Sarah! Thank you for dropping by. Yes, I did because of real life and other matters so I will no longer write recaps for the rest. Thank you so much for reading all the ones that I’ve posted! Take care 🙂



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