Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 13 Review

What’s special? This episode! It adds up to my list of favorites now. You’ll see why and it’s not hard to figure out.

Favorite things:

1. Xingcheng remembers Xiaoyou. He accidentally gave himself away and called himself an idiot after. Apart from that cuteness, it was very sweet of Xingcheng to give the last teabag to Xiaoyou when he initially prepared it for himself. I haven’t even mentioned that light foot massage whew. Where can we get a Xingcheng?

2. Childish Xingcheng. It’s not the first time that he has shown his childish self, but it’s so funny to see him find pleasure in pissing Xiaoyou off. I’m a sucker for grocery shopping scenes in dramas and I loved that they gave us one!

3. Xingcheng bites back. We all know how annoying Sarah Lin is, but even a nobody designer actually had the audacity to fight him? Psshh way too easy for Xingcheng.

4. Amazing confidence! I wish we could all have Xingcheng’s confidence. I couldn’t help but shout, “that’s my man!” as if I was rooting for Jerry Yan himself and not Xingcheng haha!

5. Unbothered king. Xiaoyou was panicking after hearing about Sarah’s planned sabotage against Xingcheng. He couldn’t really care less and I dreaded seeing a sabotage happening too. If you want more fashion sabotage drama though, then head over to my My Best Ex-Boyfriend recaps which Jerry starred in too!

6. Fangirling Xiaoyou. I’ve said this time and again that she’s just Xingcheng’s cutest fan! She’s just like us who’s all heart eyes when we see our idol/inspiration and it’s even better for her because her idol actually remembers her. Wish we could all relate!

7. Emperor’s new clothes?! That was the first thing that came into my mind when Xingcheng pulled this act. I didn’t see this coming at all although it was definitely a Xingcheng thing. The whole show mirrors how contest shows are being done when everything had to be done for the ratings and checking whether they should cut this scene or not. Good call from this runway show’s director to choose the latter as Xingcheng was out there to become…

8. Xingcheng, king of confidence. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought that he was going to have Xiaoyou walk on the runway… He had me with the description which turned out to be Ye Mang, but I still think he didn’t clown us around. He might have been referring to Xiaoyou still!

9. Xingcheng is family. I could never get sick of his suppers with Xiaoyou’s family. That whole scene had me smiling like an idiot the whole time! Xiaoyou’s mom escalated quickly with questions on marriage already. A classic Asian parents’ move. Please keep pushing them because their reactions are always beyond epic!

No meh moments for me which makes it episode another favorite of mine! Sarah’s plan to sabotage Xingcheng was supposed to be one because how could she have done it with the whole media listening to her evil plan?! I let it go as soon as I saw our Xingcheng pulled that fantastic fashion statement right after!

More than our leads’ cute moments, it was really Xingcheng being able to stand up again so confidently that made me LOVE this episode. We’ve seen a lot of Xiaoyou being as brave so it was good to see the side of the male lead too. Looking forward to see these two brave and amazing people fulfill their dreams and fall in love too!


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