Demise of Xiao Gui, Alien Huang Hong Sheng

16 September is a depressing day. Once again, I am in disbelief. Alien Huang Hong Sheng, more affectionately known as Xiao Gui (Little Ghost), has passed on. The news have been confirmed by his agency.

Xiao Gui was found dead at his home located at Section 1 of Sanhe Street in the Beitou District of Taipei City.

His body was found lying on the toilet floor by his father who was looking for him to have lunch together. Rigor mortis had already occurred by that time.

Preliminary investigations suggest that it was an accident and he had slipped and fell in the toilet, knocking his head in the process.

Xiao Gui was 36.

Awfully young, if you ask me. And once again, it is a reminder of how life is so fragile. I still can’t process how he’s just not here anymore.

I have never blogged about Xiao Gui here so readers might not know but I was a major fan of Xiao Gui back in the early days. I first stepped into t-ent with 100% Entertainment (yu le bai fen bai; 娱乐百分百) circa 2012. If Show Luo was my first love, then Xiao Gui had to be the second male lead that I grew to love. For years, I religiously caught 100% Entertainment daily at 5pm (that’s the time they broadcasted it at my country). If I missed an episode, I would go online to watch it.

100% Entertainment back in the days, with Xiao Gui Huang Hong Sheng, Xiao Zhu Luo Zhi Xiang and Sister Butterfly Jian Kai Le

I would also spend so many hours watching old episodes of 100% Entertainment on Youtube. 100% Entertainment was what brought me to the world of t-drama and eventually, c-drama. As I delved deeper into c-entertainment, I watched 100% Entertainment less. And after the open fall-out between Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui, I completely stopped following t-ent.

Looking back, it saddens me to see how my favourite hosts of 100% Entertainment turned out. I used to ship Butterfly and Show Lo / Alien Huang many years ago. But recently, with the Butterfly and Show saga, I don’t know how to feel about my childhood love anymore. And with Xiao Gui’s passing, it feels like the yesteryear of 100% Entertainment is completely gone.

I was so smitten by Xiao Gui back then that I sat through many typical makjang taiwanese dramas simply because he was the lead. From Rogue Principal to Lin Bei, to seeing him as a cameo in Love at the Corner Bookstore and the recent Someday or One Day. It’s been a long way and this news is just so… sudden.

Many celebrities, such as Rainie Yang, his ex girlfriend, were shocked and upset after hearing the news. Even Show Luo and Jian Kai Le (Butterfly) broke their silence to express disbelief after hearing the news, amongst others.

It is depressing to find out that stars I have been chasing since young are starting to pass on… Is this a sign of adulting as well? In my heart, they are still so young.

Rest in peace, Huang Hong Sheng.

Signing off with a few of my favourite songs by him that accompanied me in my younger years.

A song that accompanied me through my angsty teen days

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