[ANNOUNCEMENT]: Discontinuing Count Your Lucky Stars Recaps

It’s great to be back here after burying myself with school and work. I’ve been deciding on this matter all this time but I guess the title says it all.

The OC in me is quite disappointed that I will not continue to recap Jerry Yan’s drama despite swearing that I would since his My Best Ex-Boyfriend days.

I skipped Twitter and drama-watching to focus on school and work so it was just natural that I’ve lost track of the episode that I’m in. I don’t have a lot of time to revisit the past episodes to write recaps so it’s just better for me to discontinue.

It also didn’t help that many were hurt everytime they see me post about not liking CYLS. I thought blogging and tweeting would be my safe haven but I guess anything I say could still be taken against me.

As one of my great friends said, disliking a drama does not equate to disliking an actor/actress. I probably won’t mention this again because I’m just so tired of explaining myself. So for the last time: I. Do. Not. Hate. Shen. Yue. Why would I spend my energy hating on anyone who will never know me or hating in general?

When you see me criticize CYLS, it was never even about her. Maybe it was even more about Jerry. Believe it or not, I criticize his works a lot despite being one of his biggest fans. I do appreciate friends who messaged me about my thoughts instead of jumping into conclusions.

In a nutshell, I’m discontinuing my recaps to save both my time and sanity. I would still like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who appreciated my past recaps! It was fun to see your thoughts on it. I gained and (sadly) lost some friends too, but that’s just how life works so it’s all good!

Let me just drop this cute gif of the leads to bid farewell properly 😉 I’m out and I just want peace! Spread love!

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Ni hao! I'm Dramarian and I love Asian dramas & films specifically from Taiwan, China, and Japan. I write about them in this beautiful blog while my dog Gotchi sits beside me. Meteor Garden introduced me to dramaland and I don't think I'm leaving anytime soon. Oh and I love Jerry Yan very much. Follow/tweet me @SMilkdrama about anything and I will definitely reply.

3 thoughts on “[ANNOUNCEMENT]: Discontinuing Count Your Lucky Stars Recaps

  1. maskcrusader

    Hey Dramarian. Just wanted to send some virtual hugs and wishing you good thoughts on this Mid Autumn day. Reading about your thoughts on all the negative backlash from your review of CYLS and felt indignant on your behalf. Anyone is entitled to their opinions and there is nothing wrong about not liking a drama nor an actor/actress. I like Shen Yue and don’t like Jerry Yan but that does not make a bad person haha.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Hi dearie, I just want to tell you that I super appreciate this comment of yours. I guess it’s just really hard for people to accept the fact that we always don’t have the same thoughts. I thought I was being pretty fair with how I’ve been criticizing it, but I know that I’ve hurt more people and they didn’t let me know. It was never my intention so that really brought me down too.

      Yes, that is so true! I don’t really mind if you don’t like him despite being one of his huge fans. I know so many who don’t actually but I never took it against them unless they were really attacking him personally (saw some who were really doing that).

      Anyway, thank you so much again! You definitely lifted my spirit on this festive day. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and take care!


  2. Sarita

    It’s a pity you gave up on doing the recaps.
    I really enjoyed reading them although I haven’t watched this show yet. I’m just at ep 1 now. Yup I know I’m late but after he stopped filming for Taiwan dramas, I stopped following Jerry Yan till recently.
    Glad to see a fan of Jerry Yan posting and not just for this show but other dramas as well.
    Hopefully once he releases a new drama, you would be back to blogging.



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