Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 9 Review

Our leads were just the cutest here, but I still wished that the episode was just as cute too. Yes, I still felt Jerry-deprived!

Favorite things:

1. Best friend status: confirmed! Thanks to Daly, he knows Lu Xingcheng the best so he meant it when he told Xiaoyou this.

2. Surprise friendship! For some reason, I didn’t see this coming when almost everyone I know did. Was I really not paying attention to the drama very well?! This was such a meaningful conversation between the female leads. It gives us a clue that they will be the best of friends especially when Xiaoyou told Wen Xi, “I wouldn’t believe it [what she’s saying] in the past” but she’s willing to give her a chance now.

3. Rekindling with an old ambition. I’ll be on Jerry fangirl mode when I say that he snapped in this sequence! He acted being so crippled by his past dream impressively and it was understandable why he ended up destroying everything.

4. Wen Xi’s developing love line. I’m starting to like her in this drama so I find it exciting that it’s going to be some kind of enemies-turned-into-lovers trope.

5. An unforgettable slap. I felt that slap! No wonder this scene immediately goes into Jerry’s book of remarkable scenes in all of his works. Xingcheng deserved it though! That was truly an a**hole remark.

6. Pride game. He regret saying such an offensive remark towards Xiaoyou while she regret slapping him. More about this in my ending remark!

7. Butt hurt Xingcheng. My friends and I had a watch party for this episode so we all had a resounding “aww” when Xingcheng said this line. Yes, you do! You just don’t know how to show it gently and Xiaoyou isn’t dense enough to figure it out.


1. Nosy female characters. To say that I’m tired of these in dramas is an understatement. I was so annoyed with Xiaoyou when she “accidentally” discovered about Mu Yang and Xingcheng’s past and the NIKI dress. Yeah sure, it’s a good turning point but it still could’ve been done without her and Wen Xi also sticking their noses in Xingcheng’s business.

Male characters should be written as nosy too, but we rarely see this happen. Dramaland, please!

2. A sweet surprise? I may have loved Jerry’s acting in point #3 of my favorite things, but I was definitely shaking my head when he surprised her. Call me a party pooper but even if his charms could sweep me off of my feet, I would be so scared of him if I had known that he had the capacity to destroy my work station.

3. Still not a Lu Yanzhi fan. My Jerry bias is so obvious that even if he was an a** in this scene, I still didn’t root for the second male lead… I find him extra nosy so maybe this is my wish granted about male characters being written as nosy instead.

If there’s one thing that I really love about this drama, it’s that it never drags on a certain plot line. To make it clear as an example, we saw in the past episode how Xiaoyou immediately realized that Xingcheng was his lifesaver (gave her a candy).

For this episode, the leads reflected upon their actions right away and could not stop thinking about each other. Other dramas would distract us with irrelevant plot lines and forget to show the audience what the characters have been feeling but not so much with CYLS. They would still distract us from time to time, but they don’t forget to show us the characters’ true emotions.

So what did you think of this episode? Any favorites and/or meh things for you?


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