Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 8 Review

After my pure enjoyment from the previous episode, I felt betrayed that this was just a meh one. As a Jerry Yan fan, it was hard for me to enjoy but it was definitely a good episode for its life lessons.

Favorite things:

1. Life lessons. The drama is trying to give depth to secondary characters especially to Wen Xi. She’s more than the diva type of model that they were showing us at the beginning.

2. Life lessons part 2. Could this be the reason for the changes in the drama’s title? To name it “The Exchange Luck” would be a contradiction to what Lu Xingcheng believes in. Anyway, it still surprises me that luck isn’t really the main point of this drama. In fact, they’re trying hard to throw that idea away and even Xiaoyou who purely believes in it, isn’t really shoving it on our faces.

3. Lu Xingcheng to the rescue! The camera panned to this lion stuffed toy which most likely confirms my belief that it represents Xiaoyou – Xingcheng’s friend for life. He’s going to do anything just to save his friend!

4. Foreshadowing. Woah! That fast, CYLS? We all know this is going to be a happy ending but it was just so cute that the journalist thought they were already a married couple. Those reactions were so priceless too!

5. Xiaoyou’s glowing eyes for Xingcheng. It’s not the first time that we saw her being in awe of her former boss but this scene was just so funny and relatable. That illuminating glow on Jerry inevitably made me burst into laughter!

6. Xiaoyou being such a kickass female lead! I’ve already lost count on how many times she has made us want to give a standing ovation for not letting people step on her. It felt so gratifying to see her cruel co-worker receive that kind of treatment!

7. Xiaoyou’s inspiration is Xingcheng. It made my heart happy that her source of inspiration for the next season’s theme just came by effortlessly.

8. We love a supportive male lead. Forget that he’s Jerry Yan (wait, that’s pretty hard), but a supportive male lead is what we should always stan. He may not have a lot of scenes in this episode, but it touched my heart that he was there for Xiaoyou in all of the scenes that he had. Although he would still try his best to insult her by calling her a fool or an idiot reminiscent of our beloved Dao Ming Si.

9. Digging bones. It’s annoying for anyone to be bossing you around for the reason that you still owe them a lot. Feel free to disagree with me, but I just love it when Xingcheng does it to Xiaoyou because they make it so funny without trying hard.

10. Jerry’s soft but deep voice. I just really needed a venue to fangirl over his voice to be honest… People have mixed reactions over his voice but I have no complaints at all because he’s dubbing his own and it’s just music to my ears. I might just consider listening to his voice in this drama as I go to sleep for that ASMR goodness.


1. More Jerry, pretty please? I think I have always been clear about my agenda for watching this drama. To wait for more than 9 minutes without him appearing felt so long. I understand the need to develop the other characters’ storylines, but yup, this is just me being a whiny fan.

2. Too much martyrdom here, isn’t it? Lu Yan Zhi really went through all the troubles to defy his mom who happens to be his boss too just for Xiaoyou. Fine, we know that you’re so lovestruck but the next scenes just made me face-palm.

He and Xiaoyou forgave that b*tchy Wu Meng for her sabotage acts. It’s totally fine if she only did those to hurt Xiaoyou but she did it at the risk of losing the company’s sales by sharing trade secrets. This is why I stand by Xingcheng’s side that Wu Meng isn’t going to stop now that they gave her another chance.

I may not have been a fan of this episode but I learned a thing or two and not just from the leads. Can I end this review by asking what is up with this trend of having one side of the polo tucked inside the pants?! They looked cute in this scene, but I just need answers.


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