Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 20 Review


Find a guy who looks at you like how Dao Ming Si looks at this cookie haha!

Just when things were getting sweeter like this cookie, everything is becoming toasted to the point of bitterness. This drama does want us to dip ourselves into happiness for way too long!


Best way to start an episode: Dao Ming Si taking selfies with his cookies!


I have no idea how the camera could make a cookie look so ugly… Haha!


*death stare at Lei*




Ximen and Meizuo were disappointed that Ah Si only managed to break a very thin ice. They should try to date Shancai and I bet they would not even get to break the thin ice that easily too (lol).


Dao Ming Feng had her son trapped in their restaurant with an arranged fiance.


She also asked Shancai to come and witness Ah Si and Xiaozi’s engagement. Yes, that’s the fiance’s name as you may also have remembered from the 2001 version.


As expected from the 2001 drama, Ah Si made a mistake by running away with Xiaozi instead of grabbing Shancai’s hand. She also climbed on his back and bit his ear. Not much changes in these scenes.



Shancai and Dao Ming Si had a huge argument in the cafeteria. F3 did not know what was happening and were caught by surprise with everything that they were talking about.


Xiaozi indirectly cleared Shancai’s misunderstandings of Dao Ming Si running away with her.


Despite all the censorship that China implements in their productions, they never said that sexual innuendos were not allowed. HAHA! This made me laugh like an idiot. Ximen and Meizuo have always been the leaders of it ever since 2001.


Thank God for his friends from stopping Ah Si in hitting a monkey girl.


Xiaozi dragged Shancai to have coffee with her. She asked her if she has ever liked someone in the past. Shancai answered it by describing Lei, someone who does not talk much and sleeps a lot.


Shancai told her that she should just direct her question towards Dao Ming Si. She then unwillingly made a deal with Xiaozi that she will help her make Dao Ming Si like her.


Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm <– That must be what’s happening inside Shancai’s head after going to Ah Si’s birthday, dealing with his mom, and now there’s a fiance who popped out of nowhere.


Me whenever I see Lei… I am just so glad that she still has Lei to talk to when she has problems. Although Lei told her that instead of talking to him, he should just it out with Ah Si. Ugh he is just beyond wise!


She was not ready to sort her feelings and issues yet because of the recent developments to their story. Lei implied that he was disappointed in her because that is not how the Shancai he knows who would usually respond to her problems.


Shancai was deceiving us here. She appeared touched by Ah Si’s visit just because he could not contact her. In the end, she…


She was pushing Dao Ming Si away by telling him that he should accept Xiaozi as his fiance.


*hearts breaking*. And Dao Ming Si thought they would work together to get rid of the obstacles in their path to love.


Not quite sure why Shancai chose to hurt Dao Ming Si again but this is where we are headed…


Not even the best love experts could help him pass this subject so far. Ximen and Meizuo decided to make things complicated to help Shancai and Ah Si even though Lei was against it.


Just like in the 2001 version, Ximen and Meizuo tried to use their charms to lure Xiaozi away from Ah Si.


After hours of nonsense shopping and playing, Ximen and Meizuo gave up on Monkey Girl. They were disappointed to find out what Shancai told Ah Si when he was drenched in the rain.


This also happened in the 2001 drama. Dao Ming Feng tried to persuade Lei to snatch Shancai away from Ah Si.


Only an evil mom like Dao Ming Feng would liken a toy with a girl. Wait, there’s more! She also brought up what transpired in their childhood with the current situation now.


Lei’s response to her made me so happy! Go Lei!


This was really one evil way of ending this week of Meteor Garden episodes. Drunk Shancai got out of her intoxicated state of mind when she heard those words from Xiaozi. Ugh my heart is just breaking 😦

In a nutshell,

  • Just like the previous episode, everything here already appeared in the 2001 drama. They did a job well done in recreating all of the scenes here.
  • I am so thankful that they inserted a rain scene when Shancai was pushing Ah Si away to be with Xiaozi. In the 2001 version, I hated it when Ah Si slapped Shancai for saying those things. For this drama, they just showed Ah Si punching a wall/cabinet in his room. Really great adjustment done here!
  • Looks like we are anticipating for more heart-breaking scenes! My dramasochist self is very much looking forward to it.
  • And that was a wrap for Meteor Garden 2018’s 3rd week run. It was a roller coaster adventure of emotions and I cannot wait to ride some more thrilling ones!

14 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 20 Review

  1. Sheila

    I always love reading your recap, i refreshed it everyday haha i only remember few scenes in 2001 version coz i was only 6yrs old back then haha so your post help me a lot. Thank you so much. I am loving all these heartaches coz shanchai can finally wake up and will love ah si as much as ah si loves her, although im probably crying for the next episodes😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww thank you so much! I hope I don’t take too long when publishing them 😅 I was only 7 when I watched it but I’ve never stopped rewatching since 2014. Haha! Thank God I’m not the only dramasochist 😂 as weird as it sounds, I’m really hoping that this version will make us cry!


  2. Jed Christian Resurreccion

    spot on review.. good to see also that the hate is dying out since we are in the mid of the series and this never disappoint. the key scenes and emotions are still there.. nicee

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lily

    I’m a sadist and am looking forward to Shancai being heartbroken. It’s about time. Poor Ah Si’s heart has been trampled on too many times. Hope she’ll treasure him soon. Thanks for your wonderful recaps!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Haha! Can’t wait for that! I really want to cry because of their hearts getting broken (since I’m a masochist lol). Always a pleasure to recap for you all! Thank you as well 🙂


  4. thebeautyjunkiesg

    I was crying during the rain scene.. that was so heartbreaking … I dont think I can watch the next episodes (but I will though hahaha..) .. Agree with everyone, about time for Shancai to realize here feelings for Ah Si..

    Also, would like to commend DD and YY for that cafeteria confrontation scene.. that was a great dialogue exchange between the two!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I didn’t see that coming since the original didn’t put a rain scene but I’m so glad that they improved it that way! By the time she realizes her feelings, she’ll end up getting heartbroken…

      That was a really great scene! Enjoyed watching them argue and everyone was just shookt haha!


  5. vespa

    ” In the 2001 version, I hated it when Ah Si slapped Shancai for saying those things. For this drama, they just showed Ah Si punching a wall/cabinet in his room. Really great adjustment done here!”

    Reading through the comments I’ve always thought….no Shancai has her reasons….no she’s just holding back……..then the scene where she’s tells Si to go to Monkey girl. Nooooo!!!!! how much has she killed Si, I wanted to reach into the screen to slap her (or al least smack her on the side of the head)….urgh. LOL! I think it was her face, just so happy to say it. Gaaaaahhhhh!

    Thanks for the excellent recap. So glad I have others out there watching this too. Lei and the F2 are awesome *sniff*, just awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      This was so funny! HAHAHA if you could only slap her through the screen or whisper to Dylan to do it LOL

      Aww no problem, dear! Thank you for coming here too!


  6. Pragati

    Can you please tell in which episode does Shan Cai gets into a minor accident but everyone misunderstands her to be in a vegetative state?
    By the way, I love the way you present the whole episode…all the important events tagged along with their respective images. Wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww thank you so much, this is very sweet! Sadly, I don’t remember much anymore as this post was written 3 years ago as the drama was airing in China too 😦 but thank you so much for dropping by!



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