Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 7 Review

This episode is easily becoming my favorite one! The cuteness above can already show you how fun this was.
Favorite things:1. Symbolic parallel. We started episode 7 with Xiaoyou finding out Xingcheng vandalized on her artwork. He was so proud of it because he didn’t want a scary thing watching over him as he sleeps! With so many things happening in this episode, I thought it was brilliant that they ended it with Xingcheng looking back at his “artwork” which probably reflects how he’s going to look after her in the coming episodes.

So did I just try very hard? Let me know if I’m just overanalyzing the beginning and final sequence of this episode. Even so, I thought it was a good attempt from the drama to go beyond the classic romcom formula.

2. Friendly banters. Is it just me or didn’t that just remind you of a usual banter between Dao Ming Si and Shancai?! It doesn’t even matter what version it is because we’ve got a Count Your Lucky Stars version! I thought this was special because it emphasizes how close these two have grown ever since their drunken kiss encounter.

3. What’s gonna work? Team work! Everything about this scene was sooo fun that I had to replay it. I seriously didn’t know what Lu Xingcheng wanted to do with the stuffed toy, but I just needed to give him points for pretending to help Xiaoyou with her toilet. What a knight in shining (red) armour! He also stopped himself from blurting out the fact that they’ve been living together. If this were the old Lu Xingcheng, we definitely wouldn’t see that happening.

4. When parents talk too much. I think we can all agree that this does not just happen in dramaland, right? Haha! This was just one of the many scenes that I had to replay because I kept laughing.

5. Xingcheng’s genuineness towards Xiaoyou. We saw a lot of these here which is why it was easy for me to judge it as a favorite episode already! Xiaoyou’s reaction was such a catch too. She never saw that coming from her old boss who just used to boss her around!

6. Kissing attempts. You might see this as my favorite thing for every episode review so get used to it *winks*. Unlike other dramas where kissing attempts can be very frustrating, it’s my first time to see kissing attempts portrayed as fun and casually thrown in a C-drama. Come on, Xiaoyou! You said it yourself that he’s not going to be easy to befriend with, so you might really have to work extra for that kiss.

7. Xingcheng being sure about his life. The drama did not drag his character to be dispirited for too long. Just like what Xiaoyou told him, as long as he listens to her, he will be unbeatable. That was such a remarkable advice for Xingcheng, even Daly (his assistant) knew it was Xiaoyou’s effect on him. Of course, Xingcheng would prefer if he shuts his mouth first. So okay, we’ll pretend that we don’t know it too, Xingcheng!

Please tell me again if I’m pushing it but didn’t that mini-conversation with that stuffed toy mean that he was considering Xiaoyou as a friend for life too? *getting teary-eyed*

8. Xingcheng being emotional about his mother. I just thought that this scene brought a whole new meaning to me ever since I watched Jerry Yan’s recent interview for this drama.

9. Ru Ru. That’s it. She’s going to be a staple favorite per episode too! She reminded me of Jia Ling, a comedian who has a huge crush on Jerry as seen in his Ace vs. Ace guesting. We just all want a friend who’s as supportive as her!

10. This b*tch. Yup, you weren’t reading wrong. I still put her under my favorites because come on, don’t we just all want someone to get annoyed with?! Wen Xi (Xingcheng’s “girlfriend”) is not worth hating anymore so we have a new one.

11. Lu Yan Zhi. I know, didn’t I hate him in the previous episode for being a stalker? Well, I’m not discounting that yet but he had a precious reaction when he found out that he has always inspired Xiaoyou to be a designer that she is now.

This has also fueled him to help her even more with her work problems no matter what happens. I still have my eyes on you and that Niki dress, Sir! Your handsomeness can’t fool me!

12. Lu Xingcheng and Tong Xiaoyou’s blossoming friendship. He never fails to show how much he cares about her. We can clearly see that as the audience, but we all know that it’s going to take a while before Xiaoyou realizes that. At this point, we can confidently say that Daly (his assistant) and now, Xiaoyou, might just be his friends for life.

I learned from Xingcheng in this episode so I didn’t think too much and…  Surprise, surprise! I didn’t tag anything as “meh” in this episode. That’s just how much I loved it! Hoping that it could always be this good. Keep it that way, CYLS!

What are your thoughts on this episode? I hope it made you laugh and smile like what it did to me too!

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