Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 6 Review

I expected a lot more from this episode, especially that I had a great time in episodes 45. At this point, I’m just in the limbo between liking this drama or not. You will see this clearly in my balanced number of things that I liked and disliked in this episode!

Favorite things

cyls11. Lu Yan Zhi is really into Tong Xiaoyou. Contrary to my fearless forecast about his character, it’s still wonderful to see the second male lead harboring genuine feelings towards our heroine. Let’s just do it in a less creepy and less abrupt way, shall we? (you may refer directly to my first Meh point).

cyls32. Tong Xiaoyou’s fierceness. I think I’ve talked about this already as it was evident in the past episodes too. Even so, I’m beyond glad that they have made the female lead’s character that we all want to see in our heroines as much as possible.

cyls53. Tong Xiayou’s fierceness strikes again! See what I mean? She’s so spunky and fearless. How I wish I could be like her!

cyls64. Daly’s history with Lu Xing Cheng. Putting the romance elements of this drama aside, this scene has got to be the most heart-warming scene of this show yet. I didn’t expect to see a backstory on their relationship and it was indeed a pleasant surprise. It makes so much sense now why Daly does everything to ensure that his boss is always satisfied. It also emphasized how objective Lu Xing Cheng has always been with this line, “I don’t care if I know him or not, what matters more is whether he writes a good article or not”. Yes, he is very much work output-based in thinking, but it’s a lot better than that Assistant Editor who was attacking Daly as a person.

cyls105. Lu Xing Cheng’s adorable moments. We all know that I’m a Jerry Yan trash but come on, isn’t he adorable mainly because he’s played by Jerry? He had many cute moments here that I just wanted to open a GIF editor to capture such moments. Even Ru Ru wholeheartedly accepted him to stay in their home even if she supposedly hates male strangers because “he’s handsome and is having such a tough time”. Ru Ru is me.


cyls21. How many “run-ins” will we see, Lu Yan Zhi? So are we all really buying that such run-ins are unexpected? Why would it be so surprising to see someone in the perimeter of her workplace when in fact, she works there? I’m not a hater, it’s just so odd how they made Lu Yan Zhi’s character to be this kind of borderline creepy second male lead.

cyls42. The Chinglish. Please save me. What’s up with C-dramas and magazine editors who speak Mandarin and English like they’re oil and water? I’ve seen this in Pretty Li Hui Zhen too, but it had a more comical approach. This part was just bothersome that I wish she stuck with one language instead. However, what was more bothersome too was how she slandered her predecessor in front of everyone. What a petty and immature approach to handle things as the new Chief Editor.

cyls123. Tong Xiaoyou fought for Lu Xing Cheng, BUT… ends up on the other side. What a good way to stir some drama, romance, and jealousy for this love triangle, don’t you think so? Well, I don’t. I thought it was a bit of a plot hole that after Xiaoyou was firm about not transferring to Yange (second male lead’s company), she still went off which obviously bothered our male lead. We’re all for pursuing dreams but I thought it could’ve played out better still especially when we start to talk about the next point that I have.

cyls114. Chief editor?!! We all know that luck is on her side now, but it didn’t look like it was what the story wanted to show. It was as simple as Lu Yan Zhi crushing on her and voila! From a lowly editorial staff to Chief Designer that instant!

cyls85. Co-habitation reasons. I’m not going to let this go just because I’m a huge Jerry fan. Really now? He’s going to move in to his former FEMALE assistant’s house just because?! We all knew this was going to happen ever since we’ve watched the trailer, but I really thought that the story would have better reasons for doing so. Could it have been because they pretended to be in a relationship in the last episode in front of Xiaoyou’s parents? Maybe moving in could mean that they will develop a more intimate relationship which can lead to the better outcome of the kiss that sealed their fates and luck. Those could have been more acceptable reasons for them to suddenly live together. Maybe those are, the drama just has yet to make them clear-cut.

I think I have put on my critic’s lens way too tight for this episode. I apologize for maybe ruining your relaxed watching on this! I also want to know what you think about this episode so far. Please feel free to share them here!

7 thoughts on “Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 6 Review

  1. nouma

    Actually I never respond to critics… but concerning why he chooses to move in with her is easy. When alfa professionals are in a fall out moment they will seek out their juniors. We all have seen that pattern one too often

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      1. Rosa Frausto

        The cohabittation issue has lots to do with culture & financial standing (can one afford the rent, etc.?). In this drama, the cherectors sleep in different rooms, but like a family share other social activity. If one believes that if men & women, when left alone, are like dogs in heat or that man & women can’t be friends, cohabitation will be a learning experience, a desastor, or other. However, indeviduals should behave in ways they perceive to be correct. After all, one needs to take responsibility for one’s own actions; therefore, all of us should do what one thinks is correct.


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