Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 4 Review

cyls25This was a lot of fun and the most I’ve had yet! It actually focused on the characters trying to figure out why luck has either been on their side or not. Lu Xing Cheng is still not buying it though, but there’s one thing that he’s into: having Tong Xiaoyou by his side! This episode proved to me that this drama can still redeem itself from its subpar pilot.

Favorite things


1. Tong Xiaoyou was very eager to take care of Lu Xing Cheng even when he kept pushing her away. I loved this scene so much that I had to insert all 3 of these screencaps here because of Jerry’s subtle “touched” reaction. He’s been so good at this ever since his Dao Ming Si days!

cyls242. As luck would have it, none was left on Xing Cheng’s side and it even became worse when he got into some kind of a Ring-Around-a-Rosie game with Xiaoyou, causing him to fall back on a pool. This part and a lot in this episode reminded me of Jerry Yan’s Down with Love character actually. I just love him in comedies!

3. Meteor Garden parallels! To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this line happening in this drama because it just made me think that they’re milking out of MG’s success. I have also always been transparent with my slightly negative feelings about Jerry taking on this drama. Yup, I was such a killjoy but after seeing such scenes, who am I kidding? I enjoyed the heck out of them!

cyls274. Xiaoyou continues to swear by her promise! From one accident to another, how unlucky and life-threatening these incidents have been for Lu Xing Cheng. These hospital scenes were so fun to watch!

5. Jealous Lu Xing Cheng gave me a hearty laugh! If the apple could speak, it would probably scream for help.

6. At first, I thought Xing Cheng was being unreasonable for getting angry at Xiaoyou for entertaining Yan Zhi. The man’s got a point that she should have been taking care of him. Nice save!

7. I may or may not have let out a tiny squeal when they showed this scene. I’m so happy that they still showed the aftermath of that auspicious kiss! Ru Ru (Xiaoyou’s best friend) told Xiaoyou that the only way to get Xing Cheng’s back is if they kiss again so…

cyls34cyls358. Xiaoyou is now on an almost mission impossible to kiss Xing Cheng again! I find this part of the story so funny because how can someone be so casual and eager to kiss their boss again without having any feelings?! When I was watching the drama’s trailers, I was a little bit confused why Xiaoyou kept attempting to kiss Xing Cheng when it should be the other way around. It makes so much sense now because she’s very selfless while believing in this luck fiasco too.

cyls379. Hooray for less misunderstandings! At least we won’t have to wait for so long before Xiaoyou could find out the truth. Take that, Yan Zhi!

Not-so-meh (anymore) and still some meh:
– You guys, I’m going to get drunk because of this drama. Didn’t I just say that we should take a shot for every time that Xiaoyou passes out because of her low blood sugar? At least there was no candy-feeding scene this time…

cyls20– I think I was being too critical of the second female lead’s acting during the pilot when she actually was really meant to be some source of comic relief. I love her now because she’s just so extra!
– One thing is still kind of meh for me: Lu Yan Zhi is just everywhere… Someone give this boy a life! Should’t he be busy with his company?

This recap/review just showed how much fun I’ve had when I have reached 9 points of things that I liked in this episode! I ended this episode with a big smile on my face, making me click the next episode button without any hesitation.

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