Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 3 Review

cyls9The exchange of luck begins and the leads are becoming closer. Second male lead is starting to become a pest. A very good-looking pest at that…

Favorite Things:

cyls101. This scene was probably the first scene in the whole drama that gave me a real laugh. How smart of Xiaoyou to think that pretending to kill herself is better than being caught in the arms of her boss who just fired her. We’re really diving into the silly rom-com territory.

cyls13cyls142. Another good laugh even when this exchange of luck was much expected! Jerry’s Lu Xing Cheng just probably wanted to explode but decided to stay calm at least. Shen Yue’s Tong Xiaoyou was so cute that I wanted to keep her in my pocket!

3. The candies which Lu Xing Cheng asked Daly to buy in the previous episode have arrived. I did not expect that they were going to be boxes?!! Xing Cheng then panicked when Xiaoyou suddenly came in to his office while Daly was still busy arranging them. I had to replay this scene to savor their cuteness!

cyls164. So there was this traffic accident that had me go, “What?” with raised eyebrows. The cute part of it was Xiaoyou exerted extra effort to rescue Lu Xing Cheng from it by gathering evidence that the unknown caller was a blackmailer. We stan a female lead who can rescue her male lead too! This in turn led Xing Cheng to almost being speechless. I love them already!cyls175. Same, Xiaoyou, same. She just looked so happy that Xing Cheng was helping her a lot with her exhibition. Thanks to your rescuing act, Xiaoyou, the cold heart of your boss is starting to melt!

6. Speaking of melting, how many more of these candy-feeding scenes are we going to see? Can we take shots for every time that this scene appears? I totally don’t mind!


– I’m telling you all, Miles Wei’s Lu Yan Zhi is a smooth criminal! Okay, maybe criminal is a big word but do you get my drift?
– That traffic accident… Maybe I just need more explanation, but I just thought this plot was trying to go into makjang waters.
– Speaking of traffic accidents, did you just see how they ended this episode? I’m –

Random thought:
I just thought of this while watching Jerry Yan and Shen Yue standing side by side. I know that so many people have had issues with their age gap, but after seeing this episode, it just made a lot of sense to me that they got cast in this drama. It’s not like Xiaoyou is a minor and that Xing Cheng is a pedophile, they just have this usual boss-employee relationship that we see in dramas. So it’s not because I’m a huge fan of Jerry that I am seeing this pairing in such a positive light. Trust me, there are so many huge age gap pairings which don’t even get nearly half of the criticisms that these actors got. I guess it’s just not in their luck to be well-loved by the netizens in the first place. So as long as they appear in projects which are worth nitpicking or criticizing, then they will find this as a golden opportunity to hate on them more.

Okay, there. I said my piece. I just wanted to let it out before I get busy with the rest of the drama! So what did you think of this episode, CYLS nation? Any other ramdom thoughts too?

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