Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 2 Review

cyls3Dao Ming Si, is that you? I’m happy to share that I saw a bit of improvement in the drama. The plot starts to fully form as early as this episode! Since I don’t have a lot of time on my hands anymore unlike the good ol’ times when I could do a play-by-play recap and review of Jerry Yan‘s My Best Ex-boyfriend and Shen Yue‘s Meteor Garden 2018, I will just always talk about the things I liked, did not like, and other thoughts per episode.

cyls2Favorite Things:
1. This drama loves to have the leads face each other with no social distancing. A good foreshadowing to the many kisses that we will see based on the teasers!


2. Tong Xiaoyou realizing that Lu Xing Cheng isn’t a bad person as she thought he was. He forgave her for her acts of plagiarism, losing the design competition, and many more mishaps. I just really loved the fact that Xing Cheng has a soft heart for Xiaoyou this early!


3. Can we get another drama with these two as the leads? They look so cute together! [SPOILER ALERT] It seems like it is not an unrequited love from the female lead’s side and that for me is exciting.


4. The main characters have so much size, I mean sense here (only OG Meteor Garden fans will understand!).  Jerry Yan’s Lu Xing Cheng may be full of good luck, but I loved the part when he explained to Shen Yue’s Tong Xiaoyou that he worked hard to get to where he is now. When everyone is sleeping, he’s still working. While she’s watching a movie with her friends, he’s still working. You need to get a life though!

I wanted to give a standing ovation to Xiaoyou when she didn’t let the 2nd female lead boss her around. She’s no sticky-note girl (any Fated to Love You fans out there?).


5. I melted like a candy on a tongue in this scene. He’s so soft for Xiaoyou!!! Fun fact for those who haven’t watched Jerry’s Down with Love: He was so lovestruck over the female lead there that he would always go the extra mile to buy her favorite candies. This is a parallel except that he had to ask Daly (his assistant) to buy it for him.

– Nothing much actually which is good news! If I were to be extra picky, it would probably be the model/2nd female lead’s acting and character. She is so needy and attention-seeking, but none of the things that she does can ever captivate Lu Xing Cheng’s heart. In reality, it’s quite unfair that media usually portrays fashion models as divas when not all of them are.


cyls7We’re finally going to see the actual plot when this episode ended with this kiss! Oh to be Shen Yue’s Tong Xiaoyou! I thought this drunken scenes of them were done well and it can make you easily understand why their characters have been acting their way.

Did you enjoy episode 2 like I did? We’re just at the tip of the iceberg in the drama. Here’s to more kisses and squeals!


7 thoughts on “Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 2 Review

  1. HMT

    I am a new fan of Jerry Yan from Malaysia. Waiting for subtitle is killing me hahaha. Thank you for the recap, Love the drama and I cant wait to watch til end. Jerry Yan and Shen Yue have perfect chemistry.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Wow, I’m so glad that he’s gaining new fans because of this drama! Thank you so much! Do you happen to have Twitter so I can follow you? 😀 I have this philosophy that every Jerry Yan fan is a friend haha! Thank you so much for dropping by 😀


  2. Lia

    I love Jerry Yan so much since he played in F4. I think his acting is still very brilliant. I really love their acting together with Shen Yue. Both of them are amazing. I can’t wait to the next episode. Love you so much both… Hope will be more successful in the future. Jia you !!!

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