Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 1 Review

jy1HA! I caught you staring, didn’t I? In a world where everyone watches K-dramas and swoons over oppas, you may consider me a rare species who mostly watches Taiwanese and Chinese dramas and still be crazy over Jerry Yan. I may be one of his biggest fans out there, but it seems like I need to keep Counting My Lucky Stars (watch more episodes) before I could fully appreciate it.

We all know that girl is full of bad luck and boy is full of the opposite (think “Just My Luck” with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine). From what I’ve seen in this pilot episode, it looks like it’s going to develop beyond the exchange of luck between the two leads as many scenes have foreshadowed the possible conflicts which may arise in Jerry Yan’s character. Many parts of the episode had me make my “judging” face because I thought they were pushing too hard with the comedic elements. Living zombies in the workplace? Panicky assistant of the male lead? Nope. Next scenes please.


jyJerry Yan as Lu Xing Cheng looks like he has a lot of emotional baggage that we have yet to unload. The man needs a support system to unload all of these too and just from this episode, it looked like he had no one to run to (*enter viral bathtub scene*). I really thought that we would start the drama with him having a positive outlook in life and being less angry (lol) when he’s supposed to have so much luck. It just made me want to skip to the episodes where we see him as bright and happy!

syShen Yue was a ray of sunshine with her character despite having all the bad luck. The episode highlighted her perseverance in fulfilling her dreams (what, luck?) while looking so pretty with her outfits! I thought this kind of role fits her more than her previous ones and I look forward to seeing her character exude some sunshine to Jerry Yan’s Lu Xing Cheng.

mwMiles Wei as Lu Yan Zhi looked extra handsome. Sorry, I just had to say that… Going back, he was such a gentleman and I enjoyed his first scene with the female lead. They have chemistry! One thing that I’m worried about is if he actually is an a*s because his character somehow gave me that vibe. I will keep my eyes open for this!


jysyMy reaction is the screencap above. I did not feel any butterflies from their interactions, but I sure did because of my love for Jerry! People have had issues with the age gap but I thought they still looked good together. Judging from the credits, I can’t wait for their fluffy scenes because that would also be the ultimate test for me if they have chemistry!

Favorite things:
– OSTs are gold!!! The opening theme got me in very easily in making me think that I’m in for an easy and fluffy ride.
– I wished so hard to the universe to make Jerry sing the OST because the last time he did that was when he did Loving, Never Forgetting. The drama gods heard it and gave me a duet of him with Shen Yue! He has not recorded any duet before so this is a big deal. It was also a happy song! The last happy OST song that he did was for Down with Love so another milestone was added here.
– Outfits are sooo pretty! I was so distracted by Shen Yue’s outfits because I have always been a fashion fan and made me want to copy her character’s style.

– Let me repeat myself but I thought the comedy was a bit over the top. Jerry did well in Down with Love so I hope that this drama will redeem itself by having him do it!
– I thought the supporting cast was meh… Are they supposed to be funny? Okay, I’m sorry if I sound mean but I guess it’s still too early to tell if they can help in making the drama better too.
– The make-up/whitewashed faces of the actors were quite bothersome. Is it really difficult to find a matching foundation tone for the face and the neck? This is a serious question. This is not the first time that the actors’ make-up bothered me in a Chinese drama. I guess it’s either make-up or dubbing for us to choose! Kidding aside, it definitely did not stop me from appreciating all their lovely faces especially Jerry’s sharp nose. A true favorite.

Overall verdict for today’s episode:
I never had expectations for this drama because I was not even supportive of this project in the first place (I need my non-romance projects, Jerry!!!). After seeing the trailer, it got me a bit excited until they all made fun of us by delaying this drama’s airing. It sure was worth the wait after the Jerry-Barbie and Dylan-Shen Yue Weibo interactions so the whole fandom of Meteor Garden was just in pandemonium.

However, if it were not for Jerry, I’m not even sure if I want to continue the drama. To keep it simple, if Jerry was not the lead, I wouldn’t have checked it out in the first place. I’m obviously not going to close my doors and I think as the story progresses, it will hopefully be better too!

Very curious to know your thoughts on the drama and especially this first episode! You can let me know by commenting below or by tweeting me @SMilkdrama. Until the next episode!

3 thoughts on “Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 1 Review

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  3. Rosa Frausto

    Love this drama (A+++); however, as some misidentifie the introspective peronality & male castrating mother cherectors, I have a need to comment : about the domineering mother, Jordan Peterson states it best in his FREE lectures . Part of the cure is in his video about how to integrate one’s shadow-self. In real life, people who are introspective are bored not made this way. Some are so socially skilled till one think they are extraberted. I am carful not to dobble-cross them. When walking into a room, while an extraberted is preoccupied with being social, the high IQ introvert scans the room & does lots of thinking. The castrated son is a victim by conditioning, but the husband coludes by choice or due to his adherence to past conditioning. So please, don’t say that the son is wimpy because he’s introspective or that he is a good son when in reality he & the father are perpetrators & inavlers of a sick way of life.



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