Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 5 Review

We love a feisty female lead who dares to kiss her boss like it’s nothing. If the previous episode was a lot of fun, it’s even better news that this episode 5 just proved that a drama can still improve as the episodes go by.

Favorite Things:

1. This very awkward scene was just the funniest way to start this episode! Xiaoyou suddenly came in and nonchalantly asked her boss if he could let her kiss him again. So her parents were quick to assume that Xing Cheng was her boyfriend. Keep making us laugh, CYLS! Fun fact: Xiaoyou’s dad was the dad of Shen Yue’s Shancai in Meteor Garden 2018 while the mom was  also the mom of Shen Yue’s Chen Xiaoxi in A Love So Beautiful. So cool, right?!

2. Not sure what Xing Cheng’s motivation was in saying this but this made me giggle! I thought he did it so he could make Xiaoyou ask her parents to leave but apart from that, I think he did that to make fun of her which seems to be his newfound hobby already. Since he pulled off this act, he found out that Xiaoyou has never been in love and made fun of her about it after. Oooohh I think he’s really crushing on her!

3. Second leads trying to be likable. I still stand my ground that Miles Wei’s Yan Zhi and Shen Yue’s Xiaoyou just look so good together. He seems to be genuinely interested in her and she’s all heart eyes on him. It’s not the same luck for Xing Cheng, with or without his good luck, he just always wants to kill Daly (his assistant) whenever Wen Xi (second female lead) appears. Jerry Yan’s Xing Cheng suddenly turns into a whole Dao Ming Si which either gives me a scare or a good laugh too!

4. Nice try, Lu Yan Zhi. It seems like our Daly is a subtle Xing Cheng – Xiaoyou shipper!

5. Any man could fall for the sweetness and care that Xiaoyou possesses. It’s so cute that she never fails to buy food for him and even feeding him!

6. Xiaoyou tried so hard to take care of Xing Cheng that she spent the whole night in the hospital drafting her article. Why am I always a sucker for girl-falls-asleep-boy-watches-her with a bonus part of the boy helping her out? I’m a hopeless romantic.

7. Luck left Xing Cheng’s side when the nurse informed him that he can already be discharged. He made up an excuse of catching a cold so he shouldn’t leave yet. He still wants Xiaoyou to continue taking care of her *puppy eyes*.

8. We don’t deserved to be teased this way, Jerry! Let me just go on my fangirl mode for a bit and say that he looked so good in this scene that I could melt into a puddle. He really knows how to steal anyone’s heart so effortlessly! Such a charismatic actor.

Since we’re just in the first week of the drama, we will surely have a lot more teasers from these two! No “meh” parts for this episode and it’s not because this episode was perfect, but I’ve come to the part of my drama-watching that I just want to enjoy the ride and be a bit loose on my critic’s lens. This drama never aimed to win or even be noticed by any drama award-giving body in the first place. I still won’t hesitate to point out something that I don’t like in the coming episodes for sure.

What stood out in this episode for me was really the chemistry of Jerry and Shen Yue that I never expected for them to have, especially that I didn’t see any of it in the first episodes. I hope more people will give this drama another chance (pull through the first episode, I swear!) and you might find yourself laughing like an idiot as I’ve been!

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