Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 37 Review


Don’t you just wish that someone would always look this excited whenever they see you?

There was not much of our main OTP in this episode as this episode was all about Xiaoyou and Ximen (mostly him). So if you’re a fan of his character, you will mostly like this episode.


We started the episode with Shancai acting as Xiaoyou’s mother for the nth time in this drama. She still does not support Xiaoyou liking Ximen while Xiaoyou still does not give up on him. The heart wants what it wants, Shancai!


My pupils became hearts thanks to Ximen oozing with charm and appeal in these scenes. Xiaoyou followed her to the bar and ended up being almost picked up by a sketchy guy.


Even though he has been pretending not to care that she was there, he could not help himself and ended up saving her. A knight in shining armour!


I just love how aggressive someone as cute as Xiaoyou can be!


If you could remember how we ended the previous episode, Ximen mentioned about having a regret in love. If you were Xiaoyou, of course you would want to know more about it. So she kept pushing him to tell her about it until he agreed. His only condition was that she would not bother him anymore once he tells her everything.


And his love history starts to unfold…


Ximen’s problems were not only rooted in his first love. It was actually how his parents manifested love in their disastrous marriage.


A strong bitter tea care of Ximen for today’s refreshments.


Ximen was used to having Xiaogeng in his life. He said that having her was as important as breathing, but she also made him feel breathless at the same time. Such a great irony in this kind of love.


Ximen’s relationship with Xiaogeng actually confused me. So she’s his the one that got away, right? Before he revealed the whole story to Xiaoyou, I thought that he was talking about Xiaogeng as his girlfriend.


When he didn’t trust love anymore because of how his parents were, he started pushing her away.


Dao Ming Si found it odd how his bodyguards were acting towards him. They told him that even if they saw him and Shancai, they still would not say anything.


Zhuang jie, being the cool sister she is, gave separate paychecks (and a CLEAR shampoo…LOL)  to Ah Si’s bodyguards so they would shut their mouths.


Dao Ming Si told Shancai why he doesn’t have bodyguards following him around anywhere.


Dao Ming Si revealed that he has been playing the online RPG game, “Fantasy Westward Journey”, with Shancai. She was starstruck to find out that her boyfriend was the greatest player of the game.


Meizuo asked Lei why he looked like he was half-awake. He said it was because it was still too early. HAHAHA this was so cute because Lei really looked so sleepy in this scene.


Red alert, red alert! #1 meddler and nosiest female lead has arrived! Meizuo was asking Ximen if Xiaoyou has already fallen for him.


I LOVED THIS SCENE SO MUCH HAHAHA. Not sure if Lei was trolling us again or it was his lack of social awareness (as he has ASD) or maybe both? Meizuo tried so hard to cover up but he just had to ruin it. LOL.


Shancai continues to be a meddler and told Xiaoyou to just give up again. She told her that as her friend, she should just keep cheering her on. Obviously, those weren’t sincere words from Shancai because…


Someone’s whipped… HAHAHA. This was just so adorable because Dao Ming Si felt helpless and just had to bring his girlfriend to this bar and have a fight with his best friend.


Same, Ximen, same. It’s totally none of her business but her character has always been like this *facepalms*.


Dao Ming Si told Ximen to follow Shancai when he wasn’t planning to leave his seat. Whipped Dao Ming Si moment #2 haha!


Ximen told Shancai that he didn’t do anything to her. He said that he’s not a good man and so Xiaoyou should just stay away from him.


Shancai even blamed Meizuo for always partying and being with different girls. Dao Ming Si had no choice but to throw his friend under the bus too… So hilarious!


Look at that frightened face… Whipped moment #3 HAHAHA.


I think it was about time that Shancai had to be told to back off. Like really…


We went into a whole different dimension of this drama when Ximen gave us a back story of his life as a tea trainee (if that makes any sense). Treasuring every encounter as if it’s the last one is called “Once-in-a-lifetime moment” that has stayed in Ximen’s mind whenever he thinks about Xiaogeng.


This was so bittersweet. Such a flawed thinking but it still makes sense.


Xiaogeng messaged him the day before that she wants to meet him at 5AM. He ditched her on purpose although he stayed late until the whole morning just thinking about if he would be going or not. He just told her that he stayed up late partying so he could not come.


He did not want to know what she would be confessing to him at that ungodly hour. He said that since he did not want to lose her, he would rather not know. *Sighs*. Everything was just ironic in Ximen’s love story and everything hurts.

In a nutshell,

  • I initially wanted to say that this episode broke the wonderful episode streak that episodes 31-36 has given us. However, I took it back because this was actually an okay episode.
  • People might actually hate me for saying this but I have only found Ximen or even Caesar Wu only attractive now because of this episode. He was my least favorite out of all the four when I watched them for the first time. Who cares about it now because isn’t he just so charming and good-looking? He actually reminded me of one of my ultimate favorite fictional characters, Chuck Bass from “Gossip Girl”. The appeal, the kind of look that grows on you, playboy who loves to party, and even the outfits (ascot!!). This was a totally random thought and maybe I’m the only one who could see it so okay, moving on!
  • I know I said this already before but I’m saying it here again. I was never interested in Ximen and Xiaoyou’s story line even back in the 2001 drama. I’m not sure if it was Caesar Wu’s (newfound for me) appeal that made me have some interest but I could actually watch their story straight without me having to do other things at the same time (Just a useless trivia: I play Candy Crush or do other things when I get bored watching a drama…). It’s nice that we finally get to see his back story although I cannot really compare it to Ximen’s “Meteor Rain” chapter back in 2001 since I have never rewatched it again after watching it as a child.
  • One thing that I really hate the most about Shancai is how she just loves to meddle in other people’s affairs. I never really wrote about this in my first few recaps but she meddled in Lei and Jing’s relationship which was annoying. However, her meddling in Xiaoyou and Ximen’s relationship takes the cake for her to be the #1 meddler in dramaland. As Ximen told her, doesn’t she have anything better to do?
  • Although we’ve only had a few scenes of Shancai and Dao Ming Si, I still appreciated them because they just always look so cute being an ordinary couple. The best part was that they really looked like a married couple here too. Dao Ming Si got obviously whipped for always obeying Shancai’s orders and even demanding his friend to do the same. Love you forever, Dao Ming Si! Please never change (even though I know you will… Oops.).
  • Good thing that I mentioned that because this brings me to my final point here. I know that we will be getting more wonderful moments of Dao Ming Si and Shancai as a couple but I know that we will also be getting the opposite of that really soon *sighs while holding back tears*.

So what did you think of this episode? Did you like Ximen’s story or was it just a meh?


6 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 37 Review

  1. Zaza

    Liked the Xiaoyou / Ximen story arc. Agree – it’s only been recently that Ximen’s character has become appealing + attractive, haha. DMS & Shancai acting like an ordinary couple was the cutest and really heartwarming to see – finally!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mei

    Ugh I really didn’t like this episode 😦
    Allow me to vent here & share my observations hehe:
    1) Both females totally irked me. Xiaoyou and the way she kept pestering Ximen, and the storyline of her trying to find Xiaogeng cane across to me as unbelievable, even moreso than the Caina plot!
    2) Ximen I do like more now seeing more of him. I never got the impression before that he was a playboy but obviously the bar scenes help with that image.
    3) The dandruff product placement had me laughing out loud!! 😂
    4) Shancai interfering really got me upset. She was so unreasonable and called him out in public. And um she was wrong.
    5) That snowy pond scene when Ximen was with his teacher was stunning— I wang to go there! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      You are always allowed to do so! 😉

      1. She really acted desperate although I also admire her for being so brave. I cannot believe that you liked Caina’s plot more hahaha I think I’m that story line’s #1 hater lol

      2. This version was pretty subtle in displaying that playboy image of him. Must be the censorship? It was just really the bar scenes which indicated it lol

      3. It was so silly hahaha

      4. Right? Sooo annoying. Really hate that part of her personality. It has always been like that no matter what version you watch.

      5. That was really nice! Hope we can find out where exactly it was 🙂



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