Our First Ever Blog Giveaway!

Hello there! Sorry for not being around as life has not been good recently *sighs*. Enough about me, this post is for you all, lovely readers!

Our first ever blog giveaway is finally here! Thank you to all of you because you all made this happen! 900,000+ views here and 1000+ followers on Twitter so you only deserve the best giveaway.

Here are the very simple and easy mechanics:

1. Must follow us on Twitter @SMilkdrama (if you don’t have one, just comment here!)

2. Tweet/tell us here what your favorite blog post is and why

3. For Twitter, don’t forget to insert the hashtag: #SMilkdramacuties

*Bonus is if you tell us why you love the actor that you want postcards of!

One lucky winner can get to choose a box of postcards all the way from Shanghai! One box contains their different photoshoots, campaigns, etc. printed in high quality, of course 😉 Choose from one of the following:

Deng Lun

Hu Yi Tian

Dylan Wang

This is open worldwide. Deadline is on December 18 at 20:00 GMT.

Looking forward to seeing your wonderful entries!

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About dramarian

Ni hao! I'm Dramarian and I love Asian dramas & films specifically from Taiwan, China, and Japan. I write about them in this beautiful blog while my dog Gotchi sits beside me. Meteor Garden introduced me to dramaland and I don't think I'm leaving anytime soon. Oh and I love Jerry Yan very much. Follow/tweet me @SMilkdrama about anything and I will definitely reply.

4 thoughts on “Our First Ever Blog Giveaway!

  1. dramajunkieblog

    Followed and answered on twitter too. #SMilkdramacuties and now here. I would say my favourite posts are year end reviews always. https://skimmedmilkdrama.com/2016/09/18/drama-round-up-what-ive-been-watching-recently/
    This one has lot of kdramas too. I also like series review of meteor garden. And the blog about first experience of watching dramas is always special for me to read as well as write too. https://skimmedmilkdrama.com/2016/11/04/drama-round-up-my-first-year-of-drama-watching-part-1/

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  2. borjaelainee

    I’ve been following you on twitter and I have visited this blogsite to read about your blogs/reviews. Aside from that, it is a source for me to explore asian dramas I have never watched before. I am a fan of Cdramas/movies and Taiwan dramas/movies and Shen Yue introduced me into this, I’m still new to this. I was never a fan of them until I watched A love so beautiful. It introduced me to a new perspective towards the cdramas and tdramas. Moreover, cdramas and tdramas have creative storyline that makes me appreciates them more. With this, my favorite blog from skimmedmilk dramas is this https://skimmedmilkdrama.com/2018/09/23/meteor-garden-2018-episode-49-review/ as I have read this a month ago, we’ve got almost the same sentiments. I do commend on how you stated your opinion towards the ending of the final episode. To be honest as a fan this is not what I expected too. But despite of that, I still support the actors that I am hooked for. For me, it’s ending was rushed (sorry to my co-mg fans) and I was kinda like? “What? That’s it?” And I hoped for a season two but it’s impossible (this is my opinion anyway). They have a good storyline for me and it was my first time to watched and finished watching 49 episodes of a drama ever in my life. I am loving of how Dylan Wang acts here, although he’s new into the industry, he exceeded my expectation towards him and if ever I will be lucky to win in this giveaway, I will be asking either dylan’s or maybe shenyue’s post card if you have one. He and Shen Yue have good chemistry on and off cam, I’m still watching them in the inn too and to mention this was my first time to be part of a fandom and was able to meet some of my virtual friends (thanks to them). Before I end this entry of time, I just wanna say thank you for giving us an opportunity. Kudos!

    PS: I love your header on twitter that’s my favorite movie too. I am @yenyueyeah on twitter xiexie, salamat!

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