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Chinese Novel: 你是男的 我也爱 I Love You Even If You Are A Man Review

I love you even if you are a man 你是男的我也爱
I Love You Even If You Are A Man 你是男的,我也爱 by Angelina
Chinese online novel here and English translation is in progress here. (Check out more links for english translation at the bottom of the post)

This is the original novel for the movie trilogy, I Love You If You Were Man. This story revolves around Mai Ding, a cute and goofy boy-next-door and An Ziyan, the cool and aloof heartthrob whom everyone can’t help love yet fear. It all began with a misunderstanding – Mai Ding was bribed by his college roommate to find out An Ziyan’s sexual orientation and An Ziyan had played a prank on Mai Ding in a rare moment of amusement, leading Mai Ding to believe he is bisexual even though he is straight. Mai Ding had little friends since young and wanted to ‘make his life more interesting’ by knowing people of ‘diverse background’ (i.e. An Ziyan) so he would have a cool story to tell his grandchildren in the future. And hence, a friendship which turned into more started to form between the two most unlikely characters.

[Warning: This book is about a gay relationship and there might be explicit scenes in it so read only if you are comfortable.] 

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