Photoshoot: Yang Yang for Kiss Kiss and Modern Lady

Get ready for some eye candy today as this post will just be a Yang Yang cuteness overload post! He’s on the cover of Modern Lady China and his campaign photos for Kiss Kiss have also been released. Click “continue reading” for more perfection!

Our cute guy on the cover *swoons*

Our cute guy on the cover *swoons*

Ever since I’ve started becoming interested in the C-entertainment industry, I have always heard of his name though I actually never bothered to remember his face or even check out his projects. It was just recently that I discovered that I’ve been watching him on “The Four” (2015 C-drama) all this time! This drama is one of the best dramas that I’ve watched this year so far and one big factor is his character as Heartless/Wu Qing is just amazing. Thanks to my curiosity, googling him made me realize that he’s even more swoon-worthy when he’s not in his deputy costume in “The Four”. I’m pretty sure you already agree with me by just judging from his Modern Lady cover, right?  Here’s some more:




Young Yang (see what I did there) and Beautiful at 23!

Young Yang (see what I did there) and Beautiful at 23!

His photos for Kiss Kiss are as irresistible as well!




Yang Yang is getting more and more recognized in the C-entertainment circle with high-rating dramas one after another. After the successful airing of “The Four”, his other dramas such as “The Lost Tomb” and “Whirlwind Girl” have been getting lots of buzz as well. He also finished one film this year which was “The Left Ear”.

Many fans (like me!) are already excited for his next project in an upcoming C-drama novel adaptation, “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” penned by Gu Man. This the same author who wrote “My Sunshine” and “Boss & Me” with the latter being headlined by his “The Four” co-star Zhang Han. Speaking of Zhang Han, his long-time ex-girlfriend Zheng Shuang will be Yang Yang’s co-star in this project (I just had to make connections again haha!).

Let me end this post with my favorite photo of his from the campaign. So did you enjoy today’s eye candy as much as I did? 😉


4 thoughts on “Photoshoot: Yang Yang for Kiss Kiss and Modern Lady

  1. Beadlizer

    I started noticing Yang Yang in THE FOUR and then I saw him in one of Happy Camp ep with Wu YiFan, Zhang Han, and William Chan. He’s such a dork in variety shows. He reminds me of Korean flower boys visual. He’s definitely stealing many young females heart with his cuteness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Knew and loved him because of the “The Four”. Yes, I feel like if one didn’t know better, they’d think he’s from Korea or something haha! Thanks for reading and commenting 😀


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