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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 46 Review


Hua Ze Lei wearing a dog hat is my kind of aesthetic

This episode would have been more entertaining if we have seen the bark-tastic bachelor party take place. Looks like Ah Si’s mama would not leave us alone by leaving some more drama!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 44 Review



I live for the hugs from these two!

This was a smooth-sailing episode for our main OTP as it focused on Ximen’s story line. It surprisingly ended up to be one of my favorite arcs in this drama. Read to find out why!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 43 Review


You won this time, Ah Si! You had us all completely fooled.

Just when you thought that this episode was going to make you cry, it just ended up making me laugh and smile like an idiot. Well-played, MG2018, well-played!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 42 Review


The happiest and most adorable island castaways

This episode was jam-packed with plot twists that I did not know what to feel anymore. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable and exciting episode to watch because it was full of our dearest OTP, Dao Ming Si and Shancai!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 41 Review


This is applicable for us who will be suffering since this drama is ending soon…

This episode was so emotional and this is what I have been asking for! Let us all reminisce the pain brought to us by Shancai and Dao Ming Si (mostly from him) in this recap.

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 40 Review


It was only just a dream. We didn’t really see much of these two in this episode.

As much as I love seeing Dao Ming Si and Shancai together, my heart was still beyond happy to see Hua Ze Lei being there for Shancai. If you are a Hua Ze Lei fan like me, then you will most likely love this episode as much as I do!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 39 Review


It feels like it because there’s a huge storm that’s coming over…

It’s the start of the 7th week of this drama which only means one thing… We’re nearing towards the end already. Who’s joining us in London for this episode?

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 38 Review


The clingiest and cuddliest Dao Ming Si that we have seen out of all the versions!

Part 2 of Ximen and Xiaoyou’s love story and this was better than the previous episode for me. There were dashes of F4 and Ah Si-Shancai cuteness too so let’s all relive them in this recap!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 37 Review


Don’t you just wish that someone would always look this excited whenever they see you?

There was not much of our main OTP in this episode as this episode was all about Xiaoyou and Ximen (mostly him). So if you’re a fan of his character, you will mostly like this episode.

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