Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 38 Review


The clingiest and cuddliest Dao Ming Si that we have seen out of all the versions!

Part 2 of Ximen and Xiaoyou’s love story and this was better than the previous episode for me. There were dashes of F4 and Ah Si-Shancai cuteness too so let’s all relive them in this recap!


Ximen re-imagined how different his love story with Xiaogeng would be if he hugged her tightly and apologized for ditching her.


Xiaoyou asked for Shancai’s help to find Ximen. F3 + the girls stayed in the cafe to wait for Ximen. Xiaoyou told everyone that she must really see him tonight and she can already let go of everything after.


This was funny because Xiaoyou used reverse psychology on everyone and told them that they could just all leave while she waits for Ximen. No one else but Meizuo stood up and he was ready to leave. He felt awkward and embarrassed that he was the only one, I expected this kind of action from Hua Ze Lei actually haha!


Shancai assured Xiaoyou that she will wait with her since it was still early anyway. Loved how Dao Ming Si was looking at Shancai in this scene. I felt bad for him at the same time because he was only concerned about how Shancai wasn’t really concerned about their relationship as much as she’s invested in other people’s problems.


[in a SpongeBob narrator’s voice]: 10 years later… All the boys just ended up playing in their phones.


Shancai grabbed Dao Ming Si’s phone to snap him out of his game so he could contact Ximen.


So he had no choice but to follow his girlfriend and even went extra by fake crying on the phone… Best boyfriend ever! HAHA.


Apparently, Ximen was in a training with his tea master so he never got to check his phone. As you might have easily guessed, that voice message came from none other than Lei. Isn’t he just the greatest friend ever? LOL.


And all this time I thought he was just being a jerk again by not replying to everyone especially to Xiaoyou on purpose.


Sleeping beauty #1


Sleeping beauty #2


We have never seen any other Dao Ming Si/Domyouji in all the versions being this soft and clingy and this was just the cutest thing ever.


His head just never left her shoulder… UGH soooo adorable!


Just when everyone has already decided to go home, Ximen came right on time!


Shancai pulled Dao Ming Si away from Ximen so Xiaoyou could talk to him. This girl searched everywhere in Shanghai just to figure out what Xiaogeng wanted to show Ximen.


As much as you want to focus on Ximen and Xiaoyou’s moments, you just can’t help but laugh at Hua Ze Lei sleeping when all of these are happening. He’s my spirit animal.


It even became more epic when he just instantly woke up right when Ximen and Xiaoyou left the shop. He felt more at peace and ready to go home to continue his beauty sleep. Haha!


After 123456 floors of climbing up the stairs, Xiaoyou successfully got to show Ximen what Xiaogeng wanted to show her at 5AM. For a few minutes, the cold waves cover the other letters of the building’s name which just only show those words above.


Ximen became emotional once he found out that it was the only reason why Xiaogeng wanted to see him at this hour.


Dao Ming Si finally got to tell her what he has been thinking ever since they started accompanying Xiaoyou. Poor baby 😦


He got them tickets to London! Dao Ming Si is tired of sneaking around anymore. He’s ready to fight with his mom for the sake of their future. *Swoons*.


To be honest, I kind of forgot what his mom already did to her that I could only remember that it was Shancai who really offended his mom haha!


New look, new life for Xiaoyou! I actually thought that she did this because she wanted to look like Xiaogeng… This calls for a creepy psycho obsessed kind of love story then haha!


Kidding aside, I guess she was really sincere in wanting to start fresh. Shancai’s right too, haircut = start of moving on from a heartbreak.


Shancai got inspired because of Xiaoyou. She was willing to fight for her love for Ximen even if it seemed to be hopeless. As for Shancai, she is only beginning to realize that she has to do the same and believe in Dao Ming Si.


After 37 episodes, these two have finally intertwined their fingers with each other!!! AAAHHH LOVE.


They looked so happy and cute strolling in the mall. Can’t they just be happy forever? All you have to do is to lightly tap it and the other wearer will know that you’re thinking of them.

In a nutshell,

  • I loved how everyone came to help Xiaoyou find Ximen even though they really had no idea why she was looking for him in the first place. Instead of Meizuo staying in the bar, Lei sleeping at home, Dao Ming Si and Shancai bickering and going on a date, they all stayed to be with Xiaoyou.
  • I actually don’t have much to say about this episode which probably explains why it took me long to finish this post. However, I will repeat what I said in my previous episode’s recap. I fell in love with Ximen and Xiaoyou’s story line and it did not bore me at all.
  • So we’re already going to London in the next episodes. Nooo, I don’t want to go with the main OTP there there because I know what’s already going to happen… Okay but putting my fears aside, I love how Dao Ming Si has always been serious about his relationship with Shancai. He has been persistent in taking her to London so they could already make things clear with his mom.
  • I can already sense that the high-tech bracelets that they bought are going to have a major significance in the upcoming episodes. I will actually be disappointed if it doesn’t because it is really perfect to add more drama and tears to the upcoming arc. If you have seen “Autumn’s Concerto”, they also made use of a bracelet to add more drama and it was even part of the climax of the story. Don’t fail me, drama!

What did you think of this episode? Thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 38 Review

  1. Zaza

    Been watching the earlier Korean and Taiwanese HYD versions and it’s quite cool to see how they’ve kept some iconic scenes and updated others to modern day. Was wondering if anyone has seen the Japanese version and where one can stream it? Thanks! Thought it was really moving to see the message revealed to Ximen from his first love in just the right light of early morning. What a great girl Xiaoyou was to find out this mystery for Ximen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramamama


      I loved the Ximen-Xiaoyou backstory in the Korean version. This one is quite similar, it has the same rooftop scene which was also a turning point in their love story. I loved the Korean version’s more, but I appreciate this version’s also because I understood the words written on the sign =) am Chinese, by the way.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. dramarian Post author

      Right? So happy that they knew what the iconic scenes were and just knew how to upgrade and update them. I feel like they didn’t really miss out on anything. should have it 🙂 I downloaded it thru Torrent when I didn’t like streaming yet (years ago) haha. Yeah, she is! She’s a keeper!


  2. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    I absolutely, absolutely love this episode mainly because of clingy Dao Ming Si. I could watch that scene again and again and I won’t get tired of it. Out of all the previous actors who have played this iconic role, I think only Dylan could pull off clingy-cute =)

    I also loved it that F3 plus Shan Cai stayed together with Xiayou even if they all had no idea what was going on – a truly modern take on how friendships work nowadays. Be there for each other, and just entertain yourselves with your gadgets when you feel bored. Hahaha. And I just LoLed at DMS’ message to Ximen — come now or we will all perish!!! The bromance kills me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Right? He’s the perfect Dao Ming Si/Domyouji playing a clingy boyfriend.

      It was so nice because to be honest, I wouldn’t really wait with my friend if she won’t tell me why. I don’t know about the others or maybe I’m just being petty lol but yeah, gotta love the modern take of them being bored and just playing with their gadgets. So timely and realistic. DMS was so funny with his pretend crying although I still had to give it to Lei for giving the funniest message haha


  3. Mei

    Okay, my thoughts here ^^

    Highlight: F3 sitting around waiting for Ximen 😍. Brought me back to my high school days when my friends would always come out to support. Aww the feels! Especially when Meizuo stood up to leave 😂 and when Daomingsi was sleeping on Shancai shoulder

    Lowlight: Xiaoyou. Omg can not stand her. She comes off as desperate and needy to me, unsure, indirect…. 😑 Her acting sucks IMHO. And she cut her hair? I had the SAME thought as you that she was trying to copy the other girl!!!

    Question: does Shancai in 2001 act childlike like she does here?? It’s kind of cute but also I’m hoping she’ll show some maturity. She treats Ah Si more like friend than lover…….. but I guess they are young 🙂


    1. dramarian Post author

      I found that so cute because I really think that rarely happens anymore when you’re all grown up haha Dao Ming Si sleeping on Shancai’s shoulder was just everything!

      I don’t like her acting either. I really think she did, they just didn’t want to let us know that lol but I guess I’ve always never really liked Xiaoyou as a character even back in the original drama.

      Shancai doesn’t really act like a child in the 2001 version. Barbie’s portrayal of Shancai was really strong that you could never describe her as cute or childlike. Although it’s consistent that both Shancais have just always treated Dao Ming Si as like their friend, and not really a boyfriend lol


  4. SidneyGarden




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