[Recap] Legend of Mi Yue Ep 3 & 4 芈月传

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 00

Death count in these episodes: 4

Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 Recap

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 01.jpg

A bloody murder happens as the drunk Wei Ji tries to stop the guards from getting to his woman, Xiang Fei. He was stabbed ruthlessly by the guards. I’m genuinely puzzled. So, he actually wants Xiang Fei as his woman and wasn’t just paid to ruin her reputation? Wow.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 02.jpg

Xiang Fei was sent back to the palace. A tearful reunion as Ju Ji meets Xiang Fei. Xiang Fei thanks Ju Ji for raising her children. Ju Ji is regretful that Xiang Fei was sent out of the palace in the first place. Xiang Fei had persevered on all these while because she wanted revenge and couldn’t let go of her three children.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 03.jpg

Ju Ji is happy for Xiang Fei who will be meeting the King that evening. Xiang Fei has her reservations though, as her body is tainted and even had a child with another man. See, I knew this would be an issue!

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 04.jpg

The Queen regrets not killing Xiang Fei earlier on. She is threatened by Xiang Fei as her two children are greatly favoured by the King. After discussion with Dai Mao, she decided that Xiang Fei is not worth worrying as she has had a child with another man and the King will not be able to withstand that one day. They just need to keep Xiang Fei’s mouth shut for now.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 05.jpg

Xiang Fei then told Ju Ji she had decided to go all out and pit herself against the Queen. The only way to ensure the survival of her children will be her death. She wants to make use of her death to frame the Queen. Her only wish is to see her Mi Yue and Mi Rong for the last time.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 06.jpg

Ju Ji runs to get Mi Yue and Mi Rong who are in another part of the palace.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 07.jpg

Xiang Fei then takes the chance to invite the Queen to her chambers. Xiang confronts the queen for her evil deeds. She threatens the Queen with evidence but the Queen is still arrogant as she knows Xiang Fei has no evidence.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 08.jpg

The Queen leaves in anger as she realise Xiang Fei is willing to use her life to slander her.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 09.jpg

Ju Ji is running from one place to another with Mi Rong and Mi Yue but it seems that they are still not fast enough.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 10.jpg

A servant comes in and serves wine to Xiang Fei, informing her that the King is coming and it is now or never. Xiang Fei looks dejected that she did not manage to wait for her children but drinks the wine nevertheless.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 11.jpg

Ju Ji returns with Mi Yue and Mi Rong as Xiang Fei pukes blood. The physician is summoned as Xiang Fei leaves her last words for the two children.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 12.jpg

The King then enters and Xiang Fei lies that the wine had been decreed by the Queen. She also reveals that the Queen was the one that harmed her. She asked the King to revenge her before dying. Little Mi Yue’s acting here is on point! Love it.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 13.jpg

The King then confronts the Queen. She tried to clear her name but it was in vain as a maid said that she witnessed the Queen in Xiang Fei’s chambers before she died. The King sent the Queen to her own chambers and told her to get out of his sight. Wow, all the tedious planning done by Xiang Fei! She was the one that invited the Queen to her chambers in the first place.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 14.jpg

The Queen broods in her own chamber and throws a tantrum at Dai Mao for not being scheming enough in the past. She worries that her son’s crown prince position will be threatened.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 15.jpg

The Crown Prince visits the King and tries to plead for his mother. The King calls out the Crown Prince – saying that he was incapable, lustful and arrogant. The only reason why he was pleading for her is because she had always tolerated his shortcomings. He was not being reasonable at all.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 16.jpg

“Ungrateful son! I don’t have a son like you!” Sounds like foreshadowing of removing the Crown Prince.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 17.jpg

The King continues to drink. The eunuch tries to stop him but failed. The King contemplate about disposing his Queen and Crown Prince.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 18.jpg

Ju Ji tells Mi Rong and Mi Yue not to be upset as they have managed to bid their farewell to their mother. She then tells Mi Rong that Mi Huai, the Crown Prince, will soon be disposed and Mi Rong will be able to be the Crown Prince soon.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 19.jpg

Mi Yue cries for her mother but Ju Ji stops her, saying that Xiang Fei’s death has been worth while. Mi Yue can only stare at Ju Ji who seems to have gone crazy for power.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 20.jpg

The Queen thinks of asking the King to kill her in order to secure the position of the Crown Prince.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 21.jpg

At that moment, there was news to the palace: The King had drunk too much and his old injuries and ailment had relapsed. It was beyond the physicians’ abilities to save him and he died. WHAT?! This was a sudden and sad death which completely changes the game.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 22.jpg

The late King, Mi Shang, was posthumously named as the Chu Wei King as the country had thrived under him. The crown prince, Mi Huai, took over the position and was named the Chu Huai King.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 23.jpg

The Queen will now be known as the Wei Queen as a form of respect. She asked the new King to let her be buried with the late King. Wow, does the Queen actually loves the King despite her evilness, just like the Empress in Legend of Zhen Huan did?

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 24.jpg

The King refused and assured her that the late King would not be lonely as the list of people to be buried with the King has already been drafted. There was a long list of people, together with 600 servants. This is craziness, poor poor souls.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 25.jpg

The Wei Queen looked at the list and decided to add two names – Mi Yue and Mi Huai. I knew it! She didn’t want to die – it was just a plot to harm the two cute kids!

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 26.jpg

The Wei Queen comes up with some bullshit about the late King passing on a dream to her, telling her he wants Mi Yue and Mi Rong to accompany him. The King has no choice but to obey in order to not disrespect the late king.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 27.jpg

Ju Ji meets the Wei Queen and the Wei Queen rubs salt into Ju Ji’s wounds. Ju Ji admitted defeat and asked the Queen why would she kill Mi Yue and Mi Rong but not her. The Queen told Ju Ji she wanted her to live a life more terrible than death. She wanted to make Ju Ji see the two kids -her only ray of hope in this palace- die as that would be even more painful. The Queen told Ju Ji it was a close shave. If Ju Ji had been luckier, their positions now would switch.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 28.jpg

Ju Ji tries to plead for the two children instead but the Queen said the only way to retract her decision would be having someone to ask the late King whether he wants the two children to accompany him. However, a dead man cannot answer.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 29.jpg

Mi Rong hugs Ju Ji as she walked into the chambers. She tells him to let go and said, “I never liked anyone to be too close to me”. Poor Mi Rong. He probably takes Ju Ji as his mother since he never really got to meet his biological mother.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 30.jpg

Ju Ji tells the children they have to die. Kui-gu offers to die for the two little ones.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 31.jpg

That night, Mi Yue thanks Ju  Ji for raising her and her brother up. She left her most beloved whip to Ju Ji.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 3 _ 32

Poor Ju Ji looks so sad too! She has her own sob story and tragic past. We can’t really blame her. The situation forced her to be in this state. Ju Ji then looks thoughtful as she proceeds to carve on a shell or something similar.


Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 Recap


芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 01.jpg

“Ju Ji went to ask the late King!” “Ju Ji went to ask the late King!”

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 02.jpg

Ju Ji had hanged herself. On the white sash she used to hang herself, Ju Ji wrote that, “Went to ask the King whether he wants Mi Yue and Mi Rong to die with him or not.”

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 03.jpg

Just then, a word, ‘no’ appears on the shell in the incense burner. The Wei Queen had no choice but to retract her decision of burying Mi Yue and Mi Rong together with the late King. That was the shell that Ju Ji was carving the previous night! Both Xiang Fei and Ju Ji had died for the kids. Motherly love is indeed selfless.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 04.jpg

Ju Ji left a letter for Mi Yue and Mi Rong. On it states that she had no regrets. Although the two of them were initially her chips, she had eventually treated them as her own children.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 05.jpg

Even though the two children are saved from being buried alive, the Wei Queen sent the two children, along with Kui-gu, to observe mourning for the late Wei King at his tombsite outside the palace.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 06.jpg

At the same time, Mi Yin, the daughter of Qi Fei, is sent to meet the Wei Queen. Qi Fei was from the country of Qi. Her brother, the King of Qi had blamed from her failing to stop the late Wei King from attacking their country. Ashamed, she killed herself and Mi Yin is motherless.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 07.jpg

The Queen decides to take in Mi Yin (who is the evil ‘head’ princess that was picking on Mi Yue in episode 2) because Mi Yin is ‘sensible’ (in other words, a bootlicker!) and raise her together with Mi Shu while sending Mi Yue and Mi Rong away.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 08.jpg

The two siblings went to the old estate of Lady Ju Ji to pick up Xiao Ran before leaving the city.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 09.jpg

Master Qu, the shifu of Mi Yue, is regretful that he cannot help her escape from this ordeal but he promises to continue teaching Mi Yue as studies cannot be neglected.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 10.jpg

Kui-gu raises the kids in a shabby hut and Mi Yue helps with gathering food and doing the chores. Mi Yue is actually really lucky to have so many loving mother figures – Xiang Fei, Lady Ju Ji and now, Kui-gu.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 11.jpg

Kui-gu also teaches Mi Yue to play an instrument.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 12.jpg

–Mi Yue grows into a teen–

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 13.jpg

She is still skilled at using her whip and managed to shoot a pheasant (meat) down to satisfy Mi Rong’s craving.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 14.jpg

Zi Xie turns up and feels bad that the palace is treating them so badly. They are only sent meat every 1st and 15th of the month. Otherwise, they have to hunt for their own game.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 15.jpg

Zi Xie brought her books. He is now the study companion of the crown prince. Mi Yue asked for more books but he emphasises that books are meant to be read slowly.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 17.jpg

Zi Xie regrets that he can only teach Mi Yue 2 (Math and Books) of the 6 arts (Manners, Music, Books, Math, Riding and Shooting).

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 18.jpg

Mi Yue disagrees. She is very accurate with her soft whip, has learnt how to ride and Kui-gu had even taught her the paixiao and konghou (instruments). Zi Xie insist that her kind of learning cannot be compared to experiencing it in the palace.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 19

To ease the tension before it escalate into a full blown argument, Mi Yue jumps onto Zi Xie and made him piggyback her.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 20.jpg

They play and laugh heartily before falling on the ground together.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 21.jpg

Zi Xie noticed bloodstains on the back of Mi Yue’s clothes and Mi Yue complained of a stomachache. He is worried that she hurt herself from falling and carried her home. Well, don’t worry Zi Xie, we viewers all know that isn’t the case haha.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 22.jpg

Kui-gu  gave a knowing smile and assured Zi Xie that it is not a serious matter. She then sent Zi Xie and Rong-er out so she can ‘treat’ Mi Yue but Zi Xie continuously offered to stay inside and help. Hahahaha, it’s such a funny scene.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 23.jpg

Mi Yue wonders if she is dying and Kui-gu explains to her that she is grown up and going to be a woman.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 24.jpg

Mi Yue insists that Kui-gu is lying. She wants to be a man and not a woman. In the palace, all the females flock around the King and can only wait and wait and wait without expectations, just like her mother. Kui-gu tells Mi Yue she doesn’t have a say though. Mi Yue changes her clothes and go out.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 25.jpg

When Zi Xie ask after her, she started crying without saying anything. I think this is the turning point of Mi Yue. Before this, she was brave, daring, ambitious and fearless. However, it seems like after this incident, she is more aware of her femininity and becomes more restrained. 

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 26.jpg

Mi Yue then sends Zi Xie off as he has to go back to the palace. They come across some carriages and Zi Xie tells her that the palace is garnering female candidates again. Mi Yue wonders why women want to go into the palace to catfight the whole of their lives. Zi Xie offers a possibility that the country of Chu is fighting wars frequently – many newly wedded women become widows overnight. Hence, they would rather a stable future in the palace.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 27.jpg

We are introduced to Zheng Xiu, a female candidate.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 28.jpg

There is a rumour that the King has body odour. One of the candidates ask the other what she would answer if she was asked about it. They decide to lie and say they can’t smell anything if they were asked. Zheng Xiu looks thoughtful after hearing that.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 29.jpg

During the selection, the King asked one of the candidate whether she smelled anything. The candidate crinkled her nose and said that there was a nice incense smell that can be found everywhere in the palace. The King sneered and sent her away.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 30.jpg

The King then praised the next candidate for being a beauty and asked the same question. She lied that she didn’t smell anything but he caught her holding her breath and scolded her.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 31.jpg

Next was Zheng Xiu’s turn. She was asked the same question. She took a deep breath and said she smelled something special. A smell that only the king has and makes every other man on earth pale in comparison.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 32.jpg

The King was very pleased with the answer and invites her to sit beside him. He ask if she likes the scent and she said yes. The King then declares that out all of the candidates he had met, she was the only likeable one.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 33.jpg

Mi Yue gathers a bunch of pretty flowers to decorate the house. Seems like she is becoming more and more lady like.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 34.jpg

Mi Rong teases Mi Yue about Zi Xie. Mi Yue is shy but Kui-gu shows approval for the two.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 35.jpg

Zi Xie studies with the prince in the palace annnnnnd suddenly, they are adults!

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 36.jpg

Zi Xie visits Mi Yue while she was retrieving water. Zi Xie was making Mi Yue uncomfortable with his stares so she asked, “Why are you looking at me?” Zi Xie replied, “Because you look good.” Smooth! The two of them are terribly cute.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 37.jpg

Mi Yue is shy again and changes the topic, telling him to help her with the water instead.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 38

It is time for a festival. Zhi-gugu (the female physician who was initially recruited to sabotage Xiang Fei’s first pregnancy??) informs Kui-gu that the King and Wei Queen will be coming the next day to sweep the tomb of the late king. She reminds Kui-gu to take care. I knew the female physician wasn’t downright evil…. I think.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 39.jpg

After their little chat, Mi Yue returns with Zi Xie. Mi Yue greets Zhi-gugu happily and offered her some of the herbs she collected. Guess Mi Yue didn’t know that Zhi-gugu almost murdered her back when she was a foetus.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 40.jpg

Meanwhile, Zi Xie continues to stares at Mi Yue and smile foolishly at her. This is so adorable. I can’t take it.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 41.jpg

Zi Xie then tries to remove a grass from Mi Yue’s hair but she ducks. Seems like Mi Yue is really aware of her status as a female now. She’s keeping a distance with Zi Xie.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 43.jpg

Mi Yue tries to chase Zi Xie home but he stayed, citing that Kui-gu had invited him for dinner and he is not going to miss a chance to eat fish. What an excuse, he has everything in the palace and he’s here to steal fish from them! Hahaha. He is so in love, it is so cute. Mi Yue didn’t want to let him stay because there was only 1 fish and if he stays, Mi Rong’s share will reduce.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 42.jpg

Mi Rong then appears and say that he is willing to give his fish up to Zi Xie. I love the dynamics here!

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 44.jpg

During dinner, Mi Yue serve all the fish to Mi Rong and Kui-gu. Kui-gu was aware of what Mi Yue was doing and said she don’t like fish, and gave Zi Xie her share instead. Zi Xie then smiled and said, “I don’t like fish either. Yue’er, you can have it.” Awwwwwww.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 45.jpg

Mi Yue takes the fish and feed some of it to Kui-gu. I know I’m spazzing but I can’t help myself even if I’m annoying! All that went through my mind when I watched this scene was “CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE”.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 46.jpg

The King and his entourage visits the tomb. Zheng Xiu flirts with him and Wei Queen is unhappy to see this. She reminds the King about protocol and sends Zheng Xiu to stand at the back behind the prince and pricesses, with the other concubines.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 47.jpg

Zheng Xiu grudgingly goes to the back and wanders off, chancing upon Mi Yue’s house. She got bitten by something outside the house and her hand become swollen.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 48.jpg

Mi Yue comes back home and save Zheng Xiu with some scorpion grass. She mentioned that this grass is extremely powerful, and it was what harmed her late mother (Xiang Fei) in the palace. Zheng Xiu is appalled to learn that Mi Yue is also a princess. Zheng Xiu is grateful for Mi Yue’s help and promise to repay her favour.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 49.jpg

The ritual begins.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 50

Mi Shu stray away from the crowd and found Mi Yue. Both are elated to meet each other again.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 51.jpg

Mi Yue learns from Mi Shu that Zheng Xiu is the most favoured concubine in recent years. She also gave birth to a prince last year and was named the nan hou (Southern Queen) by the King. However, Wei Queen is not fond of her. Mi Shu and Master Qu are both trying to help Mi Yue and Mi Rong return to the palace as Mi Rong needs to return to the palace in order for him to get crowned as a duke and get his own land. Mi Shu encourages Mi Yue to be less stubborn and more lovable (like Mi Yin).

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 52

From afar, Mi Yin saw this scene and sulks.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 53.jpg

The Queen realise that Mi Shu is missing. Mi Yin tells the Queen she saw Mi Yue bringing Mi Shu away. What a tattle-tale!

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 57

The Queen interrupts the reunion of Mi Yue and Mi Shu. The Queen tells Mi Yue to kneel and Mi Yue does so. There’s a clear contrast to the past. When the Queen made Mi Yue kneel down for allowing Mi Shu to perform a formal bow to her in the past, Mi Yue had dared to defy her and was backed up by the late Wei King. But now, she kneels without protest.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 55.jpg

Mi Shu tried to speak up for Mi Yue but got scolded instead.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 56

Kui-gu then runs in and tried to plead for Mi Yue. The Queen punished her with 20 strokes of beating which was meant for Mi Yue because her job as the maid is to bear punishment for her mistress.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 57.jpg

Mi Rong cried while Mi Yue pleads for Kui-gu. Mi Shu also plead for Kui-gu in vain. Queen then continues to admonish them and flaunt her ‘victory’ over them. Zheng Xiu takes everything in from afar.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 58.jpg

Mi Yue declared that she hates the Wei Queen but Kui-gu told her to tolerate instead for the greater good. It is more important to go back to the palace.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 59.jpg

The King is smitten with Zheng Xiu. Zheng Xiu asks the King to let Mi Yue and her brother return to the palace. Master Qu had tried to plead to the King to let Mi Rong return to the palace but failed due to Wei Queen’s interference. However, the King readily agrees to Zheng Xiu’s suggestion.

芈月传 Legend of Mi Yue Episode 4 _ 60.jpg

Wei Queen is not surprised with the King’s decision as she thought it was Master Qu’s influence that contributed to his decision. Scheming Dai Mao warns the Wei Queen to be wary while Mi Yin pacifies the Wei Queen by boot-licking again. Wei Queen enjoys listening to Mi Yin.


I’m sad that Xiang Fei is gone. But what I’m more surprised at was the King dying too! And then Ju Ji. Such a tragedy. I thought we would see more scenes of the King and little Mi Yue. I’ll miss that cuteness. Ju Ji… even though she might seem a bit loony sometimes over her thirst for power, she’s a pitiful soul. She never truly opened her heart to anyone after she lost her baby and this time round, she was so close to victory but a twist of fate and she’s gone too. I’ll miss Jiang Xin on my screen too – but maybe this is also a reminder for me to stop comparing Legend of Mi Yue to Legend of Zhen Huan and enjoy it as what it is.

Mi Yin appears again as an antagonist. I hope we’ll explore more of her and she won’t be a one dimensional villain.

I never thought I would be invested in the ‘one true pair’ romance. I’m here more for the plots and schemes and success stories but not romance. Even I was surprised by how much I liked it! So I guess it was really done very well. Zi Xie is too smooth! Hahaha. I guess the cuteness of Zi Xie and Mi Yue is a good substitute for the cuteness between the late Wei King and little Mi Yue.

Next, the character growth of Mi Yue. I’m not sure if I like the ‘new’ Mi Yue. Like I pointed out above, ‘becoming a woman’ was the turning point for Mi Yue. One moment, she’s reckless and brave and the next, she becomes girlish and all. Maybe it’s the timejump, I’m not very used to it. A brave and fearless girl would be the most ideal female lead in a drama like this but maybe it would be more interesting if a ‘demure’ lady still manage to own the world. Plus, it would be too boring to see yet another out-of-the-world princess surviving in the palace simply based on luck/the people around her. Maybe we’ll get to see more of Mi Yue’s capabilities in this case! 

Mi Yue’s return to the palace is something expected. But I don’t think we can dream about finding an ally in Zheng Xiu. Zheng Xiu is definitely not a kind, loyal, grateful supporting role like Kui-gu and cannot be relied on by Mi Yue even though it was thanks to Zheng Xiu that Mi Yue returned to the palace. Zheng Xiu was playing her own game of chess and Mi Yue and Mi Rong were just pawns for her to spite the Wei Queen.

Leave me a comment to tell me how you feel about this drama or my recap! 😀

PS: Sorry for the non-HD sceencaps. The original video I watched was removed and this is the bes substitute I got.

8 thoughts on “[Recap] Legend of Mi Yue Ep 3 & 4 芈月传

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I took a look at your wordpress and I am impressed by the vast amount of dramas you have recapped! I’ve been waiting for this drama for a loooong time and am really excited about recapping it. I’m still much slower than the broadcast though. Maybe I’ll become faster and more efficient over time 🙂 You are a role model though, I hope someday, my site will become like yours 😛

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  1. archidisign

    I was so shocked to see the King die so suddenly. I mean, normally in drama, the King stays for a longer period… I am sad Ju Ji died, but it was expected since Jiang Xin was casted for a guest role. Disappointed we are done with Mi Yue’s cute childhood. The appearance of Sun Li means the beginning of scheming.

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    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I know right! Based on the trailer, I garnered that Mi Yue had a very good relationship with the King so I thought they would spend more time establishing their relationship. I don’t usually like the childhood prelude in dramas but I am so enamoured with the child actresses in this drama, I wish that the childhood arc could be longer! In fact, for a moment, I was even worried that Sun Li wouldn’t be able to compare up to the cute young actresses haha. I think we’ll still have a couple of sweet episodes ahead though. Afterall, 80 episodes is a lot of time for us to progress slowly xp


  2. 0kuo0

    I think becoming demure was necessary for Miyue’s character to return to a palace under the power of the Wei Queen. If she wasn’t more so, she would be too easy of a target. 😛


  3. mayadeenn

    I love this drama! I watched the English subbed on YouTube, unfortunately it’s only subbed until episode four. I’m debating whether to continue reading your recap on this drama or wait until after I watched the subbed episode then read your reviews. Sigh~

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    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I know right! That’s a struggle I have everytime. I usually ruin it for myself and read recaps first then end up dropping the drama halfway. I actually enjoy reading recaps after watching the episode so I can see if the writer saw and felt the same things as me. However, I’m usually too anxious to watch the next episode so I don’t have time to slowly savour the recaps hahaha.



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