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[Recap] Legend of Mi Yue Ep 5 芈月传

Mi Yue returns to the palace!

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2015 WordPress Annual Report

Hello everyone, we are reaching the end of 2015. My drama portfolio this year was lacklustre so I’ll let Marian post all the Year-End Round-up posts while I share about what was actually a big deal for me this year – blogging about dramas and variety shows!

The number 1 big milestone would of course be the fact that we bought our own domain and moved to http://www.skimmedmilkdrama.com.

Other than that, the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog so we can see what other records this new blog holds as well. It has pretty interesting statistics including the number of views from each country and the most active commenters.

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Drama Rankings 6/12/15 – 12/12/15

Someone recently told me that Legend of Mi Yue seems to not be garnering a lot of attention on English sites and wondered about the response on Chinese platforms. Well, the answer is here! Seems like the entire country is paying attention to Legend of Mi Yue even though review varies. (There seems to be some criticism about how it doesn’t compare up to Legend of Zhen Huan). Still, it’s undeniable that Legend of Mi Yue is topping a lot of the categories by a large margin 🙂

[Recap] Legend of Mi Yue Ep 1 芈月传

Mi Yue cover.jpg

Legend of Mi Yue details the legendary life of Mi Ba Zi, a young girl who lived in Chu during the Warring States period. After 80 episodes of hardship, Mi Yue will unite China and become the first Empress Dowager in China’s history. Join me as I embark on this journey to see if Sun Li can deliver a performance better than the one in Legend of Zhen Huan.

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