Keep Running Ep 6: Jackson Wang Guest Appearance


Keep Running Season 5 Episode 6 had one of my favourite guest thus far: Jackson Wang Jia Er (member of GOT7, host of Go Fridge).

I’m not a kpop fan and neither am I a huge fan of Jackson (yet) but I’ve watching the three seasons of Go Fridge that Jackson co-hosts with He Jiong and he is absolutely delightful. He brought his usual cuteness to the set of Keep Running and did not disappoint.

Cute Jackson

In the first game, the blue team lost because of Jackson’s silliness. He was really cute and started kneeling down to ask for forgiveness on his own accord. He looked just like a little boy who got caught stealing cookie from the cookie jar.

Cute Jackson 2

In the second game ‘What Time Is It, Mr Wolf?’, Jackson made the same mistake twice by running towards the opponent’s base camp instead of his own team’s base. When he realised his mistake, he tried to camouflage into the muddy waters, pretending he is not there so the wolf can’t catch him.  This boy gotta go.

Cute Jackson 4

In another game, members each have to taste one type of different chilli and come together as a team to rank the chilli in order of spiciness through describing what they felt to their teammates. Poor Jackson don’t take chilli so he went crazy after having a bite of the level 2 chilli. He claimed that he was breaking out in sweat and the above image happened. Poor boy, some of the (anti) fans claimed that Jackson was overreacting but I know how he feels because I don’t take spicy food either. I would totally behave that way too.

Cute Jackson 3

And after the challenge, our boy did a great job inserting product placement advertising perfectly. All that training at Go Fridge seems to be really useful! After his taste test, he finished more than ten bottles of the advertised yogurt and even went to Wang Zulan’s side to take more.

Cute Jackson 5

During the nametag game, Jackson then tried to hide in the ladders. He thought that by staying high up, he wouldn’t be seen at all. Well, all I can say is that Luhan spotted him the moment he stepped in the room. Hahaha. This boy thinks he has an invisible cape. As long as he wants to hide, people can’t see him. Luhan gave him a chance to get off free as long as Jackson performed something and hence, we were treated to an amazing backflip from Jackson. Thanks, Luhan xD

Cute Jackson 6

And when the item that Jackson was trying to protect got stolen, he decided to just lie on the floor and keep Li Chen with him. If he can’t win, he’s not going to let the enemy win either!

A quick google search showed that there were a lot of unhappiness with Jackson on the chinese platforms (such as Weibo and douban). He got quite a bad backlash for being ‘immature’ and ‘useless, dragging the team down’. He might not be the smartest kid around but I thought that was pretty uncalled for. We have dumb guests all the time (sorry Jing Tian…) and at least Jackson did participate in the games with all his might. We all saw his physical prowess (even though he couldn’t beat Li Chen… but who can blame him?)

Wang Jia Er Jackson Dilireba

Maybe… just maybe… fans are angry at Jackson for splitting the Ludi CP (Luhan x Dilireba)? Early in the episode, Jackson sweetly tied Dilireba’s shoelaces for her during the game. It was a very cute and nice gesture that was less ‘romantic’ and more sweet because Jackson went around calling Dilireba jiejie (elder sister) like a kid.

sad luhan

Luhan is displeased though…. Haha, just kidding! Luhan was slightly dejected because his proposal of making the UNBEATABLE DUO an UNBEATABLE TRIO (by including him) was rejected. He was tasked to protect the girls instead, leaving Deng Chao and Li Chen to eliminate the opponents.

Li Chen Deng Chao

Speaking of this, this is the first time Deng Chao and Li Chen are on the same team since Season 1 Episode 1 of Keep Running, Brothers. They were too strong and have been separated since. No surprise they didn’t want to include Luhan into their unbeatable team since this was such a rare moment. Afterall, Luhan only came in on Season 3. For old fans, do catch this episode for this rare sight!

Meanwhile, for Luhan x Dilireba fans, you can hop over here to read my episode 6 feature on them.

To conclude, I’m finding Jackson to be a pretty interesting figure. I did a little search about him and realised he was involved in another reality show, Fighting Man, amongst others including Bai JingTing (my love!) and Jing Boran. It sounds like one of my favourite reality show, Go Fighting, so I’m guessing that this is a less successful version of it with a different cast. I think I’ll be giving this a try, making this the 6th reality show I’m currently watching. (The other 5 are currently airing ones — Happy Camp 快乐大本营, Burn U5 天生是优我, Diva Hits The Road 3 花儿与少年3, Give Me Five 高能少年团 and this, Keep Running 奔跑吧.)

Off to watch my many shows. Cheers.




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