First Impression: Burn U5 天生是優我

Show Luo is in a new reality show! Well… at least it was new when I first watched it, it is now on episode 4.

Premise of the show: Show Luo acts as a coach for this 13-member girl group. Their aim is to be the best girl group in China. To prove this, they will compete with (established) girl groups from over the world (or more like, 6 countries). Thus far, they have competed with a girl group from Russia.
It seems like another of those talent PK show (think: Produce 101/First Grade) where participants fight it out to be the top and get the chance to debut but it isn’t exactly so either. There haven’t been any elimination yet but there is still competition because not all the girls will get to battle the overseas girl groups. There will be selections for each round of competition and the high flyers are likely to compete repeatedly every round. At this rate, I think I might never get the chance to remember some of the girls’ names because they are just in the background.
I’m not very into the show currently. Perhaps because it is not as trashy as I imagine it should be. The girls seems to be pretty united generally and there isn’t much focus on drama between members. I guess it’s good but to me, it lacks some appeal. My main watching point is Show Luo but if I were to be honest, he isn’t very impressive here either.
A Good Me 1
Yes, he is still charming. He is Asia’s dancing king and an artiste full of experience. But it is not very convincing when he play the role of the coach. You can see him trying to be strict and motivational but when you couple it with his normal funny antics, it just falls flat for me. I find it hard to take him seriously. But still, I’ll watch pretty much anything for Show Luo so I’m probably watching this to the end…. unless Diva Hits The Road 3 is such a delight that I end up without time to watch this.

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