[Episode 4 Recap] TW-drama: The Perfect Match

I’ve been having lovely and relaxing long weekends that I have neglected my recapping duties… What happened to catching up on all my blogging backlogs lol oh well, 17887326_10212333341277676_1786465530_o

This man will always be amazing no matter what role he plays. See more of him below!


Fenqing told him that there’s no need to carry her but he believes in what Fenqing said before, no one should be left behind!


Second lead to the rescue! Too bad I wasn’t able to capture Tingen’s face when he saw Shaowei lol


Finally! Time to make their special dessert which can only be made with such eggs.


Take 2 of the battle for Tingen’s special off!


And Fenqing finally gets it!


Shaowei sacrificed his motorcycle so that Tingen and Fenqing could return to the kitchen right away. He said to himself that he was okay that Fenqing’s with Tingen now because in the end, him and Fenqing will end up together anyway. Uhm okay…


Tingen’s friend called it bullsh*t because he knew that Tingen had planned this so-called “special off” all along haha! You go, boy!


And second female lead suddenly pops out, why do they even let this happen lol but these scenes were definitely funny!


She was seducing him and he just wanted to be saved from this unwanted situation. Thank God for Fenqing! Although she thought she was disturbing them in having some intimate moments haha!


She’s bringing him to the night market to satisfy her curiosity in seeing Tingen’s economical version.


Basically Tingen heard the night market gang talking to Fenqing about how she should take advantage of her training at La Mure.


That’s our girl! I can’t say I would be willing to do the same but I just love how she knows what her dreams are but she’s still very much intact with reality.


Any problem with that, Mister?


Now you suffer and wait if she will ever contact you again… HAHA!




And you will be once you become the queen of curry 😉


Fenqing found it odd that Shaowei knows so much about wines. Hmm…


Nooo, this party has to happen!


Love their exchange of messages because they just totally misunderstood each other… really funny!


*blushes* you’re just finding a reason to bring your dear Fenqing!


Oh mother, she’s just not some assistant.


Not Meng Ruxi, not Gina, not her!


Night market people went to La Mure to apologize to Tingen but Fenqing wasn’t there.


Oh no!


Meng Shaowei? So he’s probably Ruxi’s brother 😮


Now that’s the spirit! You go, girl!


Shaowei invited Fenqing to the wine party, thanks to his secret rich boy connections…


Yes, Shaowei! But I don’t like how he saw that this was the reason why Fenqing rejected him. She politely declined his invitation as she has already been invited by Tingen.


Words of wisdom from our top chef!


Can’t wait!


*insert typical dress-up/make-over scenes in dramas*


I really love her dress but most Viki commenters didn’t like it.


“Wo ai ni”… Say what?! Oh, Tingen heard it wrongly haha! This scene made me crazy and confused lol


Fenqing isn’t used to wearing heels so Tingen brought her to a dance studio to practice in those shoes.


Fenqing couldn’t go thru the entrance after going outside and so Tingen’s brother’s girl helped her out.


The host of the party was so happy to see Tingen but he didn’t really show much appreciation when he saw Tianzhi. Hmmm….


Fenqing thought that one of the appetizers didn’t taste good which caused quite a commotion.


Not sure if this lady had ill intentions or not. We can’t be too sure as she’s the fiancee of Tingen’s brother whom people don’t really care about.


And now Fenqing’s left with no choice but to prepare food for everyone to enjoy (and criticize).


And we end with this, she cooked a famous Taiwanese night market snack to pair up with wine in this very formal setting. Can’t wait to see where this goes!


  • Looks like our second leads won’t be so irrelevant at all! They might be siblings too…
  • Tianzhi (Tingen’s brother) looks like will have a deeper story line together with his girlfriend. See how people didn’t really care much about him as they do with Tingen.
  • Tingen is just so attached to Fenqing and not because of the she-reminds-me-of-my-sister storyline as I also said in my previous recap 😀

I really have to double my time catching up on this drama and recaps as episode 9 will be released as of writing! I’m so slow 😦 hope you still read my recaps even if you’re way ahead of me in terms of watching it haha!


4 thoughts on “[Episode 4 Recap] TW-drama: The Perfect Match

    1. dramarian Post author

      I personally prefer modern over period dramas too. This isn’t a Cdrama though, just to clear things up. It will only have 18 episodes, a usual number for a Taiwanese drama unless it’s a daily one where it can reach until 80 episodes or more. Glad that you find it interesting 😀 until episode 9 is already up on Viki! Thank you for dropping by. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this drama 🙂

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      1. dramajunkie

        I watch Taiwanese dramas too. Haven’t watched since a long time now. I keep shifting from kdramas to other dramas regularly. I will definitely watch it if its 18 episodes. I checked that it’s 18 epi. Thanks.

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