Keep Running S5 Ep 6: Luhan & Dilireba CP Moments

FULL_Keep_Running_EP_6_20170519_HD 2


I’ll admit it. That was a clickbait for Luhan x Dilireba’s shippers. I even made the gif myself, no less. After all, screenshots cannot convey the ‘idol-drama quality’ I wanted to show. There actually weren’t much blatant Luhan x Dilireba shipping moments (complete with editing) this episode. Even this gif was taken out of context (but you can’t deny it is absolutely swoon-worthy!)

The slightly less romantic version where Dilireba struggles to get away from Luhan.

I guess the backlash against Dilireba was too huge after the show blatantly made Luhan and her a CP. So we have a lot of less blatant sweet (and suggestive) moments infused in normal game play.

Luhan Dilireba

At the very start of the episode, we have Luhan and Dilireba showing some physical contact by bumping into each other. And it was a real hard bump with pretty strong impact because Luhan was running at full speed before this moment. Once again, it’s hard to capture it in screenshots but I’m too lazy to make another gif for you. Can’t spoil you guys, 1 gif is enough. Go watch the video yourself xP

Luhan Dilireba 2

They also played the game, What Time Is It, Mr Wolf, and the editing implied that Luhan, who was on opposite teams with Dilireba, gave away his location (on purpose?) which helped Dilireba in the game. After these 2 weeks, I am convinced that as a fan watching this show, it’s okay to watch all the Luhan x Dilireba moments gleefully but I should not ship them in real life or hold much hope about it. It is pretty obvious all these CP moments are either directed by the production team or fluffed up by the editing team.

Luhan Dilireba 3

My point is once again proven as Dilireba plunges onto Luhan in the second game. They are just taking turns falling onto each other but nobody can say anything because they are playing the game seriously! Hahaha. What a way to satisfy the fans while trying to not anger the anti-fans.

I really like Dilireba because she does not have the ‘idol burden’ when playing games. She really goes all out and is not afraid to get dirty or anything. And she’s really strong — she managed to outstrength Jia Ling in the last game during a one-on-one PK battle. That’s something because with the difference in size, it is thought that Jia Ling would have more strength and power.

And that’s it for Episode 6. Not much but this 1 gif is enough, I think. I didn’t cover episode 5 because I thought the premise was pretty boring and there weren’t obvious and blatant enough moments for me to blog about. Fans shared a lot of ‘hidden moments’ but I thought some of it were too forced and it’s hard to screenshot and write about those. So, just make do with this! If this is not enough, you can reread my previous post on Luhan x Dilireba.

//The following is my thoughts on shipping (or being anti-fans of) TV couples. It ended up being a really long chunk so skip it if you are only here for Luhan and Dilireba moments and don’t care about what I have to say.//

Personally, I have no qualms about enjoying whatever rubbish or lies that TV producers want to feed me. And I also feel that it is a celebrity’s job to endure whatever bashing or praising of the audience — they signed up for this knowing what they have to endure. This is the price of fame. I won’t sympathise with them because this is their job.

However, as a human, especially as humans who claim to love and support a particular celebrity, I feel that perhaps we should be less judgmental and not stop the people whom we claim to love from doing what they want. Yes, sometimes it is out of concern and whatnot, but ultimately, how we feel doesn’t change much reality. It will only be a burden and frustration for these celebrities. When we take things too seriously and for real, we are harming the stars themselves. Whether we ship them, or be against their pairing, it is their  life they are leading. I feel a bit hypocritical for saying this because as a drama blogger, I share a lot about what I think/feel/hope about celebrities. Not everything is positive and not all the ‘positive wishes’ might have been what the celebrities want. But I’m learning and trying to be less judgemental and emotional. I can have opinons but I would not enforce my opinions on others

Kimi Qiao’s incident struck me pretty hard. He had so many fans who loved him but he chose to take his young life in the end. Until his death, he was upset about being known as “The Boyfriend of the fair, rich & pretty girl (Xu Lu) on We Are In Love” instead of a real actor. Even though we meant no harm when we shipping Kimi and Xu Lu, it was pressure that Kimi really didn’t needed.

I’m sorry such a happy post had to end up being so solemn but Kimi’s incident made me a lot more aware of my actions as a fan. And with the reputation of Lufans, I feel the need to repeatedly make my point even though, and especially since, I am blogging about ‘fantasies’. Of course, I’m not saying all Lufans are overzealous. There are clear-headed Lufans and delusion fans of other idols as well. I just hope that both my readers and I can spread this message so the world would hopefully be a better place, one fan at a time. I really didn’t plan or expect to ‘lecture’ so much, or at all, but I guess this is something that have been bugging me as a blogger and this was a perfect outlet for me to vent it out. Pardon me.

//end of thoughts//

I initially wanted to blog about Jackson’s appearance on Keep Running as well because he was absolutely adorable but it feels a bit weird to continue on here with such a serious mood. Hence, I’ll be doing up another individual post on Jackson Wang instead.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the Luhan x Dilireba CP while being more mindful. Cheers.

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