[English Translation: Chapter 2] Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

I’m on a translation spree!

Novel by Le Xiao Mi, adapted into a drama starring Ma Tianyu, Sun Yi and Wallace Chung to be aired in Dec 2017.

Translation based on raw version. I am also reading as I translate. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

Chapter 2: Wei’s Village, The Battle Between Liang Sheng and Bei Xiaowu

Before Liang Sheng came, father was always busy. I could only see him during the new year when he came back to visit grandpa and grandma. To think about it, we only met four times. He is tall and skinny and had a solemn face. It seems like he doesn’t have much love for me. It is also good that way since I don’t really like him anyway. However, if he could be more like Bei Xiaowu’s father and carry his child on his shoulders, I guess I could like him a little.

Mother could see that the desire of a little girl wanting paternal love. Attachment to a parent is an undeniable nature for a growing child. Hence, even when she was busy, she always told me, ‘Jiang Sheng, your father is the most outstanding person in our Wei family. This is why he can’t always be by our side. He is a big reporter and is busy everyday. Jiang Sheng, your father is doing this for us.’

After saying, she would wipe the sweat off her forehead and smile at me. However, her smile is a bitter one.

Such words were repeated until the day Liang Sheng came. From then on, she learned to be silent. Just like the dried well at the entrance of the Wei’s Village, it stays silent amidst the laborious farm work.

She made the best food for Liang Sheng but he barely ate. His indifferent eyes, which brought a trace of timidness, roamed around, glancing at me every now and then.

Mother looked at Liang Sheng who didn’t have much appetite before looking at me, ‘Jiang Sheng, you must give in to your older brother. Mother will be going to the hospital to visit Father.’

After Mother left, Liang Sheng asked me, ‘Jiang Sheng, when Mother is angry, will she hit children?’

I shook my head and stared at the braised meat in front of him, drooling. I closed my eyes and gobbled my rice. If I close my eyes, maybe I could taste the braised meat even though I’m eating potatoes. Indeed, the potato did not only have the taste of the braised meat, it was even as tender as the braised meat. I chewed on my food with delight. When I opened my eyes, I saw Liang Sheng tiptoeing, placing the braised meat piece by piece into my bowl with his chopsticks seriously.

He smiled at me, ‘Jiang Sheng, eat slowly. Look at you, you don’t look like a little girl at all.’

I pulled a face at him. This time, he was not scared to tears.

After eating, I brought him to the biggest grass patch at the Wei’s Village to catch bugs. We saw Bei Xiaowu leading a bunch of clueless kids in playing war games. He immediately saw Liang Sheng who was standing beside me. He shouted at me, ‘Jiang Sheng, who is that? Your little husband?’

The children at the Wei’s Village don’t mean what they say. In fact, they don’t even know the meaning of the words they just said. But Liang Sheng actually blushed. Children from the city, their skin are all so thin.

I pulled Bei Xiaowu down from his ‘bunker’ and brought him to Liang Sheng, ‘He is Liang Sheng, my elder brother.’

Bei Xiaowu looked at Liang Sheng and smirked, ‘I am Bei Xiaowu, I call the shots around here.’

Liang Sheng also smiled, his smile was breathtaking. Under the sun, he is just like a beautiful doll.

That day, we played without restraints. Children are forgetful, Liang Sheng was very happy that afternoon, he caught the most bugs and forgot about crying.

Only Bei Xiaowu kept chirping behind me, ‘Jiang Sheng ah, why does your family give children such weird names? Aiya, I forgot, your old man is called Jiang Liang Zhi. No wonder.’

I don’t know who is Jiang Liang Zhi, but Liang Sheng did. When children call out names of others’ parents, it usually brings about a negative connotation and feels like they are scolding them. I believed Bei Xiaowu was just being a nuisance and meant no harm but Liang Sheng did not thought so. He unceremoniously gave Bei Xiaowu a punch.

The two of them started fighting. Bei Xiaowu is a boor, he fought with his body; Liang Sheng is a gentleman and a boor at the same time, he fought with both his body and his mouth. Bei Xiaowu was yelping from being hit by Liang Sheng. As he gradually reach his limit, he starts shouting at me, ‘Jiang Sheng, why aren’t you saving me yet!?’

I initially thought that the bunch of pesky kids with Bei Xiaowu will group up and attack Liang Sheng together. I didn’t expect that they were villains, they only stood quietly and watched Bei Xiaowu get hit. If it had been Bei Xiaowu winning the fight, I bet they would have joined in and Liang Sheng would have been beaten up until he was crippled.  This was the first time I experienced the villainous of children from the Wei Village. I went to pull Liang Sheng aside, ‘Brother, let’s go, stop biting.’

That felt like our neighbour ordering his big, yellow dog, “Da Huang, stop biting! Go!’

Liang Sheng was too absorbed in biting, so when I flashed my hand in front of him, he bit it without hesitation. It was until he heard my horrendous screams that he became alert. He threw Bei Xiaowu, who was full of bite marks, away and held on to my bleeding arm, ‘Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng!’ My frown slowly faded because I saw the helpless tears in Liang Sheng’s eyes.

I frowned and said, ‘Brother, it’s not painful, let’s go home.’

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