[Episode 3 Recap] TW-drama: The Perfect Match

Apologies for not being faithful to my recapping schedule. As of writing, “The Perfect Match” is already on its 5th episode on Viki. I must really catch up now!


This drama is becoming more and more delicious!

Let’s try another serving of Episode 3 in this recap, shall we?


We ended the previous episode with Tingen being a jerk and scared the sh*t out of Weiqing. So we started this episode with a long scene of him just comforting her instead of actually turning the lights on already. Geez.


Annoying 2nd female lead is still reminiscing her dinner with Tingen. She called her father just to say that she finished her investigation and that Tingen’s qualified to be her husband. *Rolls eyes*.


I CRINGEEEE. We would all probably get drunk if we take a shot every time this drama cliche happens. I didn’t think that Wu Kang Ren would still want to do such a cliche scene…


But wait, there’s more! And yes, no more sisterly love! Thanks for making us realize that, Viki commenter!


Tingen told Weiqing to leave already but the persistent student didn’t want to.


He clarified it and told her that she should go home and she can have her lessons tomorrow. He even told her to send a text message once she’s home. Awww my heart!


Shaowei (I finally remembered his name yay!) just loved looking superior especially when it’s all about his love rival, Tingen.


Weiqing got a call and it was none other than Tingen and he was just beyond neurotic! Aaahh love my OTP!


Weiqing was wondering why Tingen would act so crazy and Shaowei had to tell her what’s going on.


Thinking about her and smiling like an idiot before going to sleep? Check. Cupid hit you!


While he’s smiling in his sleep, our female lead had a nightmare which explained how she became nyctophobic (I was waiting for this!). When she was young, she was all left at home when she got a phone call that her dad passed away then the lights suddenly flickered off. Thus, the trauma and phobia. Really heartbreaking.


He called Weiqing to help him get some fresh lobsters.


*Insert all the flashback cliche scenes*. Viki commenters were just all like, “can he stop pls” HAHA!


He just shoved the lobster into her face since he couldn’t take it anymore… he’s so in love haha!


The man who gave them the lobsters thought that Weiqing was Tingen’s girlfriend. Both of them denied it and even said that they’re not qualified for each other’s types. Tingen scoffed at it and asked if her night market friend would be more qualified.


Weiqing got an emergency phone call from her night market gang. Their gas supplier got abducted by a mafia boss. Tingen didn’t want Weiqing to do it alone so he decided to drive her motorbike for her. I just love how this romance is building up!


He may hate the night market scene but he doesn’t hate her girl! 😉 I kind of hated him for being a noble idiot here though. He bet with the mafia boss that he could make 180 knife marks in one minute all over his hand. If Tingen could succeed, mafia boss will have to let the hostage off and if not, he will pay him twice the money that the hostage owed.


This was probably the most stressful scene of the episode. As Fenqing said, the hand is the most important thing for a chef! Luckily, it was a success!


Tingen gives her a scolding about recklessly attacking the mafia boss without thinking it over. It may be great to help but Tingen believed that it was the gas supplier’s own problem to solve. He’s got a point!


I just loved this *heart eyes*. She said that she’s always willing to help out and there you go.


Our boys will need to talk!


Basically, Tingen didn’t care about what Shaowei was talking about. He said that Fenqing will even become better with him by her side instead of her staying in the night market.


Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t think she will ever choose you…


Back at the La Mure kitchen, all kitchen staff would have to compete for a “special off” granted by none other than their head chef, Ting En.


But before they get the most rewarding incentive, they need to recreate the chef’s flambe.


The drama didn’t make the situation predictable right away as Weiqing didn’t win right away… In fact, she madr the worst flambe!


Ting En realized that Weiqing doesn’t know much about wines after tasting her flambe. This then made him hatch an idea! Oooohh exciting!


Gina gets interviewed about Huo Ting En for writing so many good things about his restaurant.


She gets a bouquet of flowers which was apparently from Tingen…


Nope, it wasn’t from him but his brother was the one who sent the flowers to Gina. Enjoyed this scene because Wu Kang Ren was so great in acting these comedy parts!


Whatever, girl… Get out of my OTP’s way!


He just wants to kill his brother after finding out that he sent a letter together with the bouquet haha!


A-hole Ting En coming… he’s basically pissed at the fact that Weiqing does nothing but read her dad’s journal. What’s your problem, dude?!


Weiqing said that she learned everything about cooking all because of her dad’s book.


After getting into a fight with Weiqing, it was then explained to Tingen that Weiqing wasn’t referring to her dad’s journal. She was actually trying out all the available wines in the kitchen to help her recreate the flambe. Yup, you totally misunderstood her!


He chased after Weiqing and tried to stop her. Lo and behold! He got his pants ripped off instead haha!


Weiqing asked him if he was apologizing for what he just did… but the man’s pride lol annoying!


Then he eventually apologized to her! Loved this scene 😀


She’s just so stubborn! Head chef told you stay in the kitchen to work but of course, she’s our heroine and she must always act righteous even if she didn’t have anything to do with those eggs…


He got ’em special eggs all thanks to Gina!


He crashed into a boulder and let’s just all be honest that we were all concerned about the eggs that he struggled to get. He’s now stuck in the middle of nowhere but not until he bumps into…


Weiqing… who’s supposed to stay in the kitchen haha!


He volunteered his back to carry Weiqing… Yes, this was sweet but c’mon! You’re carrying a box full of those precious eggs *facepalms*

And we go to episode 4!


  • The drama is so done with the Weiqing – Ting En’s sister connection (well, at least for this episode) which made me very happy!
  • Ivy Shao and Wu Kang Ren are just becoming more and more OTP-worthy! It’s such a pleasure to watch them work together.
  • Weiqing is the female lead that one could ever hope for. She is strong, determined, and hardworking. Tingen has been stepping on her but she never let that bother her.
  • The second leads are still annoying as ever but I guess I could tolerate them for the next episodes knowing that their presence will only make our OTP’s relationship better 😉
  • Speaking of next episode, I can’t wait to watch the next one!

So, what did you think of episode 3? Lots of cliches definitely but it should get better!


4 thoughts on “[Episode 3 Recap] TW-drama: The Perfect Match

  1. galen

    Lol at the Viki comments. Some of the commenters really make the dramas better 😂 but sometimes inaccurate translations will distract me too much. Ours
    It’s ok for k-dramas since I’m not fluent, but for tw and c- dramas I prefer c-subs, which also helps my comprehension if the speech isn’t clear or is too complex.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      looove the comments! I just hate it when some people write spoilers or leave insensitive comments. That’s good for you then, at least you know how to read Chinese subs! 🙂 thank you for commenting btw!



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