[English Translation: Chapter 1] Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

New translation project. Adapted as a drama to be aired in Dec 2017.

The secret which I cannot tell. Similar to Liang Sheng’s one, it was endless sorrow.

Her name was Jiang Sheng, his name was Liang Sheng.

She thought he was her older brother, he thought she was his younger sister. The poor family financial situation and the pressure to survive made younger sister Jiang Sheng completely dependent and trust older brother Liang Sheng. This made her unconsciously fell into the emotional whirlpool that was contrary to ethics and moral principles. I called him Liang Sheng and made him call me Jiang Sheng. Perhaps this was merely a dream, a very long dream? Jiang Sheng said: “Since you left, there are only two things left to do in my life, to find you and to wait for you!”

Cheng Tian You: “When I was very young, I heard a very beautiful saying. They said: A butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea. Now, I only understand, it is not that a butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea; actually after suffering many hardships a butterfly can fly over the vast sea, but finds out that the vast sea has never waited for its arrival. I am just like a butterfly who has suffered many hardships. Whereas Jiang Sheng, you are just like the vast sea who has never waited for a butterfly.”

-Taken from ShuShengBar

Translation based on raw version. I am also reading as I translate. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

Chapter 1: Liang Sheng, Meeting You By Chance

When I was thirteen years old, I adopted a horrible habit.

I made it a habit to open my eyes in the middle of each night, widen my pupils and attempt to look at the ceiling filled with newspaper. However, in this darkness, all was in vain.

The night surrounds me and I shrink further into my blanket. I thought, why can’t I find the calmness and beauty of the night just like people do in novels? I can only hear the cough of Father in the middle of the night, the soft sighs of Mother and the even breathing of Liang Sheng that he has when he is sound asleep.

I have seen how Liang Sheng sleeps. He likes to lie on his side. His head on the pillow, with long eyelashes that looks like two asleep swans resting on his eyes. His slightly thin nose quivered lightly along his breathing and his white skin had a light blush on it. This gentleness and pinkness in the skin is rarely seen in a child of the Wei family. Hence, in the memory of my youth, Liang Sheng is different, he is different from all the children from the Wei family. I like to tickle his ear with a blade of grass when he is asleep. Looking at him awaken from itch, I will scrunch up my body and hide beside his bed, starting to meow like a cat. Liang Sheng does not have to bat an eyelid to guess that it’s me. He will always mumble, ‘Jiang Sheng, stop it. I’m sleeping. ‘

He is Liang Sheng, I am Jiang Sheng.

Before I was four years old, he had nothing to do with me.

When I was four, on a beautiful afternoon where the sun was shining brightly, Mother who was visibly tired, brought a boy in front of me. He was so good looking that he would only be seen on television. Mother told me, ‘Jiang Sheng, this is Liang Sheng. He will be your elder brother from now on.’

Four years old, that is an age where memories are blur. All I cared about was playing with mud and flowers. I didn’t know what was natural disasters or that fate liked to tease people. Neither did I know that the Wei family experienced a terrible mine accident that affected 48 miners and two reporters. In my eyes, the skies at the Wei Village has the same shade of blue and the water is still as clear. So when Mother brought Liang Sheng in front of me, I greeted him ‘Liang Sheng ge-ge‘ with my clear and bright voice and pulled a ghost face when Mother wasn’t looking.

It must have been a really ugly ghost face because I scared the good-looking Liang Sheng to tears.

Liang Sheng used his arms to cover his face while crying, trying hard not to make any noise. The children in the Wei family are not as proper as him, they always open their mouth wide and cry loudly enough to scare even ghosts. My good feelings for Liang Sheng began from this moment.

When Liang Sheng first came, he loved crying. Every night, I can hear his continuous sniffs.

I will hug my pillow and sit in front of his pillow, staring at him crying in the darkness. In the darkness of the night, I can only see his thin shoulders moving and his little head bobbling non stop.

I said, ‘Liang Sheng, if you are afraid of the dark, then Jiang Sheng will accompany you to sleep.’

He seems to not like me a lot. As he sobbed, he protested, ‘Who’s afraid of the dark?’

I just blankly watched Liang Sheng cry.

He turned to me. His eyes were red and he said, ‘What’s there to watch?’

I opened and closed my mouth, like a little fish, and climbed back into bed. I moved to the side of Mother and said, “Mother, do people from the city feel happier when crying than when eating candy?”

Happiness is the first word I learnt, but Mother did not praise me. She tucked me in and said, ‘Jiang Sheng, remember, Liang Sheng is your elder brother, not someone else from the city! Do not speak rubbish in the future, Liang Sheng is your brother!’

As though a decree, when I was four year old, me and Liang Sheng, the six year old Liang, met by chance. I cannot and also don’t know how to ask, why did this boy named Liang Sheng come to my house?

It can only be destined that he is the elder brother, and I, am the younger sister.

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Hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter. Anyone looking forward to the drama too? Comments are appreciated but please avoid spoilers.


6 thoughts on “[English Translation: Chapter 1] Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief 《凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤1》

  1. bliss

    Thank you for translating this novel. I am looking forward to the drama adaption with Wallace Chung, Ma Tian Yu and Sun Yi. I want to read the novel beforehand to get better idea of the story. Even though there are 3 volumes, i hope i can get a general idea of how the story will pan out.


  2. Lin Kay

    This is great! I am watching this now on Viki and was hoping to find an English translation of the novel. It will help me fill in the gaps since I feel I am missing nuances in the story.



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