[NEWS] Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Gets Married and Declares Pregnancy


From reel to real. Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu from The Romance of the Condor Heroes are now married. As an added bonus, they have a baby coming along the way!


Our favourite girl-next-door, Shen Jiayi  from You Are the Apple of My Eye, is not only no longer single… she’s headed to motherhood!


Michelle Chen Yan Xi, 32, and Chen Xiao, 28, met on the set of The Romance of the Condor Heroes and went public about their relationship in August 2015. Michelle Chen had accepted Chen Xiao’s proposal in October last year after dating for merely 8 months.


The two registered their marriage today on July 5th, which happens to be Chen Xiao’s birthday as well. On weibo, they also announced the news of Michelle Chen’s pregnancy. Their wedding in Beijing is scheduled to be on 19th July while the wedding in Taipei will be on 21st July.


Congratulations to the couple. Although I must admit I was doubtful when I first heard about the news regarding these two and didn’t expect them to last, I am happy that they found their happiness with each other. I’m glad Michelle Chen gained something more precious than pointed remarks and insults from her stint as Xiao Long Nu. All those unfounded criticisms about her appearance must have hurt a lot. I mean, just look at how successful she was as Shen Jiayi in You Are the Apple of My Eye. How bad can she be? She does not deserve all that negativity. Now, all the haters can stare dumbfounded as she is having Yang Guo’s baby in real life.


Once again, congratulations Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao! Wishing you two a blissful marriage and a happy family 🙂


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Gets Married and Declares Pregnancy

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  3. merlita l domingo

    congrats on you two lovebirds.thahk you for your movie romance of flying condor .i personally loved it and finishned watching it up to the end.,thank you. please make more movies and i think people will love to watch you two together.than you again.merlita



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