[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 10 中国好声音 第四季 150918

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This week, the sister-brother alliance are against each other. Will Na Ying’s team (小二班) or Jay’s team (地表最强战队 – Jay’s team changed name again? It’s now Strongest Team on Earth) emerge victorious? I foresee a lot of crying, especially from Na Ying’s team. (Edit: I was wrong)

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Jay Team

Just a recap, from Na Ying team we have: Chang Yu, Sun Bo Lun, Zhang Lei and Langgalamu and from Jay’s team: Chen Zitong, Li An, Guan Shimin and Li Xin Ni.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Na Ying Team 1

The following is from wiki:

In a Cross Battle, an artist would be sent by his or her coach to compete against an artist from the opposing team. The selection of the artists and their order of appearance were all decided by their respective coaches, and all of which were done without the knowledge of the opposing coach. Therefore, the battle pairings were only revealed when the coaches appeared with their selected artist on stage. At the end of each Cross Battle round, the artist receiving the most number of votes from the media judging panel would advance to the next playoff round. The 51-person media judging panel was made up of 26 professional record producers and 25 media practitioners, and each of them was entitled to one vote.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 4 Jay Team 2

Each of the coaches were allowed to save one losing artist from their respective team, and they had to decide on the spot if they would like to exercise the power on the artist once he or she was announced as the loser of a battle. If the losing coach decides not to, the artist would be immediately eliminated. The two artists that were saved by the coaches (one from each team) would then perform again in the “coach’s save” round, with the one receiving the most media’s votes moving on to the Top 10. In the event where there was only one saved contestant as one of the coaches was unable to exercise his or her power, the only saved contestant would be given walkover and automatically advance to the next round without having to perform again.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Na Ying Team 2

Na Ying and her team started off with one of Jay Chou’s song – 烟花易冷. I think Chang Yu improved and he stood out to me. Na Ying then impressed and surprised everyone by performing the rap part. Haha!

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Jay Team 3

Jay and his team then performed 你的微笑 and 出卖. The most heartening thing to see for me is not the performance though, it’s the rest of the team who are cheering their hearts out for the Top 4 in their team. Such an endearing act.

Cross Battle 1:

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 1 Li Xin Ni vs Chang Yu

Jay believes that Li Xin Ni (Gin Lee) will be stronger and stronger so he chose her to start off while Na Ying picked Chang Yu (Shuhei Nagasawa). Na Ying was very surprised because she had thought Jay would send Chen Zitong out first. Jay sent out Xin Ni with the words, “Just relax and have fun. And get rid of him.” Well, that escalated quickly! Haha. Na Ying then sent Chang Yu out with some idioms that he obviously didn’t understand (look at screenshot above!)

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 1 Chang Yu

Contestant: Chang Yu (Shuhei Nagasawa) [Team Na Ying]
Song: 心动
Comments: I’m liking him more and more with each performance.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 1 Li Xin Ni

Contestant: Li Xin Ni (Gin Lee[Team Jay Chou]
Song: Angel
Comments: Cute, Chang Yu is singing along behind haha. She’s sounding as good as usual. I had commented that ‘she was good but didn’t stand out so she probably wouldn’t win’ but guess I’m wrong. Predictability and stability is probably important in a competition like that because they wouldn’t want a potential winner who suddenly get cold feet. Chang Yu is still mouthing the lyrics behind. Cute – I’ll miss him when he’s gone 😦

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 1 judges

Judges comment: Na Ying pointed out that Jay is extremely unnatural today. When he helped her down the steps earlier, his palm was full of sweat. Haha! Na Ying and Jay Chou fired shots at each other and the host pointed out that, “What happened to your brother-sister alliance?” to which Na Ying replied, “Forget about that!” Jay seems to be caught by surprise and he stuttered for a bit haha. Wang Feng shared that he predicted Chang Yu would be the first to perform because he was the most stable whereas Xin Ni is confident. Oooh, both of them are from overseas! Chang Yu is a half Japanese residing in Canada while Xin Ni is a Malaysian Chinese.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 4 Jay Team

Result: Li Xin Ni won Chang Yu with a score of 28:23. It’s actually pretty close! It seems that Chang Yu got more votes from the music professionals while Xin Ni got more votes from the media. Sadly, Na Ying did not revive Chang Yu so this is the end of his journey.

Cross Battle 2:

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 2 Langgalamu vs Chen Zitong

Jay predicts that Sun Bo Lun will be next and he sent Chen Zitong out because “she is not afraid of anyone!” To which Zitong replied, “Are you sure….” Hahaha. Na Ying decided to send Langgalamu instead. Jay Chou is annoyed that Na Ying ‘lied’ to him while Na Ying claimed that she didn’t promise him that she is going to send a guy next, she was just acknowledging his comment. Na Ying then shared that La Mu is very cute and had a much better mentality than she thought – even after Chang Yu was sent home, La Mu was still singing and dancing and telling everyone, “I’m only 16! I’m not afraid of anything!” La Mu laughed, embarrassed at Na Ying’s sharing hahaha. Cute! Perhaps… she’s happy because Na Ying didn’t save Chang Yu so she has double protection…. Ok, evil thoughts away! Jay then claimed that La Mu is not a problem for Zitong… which she then refuted and said, “But I have no confidence…” A case of chicken feet now!?

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 2 Langgalamu

Contestant: La Mu (Langgalamu) [Team Na Ying]
Song: 一剪梅
Comments: This is my dad’s favourite song and he claims she’s brilliant for daring to sing such a difficult song. I think she handled this pretty well too.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 2 Chen Zitong

Contestant: Chen Zitong (Queen T[Team Jay Chou]
Song: 可爱女人
Comments: She gave a shoutout to Xu Lin, my favourite boy in Jay’s team! I don’t know any more. Did she sing well? I don’t think so, but I never did and she still made it here today anyway. Just a random fun fact, I was just listening to this song on youtube earlier today and a comment said, “This song was out when Hannah (Jay’s wife) was 7.” – that is year 2000.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 2 judges

Judges comment: Na Ying praised La Mu for singing the song so beautifully. Jay didn’t comment much and asked for Wang Feng and Harlem’s comments instead. Zitong shared that Jay had encouraged her all along because she wasn’t confident and was afraid to get the rhythm wrong and Jay added, “Yea, it’s fine. I get my rhythm wrong all the time.” Haha. Omg. The second row of judges all picked Chen Zitong. WHAT HAPPENED. IT’S A LANDSLIDE VICTORY???

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 2 results

Result: Chen Zitong won La Mu 38:13. I have no idea what is going on. This is stunning and shocking and WHUT? Zhang Nan from Na Ying’s team looked really sad too. La Mu still remains really cute and happy though. Her chinese has also improved. I’m sure she will still be around the Chinese music industry though. I’m so upset now, how am I supposed to continue recapping??? The result now is 2-0 to Jay. On hindsight, Jay is right – Chen Zitong is not afraid of anyone. I hope at least my favourite uncle, Sun Bo Lun, would win. Sigh.

Cross Battle 3:

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 3 Li An vs Zhang Lei
Look at how Zhang Lei is just chilling and doing his own thing by the side. Aww.

Na Ying sent Zhang Lei to save the situation but…. Jay had sent Li An (Leon Lee) whom is a strong contender. The host asked Na Ying if she is stressed and Na Ying shared, “I have nothing to be stressed about. I already lost 2 battles.” Zhang Lei shared that he had only wanted to come on here to sing a folk song he liked but now he has to win for the sake of the team’s reputation. Jay shared that Li An had always sing well even in practices, so all he has to do is to not forget his lyrics. Na Ying then walked over next to Li An and started giving him pressure by telling him to ‘sing well’. Na Ying then shared that Li An is not mentally strong, he had slipped up in both previous battles. She also added that she will not use her ‘saving chance’ easily, she needs to consider the opponents that her student will face in the remaining battles so she won’t make a wrong choice now, which means that if Zhang Lei doesn’t win this round, he’s going home too.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 3 Zhang Lei

Contestant: Zhang Lei [Team Na Ying]
Song: 虎口脱险
Comments: What an apt song. It translate to ‘getting out of danger from the tiger’s mouth’. Sounds like the situation they are in right now. He’s a pretty cool dude, zen and in his own world with his guitar. This song is slightly more soft and calming than his usual choices. He doesn’t make it sound as sad as usual though. If I really concentrate, his voice is really quite unique – hoarse but gentle and soothing.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 3 Li An

Contestant: Li An (Leon Lee[Team Jay Chou]
Song: 爱我还是他
Comments: He displayed quite a range of vocals in this song – the only question is: is it good? I don’t know, I’m not musically inclined but all I know is he has a nice voice.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 3 Result

Judges comment: Na Ying started off by saying, “I want to praise my student.” Zhang Lei sings very well and give off the vibe that he is a man that can be relied on. Indeed, she’s now relying on him to win. Jay shared that Li An was quite affected by Na Ying’s previous comments when Na Ying criticised him a while ago, asking him whether he had been in love before or not. Hence, this time round, Li An sang his song, “Love me or love him” for Na Ying and when he sang the last sentence, he was singing to Na Ying. Na Ying then directly replied, “But that wasn’t a good performance.” Wang Feng shared that Li An is a very strong contender, even his lowest standard is very high and enough to beat other contestants. Whereas, folk music is the spirit of music and Zhang Lei had done very well, even better than a lot of folk singers.  The first three rows of judges ALL voted for Zhang Lei!!!

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 3 Result 2

Result: Zhang Lei won Li An with a score of 47:4. Okay, this is the real landslide! But I’m not so upset because this is in my favour HAHA. I mean, I like Li An and all but like I said in my episode 7 recap, Zhang Lei has this unexplainable appeal. Even the media and professional judges agree! After Li An sadly hugged everyone and all…. Jay Chou pressed the red button and used his chance to save Li An! This is probably why Jay said, “No, I’m not disappointed.” when Li An said “Sorry, I have disappointed you.” With that, Li An is back in play!

Cross Battle 3:

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 4 Guan Shimin vs Sun Bo Lun

It’s nice to know my favourite uncle, Sun Bo Lun has 2 chances but I hope he wins it straight away. Even though I do prefer Guan Shi Min (Sharon Kwan) over Li An… Not much shots fired here but Jay did tell Shi Min to ‘kill Bo Lun off’, to her surprise.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 4 Sun Bo Lun

Contestant: Sun Bo Lun [Team Na Ying]
Song: 想疯了一样
Comments: Hahaha, another apt song to fit the mood – ‘It’s like I’m crazy’. I love him and his singing. Go, uncle!!! Hahaha.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 4 Guan Shimin

Contestant: Guan Shi Min (Sharon Kwan[Team Jay Chou]
Song: 恋人未满
Comments: She sang very well too. I think it’s a good choice of song, it seems like she is singing her own story. She was very composed and delivered her song steadily. And it’s really cute because the camera keeps panning to this really old lady (which I assume is Shi Min’s grandmother) who is totally absorbed in listening to the song and swaying her arms along.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 4 Na Ying

Judges comment: Na Ying’s strategy is to keep on praising her members (so that the judges would get brainwashed and vote for her members HAHA). Jay shared that a good singer is one who can sing all types of songs – fast and slow. Na Ying then cuts in and said, “Uh, that’s me.” HAHAHA. “I just learnt how to rap for today.” Harlem points out that both of them sang very well and sang out the essence of their age group – Shi Min displayed her youth and passion while Bo Lun had this ‘scream’ quality represent the  someone his age should. Wang Feng is very impressed with Bo Lun’s way of singing and claimed that, “Bo Lun is very suitable for singing, he sings into the heart of people.” Jay Chou then once again added that, “Shi Min is a great singer. But I wonder if she’ll have the chance to show you her talents by singing a fast song.”

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle 4 Jay results

Result: Sun Bo Lun won Guan Shi Min by 28:23. Close too. I’ll miss Shi Min. Jay Chou looks like he is regretting his choice to save Li An and not Shi Min and I can see why. Shi Min has great potential to be marketed as an idol singer and she can actually sing. Anyway, I’m still glad because MY FAVOURITE UNCLE WON hehe.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Jay x Na Ying

Na Ying shared that even though she might have lesser members (Sun Bo Lun and Zhang Lei), it is the passion and love for music that counts. And yea, I must add, I think Na Ying’s team is real strong. Jay then said, “It doesn’t matter which of us has more members, we are still one when we go against Harlem and Wang Feng’s team.” With that, Jay and Na Ying hugged and made their members hug each other. So cute, I guess the sister-brother alliance is back in play! Wang Feng and Harlem can only look in disbelief and laugh dryly.

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Battle overview

If you notice, I have stopped asking people to ‘leave a comment after you watch Voice of China episode 10 here!’ because nobody ever does BUT I’m gonna do it again because I would love to have this place become a discussion ground!




14 thoughts on “[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 10 中国好声音 第四季 150918

  1. Sara

    My impression of Na Ying nosedived after this episode. She did not take the initial 2 defeats graciously at all. Instead, she came across as a sore loser, making several snide remarks about Jay’s contenders. What a turn-off.


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I saw some comments on Youtube that showed the same sentiments as you. In Na Ying’s defence, she is from Northern China where people are more straightforward and daring in expressing themselves. Some say that it’s part of Na Ying’s character that made her who she is today. I personally thought that it was understandable – she was probably panicking and after all, this is a variety show so her comments might be exaggerated or edited to add more entertainment value – I wouldn’t condemn her because of that.

      Speaking of snide remarks, our dear Jay is the best at that. While he doesn’t directly criticises other contestants, his speech often implies that his team is the strongest and all the other mentors’ team cannot hold a candle to his. While there might be some element of truth meant in it, it’s usually taken in with a good nature and the other judges (especially Harlem and Wang Feng) would amuse him by agreeing perfunctorily occasionally. It’s actually pretty funny to watch as a recurring joke now xD

      Most importantly, thanks for the comment! 🙂


      1. Sara

        I don’t think her comments were “exaggerated or edited to add more entertainment value”. Her face was clearly BLACK. For someone of her stature in the industry, not to mention someone of her AGE, she really should’ve known better than than to throw temper tantrums in that childish manner. She’s probably just used to getting her way like a spoilt brat.

        And just for the record, she too would lavish praise on her team and proclaim them to be the best. So that’s par for the course.

        The lowest blow she dealt was to Li An, when she said she admired his voice during the blind audition round, imagining it’s a handsome man, but turned around and was insinuating that he’s ugly. Thankfully, jay managed to prevent her from actually saying that by calling him cute. I mean, come on, insulting a contestant’s looks? That’s really despicable.


      2. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

        Well, perhaps it is precisely because she is of this stature that she can afford to behave this way – diva attitude and all. She has the capabilities to back it up. Still, I would take everything with a pinch of salt because this is an entertainment program afterall. We can agree to disagree here xD

        And yes, I agree that incident with Li An was really a low blow. Even if it’s meant as a joke or it’s done for entertainment value, it’s too much. And to repeatedly talk about that? I don’t know what she was thinking. It’s mean and harmful. Even with Jay interfering, I think the harm has been done and that whole incident was just wrong and repulsive, especially for a show like ‘The Voice’ which is supposed to be the platform for people who are not as visually attractive.


  2. Annie

    I’m sad that Shi Min lost. While she doesn’t have the strongest voice, she’s quite appealing and yes, I agree with you, she can be marketed very well as an idol singer (She’s cute, too!). I’m actually tired of Li An. His singing is very one-dimensional and doesn’t have much emotion. Yes he has a nice voice, but people will get bored with his voice if he doesn’t add anything else to it. Why did Jay save him? 😦 All in all, I do feel like Jay’s team has more colors than Na Ying’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I would miss Shi Min too but as it turns out, she has actually won the Taiwanese Million Star competition –a pretty famous singing reality show in Taiwan– in 2011 and is the youngest winner in history, being only 16 when she won it. So it’s not too bad that she’s out of this competition because she has actually released an album before which means she can be already considered a proper singer and she doesn’t have as much ‘need’ to win this competition.

      I personally feel that one of the appeal in The Voice lies in the platform it offers to the contestants – it has the ability to uncover the most unexpected common person with amazing vocals and transform them into a household name. So it kinda kills the point when an ‘established singer’ joins the competition. I think Shi Min’s ‘The Voice’ journey had been fruitful and I’m sure she gained a lot of new supporters and fans which would do good to her singing career. Her losing at this point is a win-win, she gets the coverage she needs while those that truly needs the acknowledgement (eg. people that are more ‘common’ and have much lesser chances to embark on a typical singer journey such as Li An and my favourite Sun Bo Lun) will get it.

      With that said, I will still find it a pity because seeing Shi Min on my screen had been enjoyable and she looks cuter every time she comes back haha. I’m guessing Jay saw a lot of potential in Li An, he was one of the few that got 4 turns during the blind auditions too. Perhaps Jay did not want to waste his chance (like Na Ying did) and felt that Shi Min might have won against Sun Bo Lun? I doubt so but if you watch carefully, Jay had a pretty sour expression when Shi Min lost and he really did look like, “I wish I could save her”. I guess some things will always remain a mystery…. unless they talk about it in future episodes haha.

      Jay’s Top 4 don’t particularly interest me, with my favourite probably being Shi Min but she didn’t make it. I’m fond of Xin Ni and Li An’s voice but I’m not very invested in them and wouldn’t be too sad if they were gone. Na Ying’s team had been made up of people who I claim, ‘sing the same way/style’. I’m guessing it might be her formula she derived to win this competition because after all, her student did win 2 out of 3 seasons of Voice of China.

      Whew I didn’t expect it but this ended up to be a really long reply. Thank you for your comment! 🙂


  3. Erinlee

    Personally I can’t understand Xin Ni’s appeal, I think Chang Yu has so much more heart and he has really improved so much!! Na Ying why didn’t you save him T.T Xin Ni is good but I think she is so much like Li An in that they are both classically good. They are both powerful singers but not particularly unique. Keeping them both doesn’t add much to the team. I was quite shocked by Li An’s landslide defeat though (maybe the judges got tired of listening to the same style?) but more than that I can’t believe Shi Min is out she was really a breath of fresh air in team Jay Chou!!! Comparing her to Xin Ni I would rather have seen Shi Min in…. I feel like Shi Min has a much sweeter and brighter voice. Na Ying’s strategy seems to be the same though – collecting singers of the same style ensures those remaining are really the best.

    Also I noticed coaches will never use the save option on the first (sometimes even the second) singer just to be safe so if you are the first/second round loser good luck to you. Sad to see Chang Yu and Shi Min go but looking forward to seeing how the 姐弟 alliance will turn out!!

    PS anyone else fell in love with Team Jay Chou’s combined performance? So much swag and superb vocals!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I think you just voiced out everything I wanted to say in words! It’s such a waste that Na Ying didn’t make use of her vote! And yeap, Chang Yu improved so much, I’ve grown from apathetic to sad to see him go. I think you are spot on about Li An and Xin Ni’s style. They both have good voices but there’s nothing exceptionally outstanding about them. But I think keeping them both does help the team. Both of them are pretty strong contenders in terms of ability. So even if one of them slip up and loses, there’s still the other one to count on. I think Li An’s loss wasn’t due to his inability but more of Zhang Lei’s powers. Zhang Lei has the power to sway your heart towards him (or so I think haha). I think Shimin’s loss was just an unfortunate matchup. She was against one of the strongest from Na Ying’s team and Jay Chou had just used his ‘save’ opportunity so he couldn’t save her. Yeap, that’s definitely Na Ying’s style and I think it might just be pretty smart because I do love the remaining two from her team – they are what I would refer to as 实力派 (those who have strong abilities) as compared to say, Zitong and Shimin who are more of 偶像派 (those who are more idol-like and are not as strong).

      Oh yes, it would be fun to watch the 姐弟 alliance. I wonder if Harlem and Wang Feng team would form another alliance by default or not – perhaps not though, since Wang Feng might have offended Harlem’s team in the latest episode with his insinuation that Wang Feng’s members did not deserve to lose.


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  5. JinLiang

    Firstly, I want to say I agree wholeheartedly with Erin Lee’s comment about Team Jay Chou’s combined performance. It was fantastic, and really allowed everybody in the team to shine.

    However, I beg to differ from some of the other opinions already above. And I want to apologize in advance for what may seem like a rant!

    If being one-dimensional or not unique is indeed a weakness, then most of the contestants should have gone home. Seriously, how many of them have proven that they can sing different genres? You all criticise Li An and Xing Ni for not being unique (which is actually debatable in itself), but at the same time give credit to Sun Bolun even though he sings the same style every single time. Another singer in the competition who sings the same style every time is Bei Bei, and yet again she gets so much credit for that.

    Xing Ni and Sharon’s voices share some similarities ie. both are very bright and clear and can sing high notes without necessarily relying on shouting (eg like Bei Bei). And yet, there are lots of comments about how sweet and pretty Sharon is or how cute and appealing she is and that because of her sweetness or cuteness, that she should have been selected/saved.
    Am I missing something here? Are we all watching the same show? This is The Voice, a singing competition, not a beauty contest. How they look should have absolutely no impact. I accept that this may only be true in an ideal world, in the real world probably not possible! However, if we are saying that looks matter, then we are all equally as bad as Na Ying when she insulted Li An.
    It’s ok to have your favourite singers/uncles/divas/etc, but perhaps a little bit of objectivity is required.
    (For the record, I do actually like Sharon. She has quite a fair bit of music videos on Youtube when she was younger. She has also performed with David Tao. She is quite awesome and yes, it doesn’t hurt that she is very sweet looking).
    Here’s an awesome video of Sharon:

    In any case, Kate has it spot on when she says that Sharon loses nothing from not winning this show. Her stock will rise and she has gained increased following and fans. I expect to see her singing fantastically into the future.
    The same can be said of Li Xing Ni. She has also previously released albums in Hong Kong and Malaysia in Cantonese and Mandarin. Not quite a mega-star, but again, her exposure on The Voice will help her cause to make inroads into the China and Taiwan market. Of course, having someone like Jay Chou be her mentor can only be a good thing.
    BY the way, Kate, if this Wikipedia page is anything to go by, your Uncle Sun Bolun has also performed in other shows like Asian Wave, One Million Star, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

    I love getting your comments, it’s always fun to have discussions like this haha.

    Just to clarify what I mean about Li An and Xin Ni being ‘good but didn’t stand out’, I don’t mean that I’m penalising them because they can’t sing many genres. Like I mentioned before, I think there are 2 criteria in making a performance/singer – first, the technical ability and secondly, the emotional aspect. To be able to reach this far in this competition, all the singers will have to meet the first criteria by having good skills. I personally find Li An and Xin Ni to be one of the stronger contenders if we were to judge solely by the first quality. They make songs sound great. However, I find them lacking in the second quality. And at this stage of the competition, this second quality determines whether you make it or break it. By controlling the emotional aspect well, the song is then not only enjoyable to the ears, but also to the heart. And that’s why I like Sun Bolun so much even though he sings the same style every single time. Because every time he does that, he sings into my heart.

    I agree that Xin Ni and Sharon have similar voices but even if Sharon was to be saved, it would be Leon that was affected and not Xin Ni? Still, I guess why so many people prefer Sharon over Xin Ni might be because the impression that Sharon gives off is more lively and bright and happy whereas Xin Ni seems to be better at solemn songs (relatively, at least). I personally think Xin Ni is a slightly better singer and would be a better choice to put in the finals but I wouldn’t mind if Sharon took her place because Sharon is a very likeable on the whole and hence the slight difference in singing ability is negligible. (Competition strategy – afterall, public voting would make up the score so no harm in sending in a likeable contestant in addition to those that ‘truly capable’.) True, this is a singing competition not a beauty contest but since this is a competition that involves public (who are not professionals) voting, impressions does count, even if slightly. Of course, if a voice is so good, it melts the audience completely and earn their votes regardless of appearance, then that’s good! I would definitely be very proud and happy for this winner from the bottom of my heart. That means this singer has reached a really high level and truly succeeded. However, the sad truth is despite being good, few can reach that level, hence appearance still plays a part.

    I didn’t realise Li Xin Ni has released albums before! That would explain her standard. I now feel better about her loss. Haha.

    I knew Sun Bolun has participated in various competitions (according to wiki, at least) but I always thought nothing much came out from these competitions. But after another round of googling in Chinese, I (literally) just found out that he did get to release some albums (even though most are dated quite a while ago, before he changed his name). I guess I can feel more at ease now then, knowing that Sun Bolun will probably make it in this industry even though he didn’t win this competition. This competition itself should have greatly aided him in changing his image to become a more mature singer 🙂


    1. Erinlee

      Agreed that it’s not about Li An and Xin Ni singing many genres! To be honest I like Shi Min because her voice is really bright and she sings really happily and passionately. In terms of vocal skill Li An and Xin Ni are really good but skill only goes so far, performing music is really about your ability to pull on the heartstrings of the audience – which I think Chang Yu and Shi Min do very well!

      Additionally, I would class Bei Bei together with Li An and Xin Ni as well, they are all amazing but the moment they aren’t actually singing I kind of forget how good they are :/ I think it says something when a singer may not be very skilled technically but you still find yourself humming their songs after they have finished it. This is a rare skill that I think singers like Chang Yu, Shi Min and Zi Tong (the names are just off the top of my head, there might be more) do very well in!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. JinLiang

        Must say that probably one of my favourite performances of the whole season was when Chang Yu was singing vs Chen Yo (Ginny Kuo 郭惟晨 & Monica Wu 吴以悠) in the Battle round (they sang a Jacky Cheung song). I could be a bit biased cause I am a Jacky Cheung fan, so quite happy to listen to his songs if done well by other singers!
        Although, I must say that I didn’t think Chang Yu would have survived that round, cause the two girls were so good. They have so much chemistry and their two voices blended so harmoniously.



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