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[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 10 中国好声音 第四季 150918

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This week, the sister-brother alliance are against each other. Will Na Ying’s team (小二班) or Jay’s team (地表最强战队 – Jay’s team changed name again? It’s now Strongest Team on Earth) emerge victorious? I foresee a lot of crying, especially from Na Ying’s team. (Edit: I was wrong)

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Jay Team

Just a recap, from Na Ying team we have: Chang Yu, Sun Bo Lun, Zhang Lei and Langgalamu and from Jay’s team: Chen Zitong, Li An, Guan Shimin and Li Xin Ni.

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[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 7 中国好声音 第四季 150828

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Today, we will be finding out the Top 4 of Na Ying’s team! The format for this episode is the same as the previous one.  On a side note, I might consider dropping Voice of China Recaps soon, but it really depends on the demand. I can get more than 2,000 views for one recap and barely 500 for another, it’s inconsistent and I don’t know how much real demand there is. If it’s not much, I would be better off spending this time on more useful stuff (like my poor neglected studies haha). Enough of that, back to the main topic, let’s get started for today!

VOC Ep 7 guest judge Li Jian

Na Ying invited Li Jian to be her guest mentor for today!  Continue reading