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[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 10 中国好声音 第四季 150918

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This week, the sister-brother alliance are against each other. Will Na Ying’s team (小二班) or Jay’s team (地表最强战队 – Jay’s team changed name again? It’s now Strongest Team on Earth) emerge victorious? I foresee a lot of crying, especially from Na Ying’s team. (Edit: I was wrong)

Voice of China S4 Ep 10 Jay Team

Just a recap, from Na Ying team we have: Chang Yu, Sun Bo Lun, Zhang Lei and Langgalamu and from Jay’s team: Chen Zitong, Li An, Guan Shimin and Li Xin Ni.

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[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 Ep 8 中国好声音 第四季 150906

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Tonight, the top 4 of Jay’s team will emerge. Jay shares that he wishes his students to be happy and not cry, even if they have to leave the stage. Unlike some other mentors… which we all know is Na Ying, because I mentioned this in my previous recap. Harlem then warned Jay better not to cry tonight. Well, we’ll see. Continue reading

[Recap] C-Variety Show: The Voice of China Season 4 中国好声音 第四季 Episode 4

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Another short highlight with more focus on my thoughts 🙂

VOC ep 4 contestant 1 - Li Wen Hao

Contestant 1: Rex Li Wen Hao, 24
Song: 思念是一种病 / See You Again  Continue reading