Screencaps Surprise: Real Hero 真心英雄 18 Sep 2015

Chen Xue Dong
Hello everyone! I’m here with a new column – Screencaps Surprise! Basically, this column will feature cute screencaps and gifs from dramas/movies/variety shows I have been watching in a bid to entice you to watch them as well, or at least be amused. To be really honest, this is here for all the too-funny-it’s-impossible gifs that the official variety show accounts have been posting on Weibo, so you can almost always expect a laugh or two when reading this.

Real Hero Team
Applause! // LOL at Joe Cheng‘s (rightmost) slow reaction.

Today’s theme will be one of the mainland China variety shows I have been watching recently – Real Hero 真心英雄! (Read more here!) Let’s start off by introducing the cast with both their smart and silly photos!

Real Hero Liang KunReal Hero Tong Da Wei
he two oldest members, Liang Kun (left) and Tong Da Wei (right) are usually the captains!

Real Hero Zhu Ya WenReal Hero Joe Cheng 1
The next pair is mainland actor, Zhu Ya Wen (left) and Taiwanese actor, Joe Cheng (Zhen Yuan Chang) who is affectionately known as Xiao Zong (right).

Real Hero Zhang JieReal Hero Chen Xue Dong 1
Last but not least, our two cuties – Mainland singer, Zhang Jie (left) and Chen Xue Dong who starred in the Tiny Times movie series (right).

Real Hero Chen Xue Dong 1
Chen Xue Dong: Yay! Look what I have next!!!

Real Hero Chen XuedongReal Hero Jiang XinReal Hero Joe Cheng
Chen Xuedong: Yummy noodles with Liang KunJiang Xin (guest) and Joe Cheng.

Real Hero Joe Cheng and Zhu Ya Wen
Joe Cheng: I heard jogging at night is equivalent to committing suicide slowly. Is that true? //
Zhu Ya Wen: Yea, every 60 minutes you jog will shorten your life by an hour.

Real Hero Joe Cheng 1
Joe Cheng: Seriously? #eyebrowgamestrong

Real Hero Joe Cheng & Zhu Ya Wen 2
hu Ya Wen: Let’s challenge if you don’t believe me. Ya Wen vs Joe Cheng. Winner: Ya Wen.

Real Hero Joe Cheng & Zhu Ya Wen 3
Zhu Ya Wen: Weak!

Real Hero Joe Cheng & Zhu Ya Wen 4
….or not. Joe Cheng takes revenge.

Real Hero Joe Cheng & Zhu Ya Wen
Zhu Ya Wen: You don’t scare me! // *Joe Cheng gasps*

Real Hero Joe Cheng
hu Ya Wen: I’m gonna tear you up and split you from your team ! // Joe Cheng: Nooooo 😦

Real Hero Joe Cheng & Zhu Ya Wen 5
Joe Cheng: Then I’m gonna pluck all your leaves!!! MUAHAHAHA // ps: look at Liang Kun struggling by the side

Real Hero Tao 2
Tao (recurring guest): Hahahaha, they are so funny!

Real Hero Zhang Jie 1
hang Jie: Not as cute and funny as me!

Real Hero Tao
Tao: When will these kids grow up?

Real Hero Zhang Jie
hang Jie: NEVER!

Real Hero Tao and Lynn Xiong
Tao and Lynn Hung (guest): Right, if we can’t stop them, we join them! TEAM MARIO!

Real Hero Tong Da Wei
Tong Da Wei: All these marios are making me dizzy

Real Hero Group - Chen Xuedong 2
hen Xue Dong (rightmost): You are dizzy because you are not exercising enough!

Real Hero Group - Chen Xuedong
Chen Xue Dong (leftmost): And don’t forget to stretch after that so your muscles don’t ache!

Real Hero Zhu Yawen Chen Xue Dong
iang Kun to Chen Xue Dong: You crazy, hyperactive boy. I’m gonna paint you like a wall so you can be as quiet as a wall.

Real Hero Liang Kun and Tong Da Wei
Liang Kun: Whew, painting is tiring. But hey, why do I always lose one of my socks? //
Tong Da Wei: Because you won’t realise you lost any if you lose both of them.

Annnd that’s it for today! Just a short tidbit, I originally planned this column to be ‘Screencaps Saturday’ (or Sunday) but decided with my erratic schedule, I will never keep up. Plus, I won’t have time for this since my Voice of China recaps are also done on Saturdays! (And Sundays are rest days meant for studying…. but let’s not go there because it seems I spend my Sundays not studying anyway… haha!) Hence, I decided to name this column ‘SCREENCAPS SURPRISE!’ because the days I choose to publish such a post will be a… yes you got it, SURPRISE! Hahaha.

Real Hero Chen Xuedong

Source: Real Hero’s official weibo 江苏卫视《真心英雄》官方微博
Leave me a comment or two and tell me what you think about this new column! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Screencaps Surprise: Real Hero 真心英雄 18 Sep 2015

  1. dramarian

    WEEE great job, partner! Keep it up! I love Lynn Hung and I just saw her post on Weibo wearing a Mario outfit so I never thought that it would be a guest role here. I’d totally watch this variety show even just for Joe alone because why not haha! Thanks for the awesome screencaps surprise 😀


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Really! I thought I gave quite a fair bit of screentime to everyone 😛 To be honest though, I totally started watching this for Chen Xue Dong and he definitely didn’t disappoint hehe. I did fell in love with everyone else in the cast though!

      I’m recently watching another variety show – First Grade: University Edition with Tong Dawei starring in it and I really like how I can see different sides of Tong Dawei. In Real Heroes, he’s the laid-back, quiet-ish person but there, he’s a strict teacher. Quite a contrast and fun to watch 😀


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