[NEWS] Rhydian Vaughan Married

Rhydian Vaughan Married 1

Wedding bells ringing everywhere.

On July 5th, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen registered for their marriage and announced the latter’s pregnancy while Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo announced wedding plans. However, we missed out that one of our hottest taiwanese actor (and also the best Gong Min of the Tiny Time Series), Rhydian Vaughan got married to his long-time non-celebrity girlfriend even earlier!

Rhydian Vaughan son

Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughan (Feng Xiao Yue), 28, and longtime girlfriend Hung Chechun officially tied the knot in a humble ceremony on June 30th. The couple already has a son, born in January 2016.

Rhydian Vaughan Married 2

The event was pretty low-key and Rhydian Vaughan didn’t post anything about it on weibo, even though wedding guest, Hong Kong actor – Anthony Wong – did.

Rhydian Vaughan

Congratulations to the couple. I can’t believe Rhydian Vaughan is already married with a kid. Having watched his movies in recent years, Monga and Winds of September in recent years, I can’t help but feel he is still a kid himself! Even acting as the cool and mature Gong Min in Tiny Times cannot erase his big-kid image. Still, I’m sure he will be a good dad and husband. While he is officially off the shelf now, fans can still look forward to more Rhydian Vaughan in his next project, the chinese remake of My Best Friend’s Wedding, premiering 5th August.


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