[Episode 1-2 Recap] BL C-Webseries: No.10 Yandai Xie Street


Title: No.10 Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street / No.10 YanDaiXie Street / No.10 YanDai Byway / YanDaiXieJie No.10 / YanDaiXieJie10Hao Web Series [S1]
Native Title: 烟袋斜街10号
Genre: Drama, Romance, Boys Love
Country of Origin: China
Airing date: May 31, 2016 – July 12, 2016 [S1]
# of Episodes: 10
Channel: Youtube/Weibo

Synopsis:  No.10 YanDaiXie Street is about Liang Ze’s struggle in maintaining his friendship with Hang Hang as Hang Hang develops feelings for him. In order for him to keep Hang Hang close, Liang Ze would have to enter into a romantic relationship with Hang Hang. However, Liang Ze’s definition of a great love threatens the man-to-man relationship.

Main Cast:
Luo YiHang / Alan (罗一航) as
Liang Ze (梁泽)
Gong Zheng (宫政) as
Hang Hang (杭航)
Yang Xi / Colin (杨曦) as
Hu Wei (胡蔚)
Kang Rong / Kevin (康榕) as
Qi Ji (齐霁)


Episode 1 2016-07-26.png

The opening scene is pretty insignificant, so I’m going to skip to the next day. Liang Ze wakes up with a massive hangover.His sister-in-law calls and easily notices that he has been drinking again. He pacifies her by informing her that he had received three contracts  from a publisher that requires him to write two fictional books. It works, but she is still suspicious and asks if he was pulling a fast one. He reassures her he wasn’t. She changes the subject and asks if he had bought the milk powder she had asked for. He answers apologetically and settles down on the edge of his bed to observe his two chinchillas.He notices his two chinchillas getting it on like nobody’s business ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ.

2016-07-26 (4).png

I should have taken Chinese school when I was younger T^T.

He goes on the web and has a conversation with a guy named 爱心123 aixin123 [literal translation: heartshape123] to ask about his chinchillas, and in return, aixian123 would provide him information.

2016-07-26 (14)

Then we go to Hang Hang’s shop for the first time.  Aixin123 is Hang Hang and Liang Ze had told him that he would meet him today so he could have his chinchillas mated. Since they were practically strangers from the internet, it creeps Hang Hang out because he tells his employee, Hai Hong, that he would be hiding upstairs to avoid a weird customer.

2016-07-26 (6).png

Hu Wei comes in, and he asks about Hang Hang’s whereabouts. Hai Hong informs him about a weird customer, and at one point accuses him of being the weird customer. To reassure her, Hu Wei hollers for Hang Hang. Hang Hang walks down and Liang Ze finally arrives. Liang Ze shouts that he wants his chinchillas mated. Everyone laughs: the weird customer has arrived.

Screenshot (281).png

Liang Ze then asks for the shop’s boss. Hang Hang responds, and Liang Ze asks Hang Hang if he was Aixin123. He admits that he is and tells Hai Hong to take care of Hu Wei’s cat. She takes the cat and Hu Wei follows. Hang Hang and Liang Ze are finally alone ( ≖‿≖).

2016-07-26 (7).png

Liang Ze and Hang Hang talk about Liang Ze’s chinchillas; Hang Hang tells Liang Ze to leave his chinchillas here to help them mate successfully. Liang Ze seems bothered, so Hang Hang reassures him that he could  see them anytime.

Screenshot (267)Screenshot (268)

Hai Hong is finsihed grooming Hu Wei’s cat, so Hu Wei comes up to Hang Hang to pay. Liang Ze decides to drop his manners and interrupts their conversation. Hang Hang shows disapproval. But, Hu Wei doesn’t seem bothered and allows Liang Ze to pay first. Liang Ze realizes that he doesn’t have enough money, and Hu Wei notices this easily, so he tells Hang Hang that he would pay first after all. Hang Hang offers to accompany Hu Wei out. Liang Ze continues to search though his wallet to no avail. Hang Hang comes back and Liang Ze tells him he doesn’t have enough money. Hang Hang tells Liang Ze that it would be fine if paid him back another day. Liang Ze is relieved.

2016-07-26 (8).png

Liang Ze then stares at Hang Hang’s lunch. Hang Hang follows his gaze and offers him to have some. Liang Ze says no because it would be an inconvenience to Hang Hang. Hang Hang then offers to buy him a separate one. This convinces Liang Ze to devour Hang Hang’s lunch. Scene ends.

Episode 2

Screenshot (269).png

This is going to be a common opening for each episode. They are either going to communicate by the web or by phone.

Here Liang Ze is asking what Hang Hang is doing. Hang Hang answers that he is at the shop. Liang Ze asks if he is bothering Hang Hang. Hang Hang says he is chatting with an online customer (referring to Liang Ze). Liang Ze doesn’t take a hint and tells him that he is going out to exercise.

Screenshot (270).png

We go back to Hang Hang’s shop. Liang Ze is a regular customer now, which irks Hai Hong because he comes everyday. When Liang Ze places a duffel bag on top of Hang Hang’s counter, Hang Hang asks him what it is for. Liang Ze informs that it is for the gym he is going to. Then he starts bragging about how cool it looks on him especially in the gym. This causes Hang Hang to scoff, which offends Liang Ze. So, Liang Ze strips and shows his abs and Hang Hang is like”zomg, I need to touch those abs”(ᗒᗨᗕ) .

Screenshot (3)

Qi Si comes in with his dog and Hang Hang quickly backs away from Liang Ze. He sputters an excuse that Qi Si doesn’t believe.

Screenshot (4)

Liang Ze compliments Qi Si’s dog and shows Qi Si his chinchillas. Conversation is initiated. Qi Si discovers that Liang Ze is a popular novelist and is amazed, He tells Hang Hang about  Liang Ze’s achievements as a writer.. Hang Hang is completely indifferent, but Qi Si continues to advise Hang Hang to hook up with Liang Ze before it’s too late.

Screenshot (5).png

Qi Si’s conversation with Hang Hang is interrupted by a call from his boss; he leaves for work. Liang Ze tries to get Hang Hang alone afterwards. For a second I thought LZ was trying to ask Hang Hang out because a romantic song was playing, and Liang Ze kept fidgeting. It seems Hang Hang was thinking the same thing because he was disappointed when Liang Ze ends up talking about his problem instead. Turns out that Liang Ze’s personal trainer sexually harasses him, and since he had already paid for the membership, he doesn’t want to stop going. So, he wants Hang Hang to help him evade his perverted trainer.


Cut to the gym scene. Liang Ze is either being checked out or being touched suggestively by people around him. His personal trainer does everything in his power to harass Liang Ze. He rubs his shoulder, massages his inner thighs, and leers at his ass. The final straw was when his personal trainer goes on top of him. Remembering Hang Hang’s advice, Liang Ze shouts out that he was a top.But it creates an opposite effect. The personal trainer gets excited and pounces Liang Ze to kiss him. Liang Ze freaks out and runs away.

Screenshot (52).png

Liang Ze is clearly peeved. He barges into Hang Hang’s shop and is about to reprimand Hang Hang until Hang Hang covers his mouth and brings Liang Ze upstairs into his room ( Hang Hang lives on top of his shop) since Hang Hang doesn’t want Hai Hong or Hu Wei to overhear. Liang Ze retells his story again and Hang Hang is beyond amused. To make Liang Ze feel better, he apologizes to Liang Ze by taking him out to his favorite restaurant.When this happens Liang Ze is touched and comments that no one has ever treated him as nice as his brother and sister-in-law before. Hang Hang says its no big deal, and the conversation ends.

bookblog (2).jpgHello, everyone (*≧∀≦*).  For this part, I think I’m just going to talk about the drama in more detail. So you could skip this, and it wouldn’t affect you at all. Well let’s start.

This webseries was adapted from a BL novel online ( I found out much later), and I’ve been looking through the wide web to find it. But, you don’t need to read the BL novel in order to understand what’s going. The first and second episode were pretty much understandable if you were to compare it to Counterattack. However what I want you to notice while watching this drama is to pay extreme close attention to Hang Hang because you would definitely notice that Hang Hang is  gay before it’s strongly hinted. The second episode was pretty subtle.

Regarding to Liang Ze, the webseries portray him to be more straight compared to the novel. , I think the producers are doing this as a plot device. I can’t exactly vouch for this, but it made more sense when you watch the ending.

In terms of first impression. Aha, oh dude. I remember thinking the acting sucked. You can’t do much about it since they are all new actors. But the quality of the video is amazing compared to Addicted. A curious thing since Addicted earned  way more funds…

That’s it. But,I just have to thank Kate for letting me to guest write because I’m a HUGE,HUGE fan of her blog (• ε •). I can’t wait to write the next recap. Peace out, suckers.ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

P.S. check out Queerfudanshi if you have a niche for BL



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