[Recap of Episodes 1-2 + First Impression] BL C-Web series: Blacklight

Hello, everyone (≧▽≦)!  You could watch this on Youtube under the name Blakey, the eng subber for this  web series.


Title: Against the Light/ Blacklight
Native Title: 逆光源 网络剧
Country of Origin: China
Airing date: July 7, 2016- ?
Episodes: 10 (Aprox. 10 minutes each)
Channels: LeTV, SoHu, Youku, Tudou.

Main Cast:
Ge QinHong 葛秦宏 as Fang Yuan 方源
Zhu BoYang 朱柏杨 as Ran Guang 染光

Note: Read the recaps like it’s one episode altogether.

Source: Soompi

Episode 1:

Screenshot (62)The scene opens with a man strolling in an empty hall. He pauses by the door and peers in. There is a man on top of another man grunting. It could only be described as gay sex. His mind whirls. He misunderstands and backs away.

2016-08-06 (2).pngMeanwhile, our main man, Fang Yuan is passively listening to his pal list the ratings for each girl they see. They pass by a mural when his pal points at one particular girl. A red box is about to fall on her, so  Fang Yuan pushes his friend into the girl. They stumble and land on top of a wet sign. She is humiliated and is about to strike Fang Yuan’s friend until Fang Yuan grabs her wrist. He explains to her that his friend was really doing her favor, and she apologizes reluctantly. He makes a remark and she kicks him in the shins. His face contorts in pain. She says, although she was wrong to be rude, she was well aware that he was the one that pushed his friend into her. She storms off. Our other male lead, Liang Guang, trails after her.

Screenshot (331).png

Wei Li(left), Liang Guang (middle), and Lin Yu Dao (right)

He uses his books to shield her shirt stain. However, he accidentally bumps into her instead, which leads to his stack of books to disperse. He reassures that he was only covering her shirt. Wei Li comes in and assess the situation. She asks Lin Yu Dao if she had money. Lin Yu Dao retorts that it was none of her business. Wei Li says that it is because she could help relieve her humiliation.  Lin Yu Dao takes out a wad of cash. Wei Li is amazed and praises her generosity. She takes it then releases the clip from Lin Yu Dao’s hair. This successfully covers the stain on the back of her shirt. But, alas, Lin Yu Dao had been ripped off. Wei Li leaves.

She runs into Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan’s friend (I’ve yet to know his name) recognizes her and runs up to her. He uses his hand to cover her eyes. She elbows him in the stomach and accuses him of thievery. Fang Yuan tries to pacify the situation. She accuses him of being an accomplice , but her face softens in recognition. She says, “It’s you.”

Episode 2:

Screenshot (332).png

Xiong (left)

Fang Yuan buckles in confusion. He doesn’t recognize her, yet she seems to know him. She informs him that she saw him when he was with Lin Yu Dao. Fang Yuan smiles in acknowledgment. His friend interrupts the conversation by asking her if she remembers him. She hesitantly guesses Xiong. He confirms it and she walks closer to him. She says that he had gotten fatter. To emphasis this, she jabs his stomach. Meanwhile, Fang Yuan snickers at her. Wei Li glances at him. She touches her face and sees red paint. She threatens to kill Xiong; Xiong cowers behind Fang Yuan and meekly pulls out fifty bucks. Her anger dissolves. She snatches the dollar and is about to waltz outta here before Fang Yuan mentions the stain she left behind on his shirt. She shoves the dollar into his hand and stomps away.

Screenshot (333).pngFang Yuan and Xiong return to their dorm. Xiong sulks at his luck. He sulks even more when he discovers that he had contaminated someone’s bed sheets with red paint. Fang Yuan pacifies Xiong by telling him to take a shower first. Xiong leaves.

Liang  Guang enters the room and romantic music starts playing (ಡ艸ಡ). He discovers his dirty bedsheet and starts removing the cover. Fang Yuan apologizes to him and offers to treat him to lunch in apology (not sure why he’s doing that since it isn’t his fault). Xiong comes back. He asks them where they are going. Fang Yuan hands him the bed sheet cover and asks him to clean the bed sheet cover that ‘he dirtied ‘. Xiong takes it.

Screenshot (336).png

They arrive in a restaurant and confer about noise pollution.

Then they go back to their dorm where they discovered Liang Guang’s bedsheets are completely drenched, which means Liang Guang has nowhere to sleep. Fang Yuan offers to share his bed.

bookblog (2)

I just gotta say, Chinese BL dramas are upping their game when it comes to an actor’s appearance. But, in terms of acting and visual elements,it’s rather poor. Not much can be done since most Chinese BL drama series are low budgeted. Thai BL dramas,on the other hand, are far more enjoyable. They have better actors and better camera quality. If you were to compare Addicted, which I think is the best Chinese BL webseries thus far, and to any Thai BL, you would be able to see the stark contrast.

Now if were to discuss  this drama. I think it ranks lower than Addicted, No.10 YanDaiXie Street, and Counterattack. The main reason for this is because it has fewer funds than all three of them. This causes each episode  to run short o(-`д´- 。). But the good thing about this series is that it would follow the book closely. Other than that I don’t recomend this series.





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