[News] 你是男的 我也爱 I Love You Even If You Were A Man’s Adaption: Like Love Season 3 Confirmed + Huang Li Ge leaves Splendid Culture Media

I love you even if you are a man 2

I haven’t been updating myself with news of the Like Love series adapted from Angelina’s online novel –I Love You As A Man– recently. Pleasantly surprised to find out that Season 3 of the Like Love series, which is also the last of the series, is confirmed to be released on 25 September 2016 following a long period of uncertainty on whether the third season will be out. Time for fans to celebrate!

Update: It’s been brought to my attention that Like Love 3 has been cancelled and upset fans are using this post to attack facebook fan groups. Please note that this news was dated Jan 2016. I haven’t been keeping myself updated but it seems that somewhere in March or April, it’s been announced by the director that Like Love 3 will not be filmed. 

I love you even if you are a man 3.jpg

On a related note, it is also confirmed that Huang Li Ge (affectionately known as Gege to fans) will be leaving Splendid Culture Media. This is confirmed by Huang Li Ge himself as well as Chen Peng, the director of the Like Love series. This decision is likely to be a rational and peaceful one in consideration of his future career in singing and dancing  (as opposed to acting).

I love you even if you are a man

Many fan shippers of Korn Kong Chuinan (Da Chui) and Huang Li Ge (Gege) who act as An Ziyan and Mai Ding respectively in the Like Love series are extremely disappointed and sad that the two will not be in the same company any more. However, director and good friend of them, Chen Peng has stated on Weibo that he will continue to cast Huang Li Ge in his movies and they are still on good terms even though the latter chose to leave.

Personally, I feel that it’s good that Huang Li Ge is considering his interest and future career and making painful but wise decisions. Better now, than later. Here’s to wishing that fans will take it easy and support their idol no matter what. All the best to Li Ge and his future endeavours 🙂


14 thoughts on “[News] 你是男的 我也爱 I Love You Even If You Were A Man’s Adaption: Like Love Season 3 Confirmed + Huang Li Ge leaves Splendid Culture Media

  1. Hilda

    Hmm, but he’ll be leaving after LikeLove 3… Right?
    They wouldn’t change the actor after all this, right?

    Although in the light of what is going on with all lgbt Chinese series now, I guess nothing will surprise me…


      1. Hilda

        Oh, I’m so relieved. It would never be the same without them both.

        Soo first government banned ‘Go princess go’. Then there’s this Addicted series, and there have been many troubles with it, they censored it so much that fans started to protest (even though uncut scenes were supposed to be on DVD), so they released ‘uncut’ version of one episode on youtube as a gift for foreigner fans, and then government reacted with idk, kinda banning the whole series? They released remaining episodes but they said there won’t be DVD version, then they informed they’d heard that the name is inapriopriate, and generally it recquires ‘further examination’. And they apparently can’t move on now, even if before they had been ensuring they would start shooting soon. They’re considering filming the rest on Taiwan, but then there’s some issues with actors and the studio, one giant chaos.
        At least that’s how it been described on Addicted’ forum on yaoiotaku.
        And now fans’re afraid of them not releasing counterattack (which was supposed to be aired every summer) anymore and postponing LikeLove 3.


        1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

          Hi, I’m pretty sure there won’t be a Like Love 3 anytime soon. It was scheduled to be released last September before it got cancelled. Unless someone else picks it up, it’s highly impossible we will have a Like Love 3.


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hi, this news was published a couple of months ago. I don’t keep myself updated with this anymore however it seems like there were some recent happenings that might have led to the cancellation of season 3.



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