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[News] 你是男的 我也爱 I Love You Even If You Were A Man’s Adaption: Like Love Season 3 Confirmed + Huang Li Ge leaves Splendid Culture Media

I love you even if you are a man 2

I haven’t been updating myself with news of the Like Love series adapted from Angelina’s online novel –I Love You As A Man– recently. Pleasantly surprised to find out that Season 3 of the Like Love series, which is also the last of the series, is confirmed to be released on 25 September 2016 following a long period of uncertainty on whether the third season will be out. Time for fans to celebrate!

Update: It’s been brought to my attention that Like Love 3 has been cancelled and upset fans are using this post to attack facebook fan groups. Please note that this news was dated Jan 2016. I haven’t been keeping myself updated but it seems that somewhere in March or April, it’s been announced by the director that Like Love 3 will not be filmed. 

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