[First Impression] Variety Show: We are in Love 我们相爱吧

We are in Love - cover
We are in Love (我们相爱吧) is the chinese remake of famous korean variety show – We Got Married. The cast is made up of c-actor and actress Kimi Qiao Ren Liang and Xu Lu, c-actor Ren Zhong and taiwanese actress Ruby Lin as well as korean boybander, Siwon and supermodel Liu Wen. I didn’t watch the korean version but I was looking forward to the c-version because of some familiar faces. (Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m in for Kimi. *squeals*) It’s dumb but I didn’t realise that this already started airing. So here are my thoughts!

Couple 1: Kimi Qiao Ren Liang and Xu Lu

Kimi Qiao is half the reason why I wanted to watch this. (The other half was supposed to be Jerry Yan but I guess it’s too good to be true…) Kimi‘s character as Zhou Chongguang in Tiny Times (drama) totally stole my  heart. The only work I seen Xu Lu in was Legend of Zhen Huan and I thought she was pretty odd-looking. Might have been the ancient costume because she seems to have become much prettier.

Kimi is love but those guyliner are better off gone. Why go for the rockstar look when you can be the cutest boy-next-door?

Kimi is love but those guyliner are better off gone. Why go for the rockstar look when you can be the cutest boy-next-door?

I do enjoy this coupling. The inner fangirl in me was squealing and couldn’t stop swooning at Kimi’s gimmicks and it seems like Xu Lu was feeling that way too. Kimi seemed to be taken aback by his ‘girlfriend’ at the start but he covered that up smoothly. The lie detector moment was golden though. Who would have thought of gifting a lie-detector machine as a first gift. You go, girl! Surprisingly, I am liking what I see in Xu Lu. I was afraid that Xu Lu would turn into one of those annoying drama lead actress and I would hate her but she seems to be pretty mature and grounded for now, even though she has her little moments too. Still, I can ignore that because… who can resist Kimi?

“Look in my eyes and fall in love with me”

I see myself rooting for Xu Lu in the future. I think she’s quite similar to me in certain ways. And despite my love for Kimi, he probably isn’t someone who I would date. I am looking forward to seeing how this pairing work out! I think they had minimal awkwardness and maximum dreaminess on their first date. They would probably turn into a really sweet couple I ship with 101%.

We are in Love - Renzhong and Ruby Lin 1

Couple 2: Ren Zhong and Ruby Lin

I actually thought Renzhong and Ruby looked the best together when I was browsing through the publicity photos. I’ve never heard of Renzhong prior to this but I had watched a few of Ruby‘s drama. I enjoyed watching Ruby as an actress but after watching this episode, I feel like I can’t look at Ruby the same way again. She was so close to downright mean. Poor dude was trying so hard to impress his goddess but she didn’t even try to make him feel comfortable. It was painfully awkward yet he didn’t lose his zeal at all. I guess he was really excited and Ruby was really disappointed with her match. That’s not surprising. Ruby Lin became a household name after the cult hit of Princess Pearl 还珠格格 in the 1990s and Renzhong is pretty unknown outside China.

The couple that could have been

The couple that could have been

I get that Ruby doesn’t have to pretend she likes him if she doesn’t but since you joined this program, shouldn’t you at try and come with an open mind? Judging from the previews, this whole thing is going to get worse with tears and screams. Maybe it’s the editing that made Ruby seem like a hard-to-deal-with person. I’m still gonna cheer on Renzhong!

Couple 3: Siwon and Liu Wen

I stopped at 2/3 of the episode and haven’t saw Siwon and Liu Wen on screen yet but the photos looks promising. I’ll continue catching up with it when I have a bit more time, probably over the weekend. If I like it enough, I might even choose to recap this show, making it the very first (variety) show I will recap!

That’s it for now, cheers!

PS: I’m still playing around with my blog layout and I need some help. Does anyone know how can I show the tags for each post on the top of my blog post so that it can be seen without having to click into the post? Thanks in advance!

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