[NEWS] “We Are In Love” Season 2 Premieres on Valentine’s Day


Yes, you read that right! It didn’t seem so long ago that the Chinese version of Korea’s famous reality show “We Got Married” premiered in Jiangsu TV. This show launched so many shipper dreams all thanks to the pairings of Ruby Lin-Ren Zhong, Kimi Qiao-Xu Lu, and Choi Siwon-Liu Wen. To relive those moments, you may check out my partner’s previous recaps 😉 Good news to all fangirls out there as another season will keep us entertained with a perfect premiere date on (Western) Valentine’s Day! But before that, we must ask one very important question: WHO ARE THE OTPs?!!

You can quote me on this by saying that “We Are In Love” is probably the most ambitious reality show out there. The first season was beyond buzz-worthy by persistent rumors that they have chosen Liu Wen & Jerry Yan, Tang Yan & Kris Wu, and many other more as their pseudo-couples. While the delulu fangirl in me believed in it so much that my favorite model and favorite actor would actually star in a reality show together *still cries at the thought of it* LOL.

Moving on, they’re still continuing this ambitious streak by dropping the biggest names possible. Apparently, it will be decided within the hands/fingers of the public by voting in their poll >_< Can they please stop giving us false hope?! Okay, why do I keep complaining? HAHA. I just want to burst people’s bubbles that it’s definitely not through their votes but depending on the management of the actor/actress and also with their schedule. Take it from a frustrated Jerry Yan fan like me who just gave it all up when he said that he wanted to come but “My Best Ex-Boyfriend” was clashing with it *sighs*.

Enough with my thoughts and I will now share what the official Weibo page of the reality show has been doing to promote it:



Li Yi Feng


Bolin Chen


Lee Jong Suk


Mike D’Angelo


Jerry Yan

I want to give a slow clap to the crew behind this reality show for having a “Never Say Never” motto regarding casting Jerry >_< HAHA!

Other names (who have yet to have the WAIL logo on their photo lol): Mike He, Eddie Peng (also buzzing since Season 1), SO MANY MORE




Zhao Liying


Tang Yan (another never say never situation for the WAIL crew)


Hebe Tian


Bea Hayden


Zhang Tian Ai


Dilireba Dilmurat


Zhou Dongyu

The list goes ON and ON but here are the Top 10 actors and actresses that people have been wishing for:


Top 10 Actors:
1. Zhang Yixing (Lay)
2. Li Yi Feng
3. Huang Zitao (Tao)
4. Jerry Yan
5. Bolin Chen
6. Wang Kai
7. William Chan
8. Lee Jong Suk
9. Mike D’Angelo
10. Wallace Huo


Top 10 Actresses/Celebrities:
1. Zhao Liying
2. Tang Yan
3. Zhang Tian Ai
4. Hebe Tian
5. Bea Hayden
6. Yang Rong
7. Yao Di
8. Zhou Dongyu
9. Jin Chen
10. Dilireba Dilmurat



So in short, nothing has been set in stone yet unless we already see filming photos/videos. That was the only way for us to know who the confirmed cast were back in the first season. It is also still possible that the people behind the production are randomly name-dropping for publicity’s sake and maybe even utilizing The Secret by making things happen as long as they believe that it will. Haha!

Who are your dream celebrities/pairings for the upcoming season? 😀


9 thoughts on “[NEWS] “We Are In Love” Season 2 Premieres on Valentine’s Day

  1. archidisign

    Zhao Liying and William Chan!!! *_* I know We Are in Love is fake, but at least it is better than the Korean vesion (it just feels a lot less scripted). I would ship Liying with Wallace too, but he is just so secretive with his private life…
    I would rather watch Zhang Tian Ai in more acting roles before starting on screen romance. Yang Rong already did something similar with Chen Xiao and it wasn’t that fun to watch (she feels too mature for this) LOL The other girls I want to see: Tang Yan, Chen Qiao En and Ady An. Those bachelorettes need to start dating!
    On the man side, Bolin Chen would be so much fun to watch ^^ Else, for the guys, I would chose Mike D’Angelo and Li Yifeng cause they are so sweet ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Not really a fan of William but people have been shipping him with ZLY so I guess that’s okay 😉

      I doubt that they would be able to score someone like Wallace, he’s just like Jerry @_@ that would be having snow in a desert… HAHA! Funny how I didn’t know that there was an actress named Zhang Tian Ai because I just translated it from my super little knowledge of Chinese characters >_< haha!

      I'm so surprised that I didn't see Joe and Ady in the top 10!!! If ever they get Jerry, I'd root for either Ady or Joe (Our Times *heart eyes*) for him! I'm dying to watch Bolin omg can he please accept this!! I think people are having problems with Mike because he has a son already (?) don't know him that much :)). People want Li Yifeng to be with Wu Xin (whom I also just discovered today :o) haha!

      Thank you for commenting, dear! :*


      1. archidisign

        OMG, they should cast Wallace Huo and Hu Ge. Even as fake romance, EVERYONE will still watch!!
        Haha, Zhang Tian Ai is the actress in Go Princess Go (her popularity is skyrocking right now so have an eye out for her! 😛 )
        William Chan is super good at being cheesy and creating chemistry though. I know that he is both shipped with Zhao Liying and Dili Reba. It would be interesting to see him get casted. Jerry and Ady would be so nice, but Ady and Vanness? That would be the BEST!
        Mike has a son? :/ Didn’t know. He looks so young…
        I don’t see the LYF+Wuxin shipping to be frank. Wuxin is an MC on Happy Camp and they had cute short chemistry on one episode. But in general, Wuxin tend to annoy me with her hosting skills, so not sure I want more of her 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. dramarian Post author

          I was going to say that, there should be bromance!! ❤ oohh that's great, a fresh face! so it makes sense that you want more screen time for her as an actress first 😉 oohh I didn't know about him with Dili Reba! He's such a goddess magnet!

          ohmygosh, Vanness and Ady would be the death of me but Vanness is "married" so he'd never appear in this kind of show. I placed the quotation marks because I really think he's been divorced already -_- HAHA so I'd be fine if Jerry were to be paired up with Ady except her name was never dropped for this show huhu oh no wonder I've been seeing their Happy Camp screenshots from fans in the WAIL Weibo page HAHA.

          Thank yo for all your helpful info, dear ❤


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