[NEWS]: Upcoming 2016 Films & Dramas

2016 is looking good for the Chinese entertainment industry! It seems like the drama and movie gods have been reading my Christmas Wishlist from last year… HAHA! You may read more on the upcoming dramas in blogs such as AVirtualVoyage and CDramaDevotee. For this post, I’ll be mainly posting about the projects that I’m really excited about and some may have not been covered by other blogs so might as well spread the love!


My favorites in one film? Pinch me!




Run for Love

One of the directors of this film is also the director of the next film that I’ll be featuring. No loss for him because his two films will be showing this Valentine’s Day on February 14!

Why I’m excited: I’ve been looking forward to seeing this film ever since the cast’s names were set in stone. I also have a penchant for romance anthologies then add that with Zhang Ziyi and Eddie Peng. AHH heaven!


Kill 16

Kill Time

All other useful information can be found here thanks to AVirtualVoyage!  The wait won’t be too long as it’ll also be out in Chinese cinemas this coming (Western) Valentine’s Day!

Why I’m excited: I love romance and suspense. Anything combined with romance is just way too entertaining for me actually! But most of all, my favorites Angelababy and Ethan Ruan in one film?!! This is not a drill. I will watch it as soon as it’s out!!! Another reason is that based from the trailer, there seems to be lots of hot scenes/kisses (HELP!!)


Railroad Tigers




There’s no plot available yet since the cast has just been recently announced. I doubt the fans would care so much though because they would definitely see this regardless of the plot haha!

Why I’m excited: I’ve been worried that Darren Wang of “Our Times” fame has been lingering on his fame from the said film so seeing him move on to another project will definitely be exciting! “Our Times” is now China’s most well-loved Taiwanese film so many people will be supporting him for sure. It’s also star-studded with Wang Kai part of the main cast (another break-out start of 2015!) and also Huang Zitao.



 Perfect Couple

I’ve only seen Fiona Sit in the Taiwanese-Hong Kong film, “Girls”, which was coincidentally starred by Vanness Wu too. Another F4 member is set to star with her in this movie who is none other than my love, Zai Zai! I have yet to know the plot of this film but I’m 100% sure that I’m still going to watch it haha!

Why I’m excited: Vic is known to be reserved and quiet but I just love how he’s still pretty active most of the time in the industry. Whenever he has a new project, he makes it a point to attend all the possible promotional events related to it. Seeing him in public events is already something to be excited for!


Many blogs have covered these films already but I still wanted to mention them:

“The Bodyguard” starring the biggest names of the industry such as Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Eddie Peng, etc.

“Just One Smile is Very Alluring” film version starring Angelababy and Jing Boran. This needs more photos!!

“Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” film version starring Liu Yifei and Yang Yang. I have never read the novel in which this is based on but the plot looks interesting! And if it’s Yang Yang, why not? 😉




It seems not too long ago that I wrote this and now we get news that Mark Chao and Vic Zhou are filming dramas?!! Definitely not together because that’s a really long shot *sighs* but I’ve been waiting for these two to come back to the small screen already ❤ it’s been 7 years for Mark and 4 for Zai Zai aaahhh 2016 is really looking good!!

Regarding Mark Chao, I still have no idea what the drama is about and I have yet to see photos but I’m sure they will surface soon as he has been filming in China for it recently. Could it be the rumored drama adaptation of “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”?? Any help? 😀

As for Vic’s drama, he’s going to be starring in it with Korean actor Jang Hyuk (not really happy about this though… lol). The title’s Chinese Dream” and funny how none of the main leads are Chinese HAHA! Thanks to VicZhouPH for providing very useful information about Vic’s projects!



The Princess Weiyoung

Thanks to our female lead, Tang Yan, we finally get to see my love Van Ness Wu interacting with her in the drama! Other drama blogs have talked about it already and I also talked more about the story before so you can just refer to this previous post 😉 It’s going to be his first Chinese AND period drama and I have a strong inkling that this will even make him more famous in China. Still pretty bummed that he’s the second male lead who acts as an antagonist too but it’s definitely better than nothing!

This finishes filming in March and can I be selfish and say that I hope it’ll be released after August… I badly want to recap this and I’m afraid that I can only be an active blogger again after that month 😦 .Moving on, we all know that Ady An mostly does Chinese period dramas, is 2016 even going to be better by pairing these two up again?! *daydreams*. Okay, so that wasn’t moving on… haha!



These dramas have lots of blog coverage so I’ll just mention them here because I’m also very excited for these dramas!

“Stay with Me” starring Joe Chen, Kimi Qiao, and Wang Kai. Penned by Tong Hua, let this be a beautiful drama and not a waste of its leads (unlike what “Best Time” did #trauma)

“Just One Smile is Very Alluring” drama version starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. The released stills are very promising and really allures me to watch it (see what I did there).


That’s it for the 2016 projects that I’m excited about!! I’ll be very very slow in updating as I’m going to be busy in the upcoming months. If time permits, I hope I can write individual posts about these projects.  Are we excited about the same dramas and films? What are you most excited about? 😉

4 thoughts on “[NEWS]: Upcoming 2016 Films & Dramas

  1. archidisign

    Oh, new BTS for Princess Weiyoung :O Excited to see Darren Wang in more projects soon as well as to see Bolin Chen back in dramaland. My most anticipated movie is Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      yesss, it seems to me that they’ve been filming on a tight schedule! Same here! It’s a great opportunity for him to get out of his “Our Times” shell 😉

      So have you heard (I’m sure you have haha!) that Bolin’s rumored to be Liying’s WAIL fake boyfriend? 😮
      Not really a fan of Crystal but maybe this film would make me change my mind as I’ve been excited for it! 😀


  2. thoughtsramble

    We have similar tastes!! I was just commenting to my friends in real life how Ethan Ruan has disappeared completely and I hope he hasn’t been shut off from showbiz. So glad to read that he’s back in a film with Angelababy no less. And Vic Zhou woohoo!! Tang Yan is a pretty great actress but I’m not such a big fan of Vanness Wu hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Omg my friends and I in real life have been very concerned about that too. I think we’re soulmates?? HAHA!

      Read that his popularity has been declining in China so it’s really a great opportunity for him to star in a Valentine’s film with Angelababy. Hope my dearest Angela can help him go back on track!!

      Yes, love Vic forever _< It's okay, he used to be my least favorite F4 member until "Autumn's Concerto" happened haha!

      Oh gosh, I talked a lot, didn't I? Haha! Thank you for sharing your insights :*



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