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[NEWS]: Upcoming 2016 Films & Dramas

2016 is looking good for the Chinese entertainment industry! It seems like the drama and movie gods have been reading my Christmas Wishlist from last year… HAHA! You may read more on the upcoming dramas in blogs such as AVirtualVoyage and CDramaDevotee. For this post, I’ll be mainly posting about the projects that I’m really excited about and some may have not been covered by other blogs so might as well spread the love!


My favorites in one film? Pinch me!

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Year-End Special: 2015 Cover Girls

Hello, hello! I’m back and I’m already starting our Year-End Special series! I have always been a fan of magazines even before entering the world of C/TW-entertainment and this world seems to have so much to offer in my obsession over magazines so I’ve been enjoying this obsession even more 😀 This amazing year is almost ending and it has also released all the possible issues for the year even before December. So in this post, I’ll be posting 2015’s cover girls which are mostly my favorites. Trust me, it will be fun! Let’s start, shall we?


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