[NEWS] Van Ness Wu returns to dramaland, enters C-dramaland


The drama gods have been very generous lately! Ever since Chinese period drama “The Princess Wei Young” (adapted from a novel with the same title) was in the news for finding its main leads in Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin, nothing much followed right after. It didn’t really catch my attention until they added another big name to the list of its cast members…

Van Ness Wu is finally back to filming dramas after an almost four-year absence! His last work in dramaland was a Taiwanese daily drama back in 2012, “Ti Amo Chocolate” that I actually never watched despite myself being a big fan because 80 episodes are just too much for me.

However, being cast in “The Princess Wei Young” and also as his first ever Chinese drama is already making me excited! His other F4 bandmates have long joined the C-dramaland with Vic Zhou back in 2009 in a period drama as well, “Memoirs of Madam Jin” co-starring the goddess Fan Bingbing, Jerry Yan in “My Splendid Life” (2011) with Yedda Chen, and Ken Chu in “Gorgeous Workers” (2013, but shelved indefinitely) supporting to Zhang Han.


Van Ness Wu returns to dramaland as Tuo Ba Yu in “The Princess Wei Young”

It’s going to be a 50-episode costume drama and it was said that the filming since October has been intense at Hengdian World Studio. Tiffany Tang is one of China’s most well-loved (and also overexposed if you ask me) actresses but it definitely doesn’t hurt that Van Ness will be acting with her. This is a really great start for Van Ness who’s going to be establishing his career beyond the borders of his home country.

What we know about his role here so far: He’ll be playing the cold and ruthless Tuo Ba Yu but who actually possesses some gentleness hidden deep inside him. It was also said that he’ll be important in the development of the plot. Anyone read the novel where this is based from and maybe help me a little more with his character? 😀

A really different role compared to the amazing and confident (also cocky lol) Ren Guang Xi in “Autumn’s Concerto” and the ambitious and humble Jia Hao in “Material Queen”. His presence here is really tempting me to recap this once it’s out though I have a feeling it’ll be out when I’ll be studying for my major board exam next year. However, I’m pretty sure that I’ll still be watching this and wishing all the best for this drama and especially to Van Ness!


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