Update: Drama Round-up

Recently, my local TV channel is showing loads of dramas that I’ve been wanting to watch but never found time for. It’s killing my productivity but bringing me loads of enjoyment. Time for a drama round-up!

1. Hanzawa Naoki [Episode 8/10]

This has been on my plan-to-watch for the longest time  but I either didn’t feel like watching a tense drama or didn’t have time for a drama marathon. I usually marathon dramas, especially those with tense plots because I feel like splitting it up to watch would make me die of suspense. Imagine my happiness when one of my local channel is airing it, dubbed in chinese! I’m usually thrilled by J-dramas but having to read subtitles and not being able to multi-task throughout the whole drama is so tedious, it usually turns me away. Plus, I love the accented dub haha.

I loved the drama at the beginning, it kept me on the edge of my chair and I look forward to the next episode the moment one episode ends. Somewhere in the middle, I missed an episode and that stopped my addiction to this show. I still enjoy the show, but it feels repetitive and predictable. Full of twists and turns but ultimately predictable. Still a good watch I guess, but I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I watched everything in one sitting.
{7.5/10, worth a catch}

2. Code Blue [Episode 10/10]

I’m on a lucky streak! More dubbed j-dramas. I didn’t manage to catch every single episode of this drama because of the timeslot but whatever I caught, I loved it. I was trying to write a post yesterday and I got distracted by this drama and next thing I know, 45 minutes passed. It is that good. I love how cool and calm and collected Aizawa is, how useless yet lovable Shiraishi is and everything else. This show is intense, and it sucks you in. My heart was palpitating while I was watching yesterday’s episode.
PS: Almost teared when I saw Fujikawa being allowed to the accident scene and conducting an operation. Aw, baby boy finally allowed to grow up.
{8.5/10, should watch!}

3. Daddy Good Deeds [Episode 6/20]

I love this show. Absolutely comical and funny. I chanced upon this drama and didn’t plan to follow it consistently but it was so ridiculous, it made me laugh non-stop. This drama brings the real meaning of DRAMA into dramas. The cast was likeable and storyline enjoyable, albeit predictable. Would definitely continue watching this because I am a fan of the overreacting comedy genre!
{7/10, personally love it but i guess this is an acquired taste}

4. Prince of Lanling [Episode 27/46]
Prince of Lanling
I’m losing the drive to continue with this drama. I was excited about it at the start and marathoned at a faster pace than my local channel. But the moment I stopped, it became really hard to continue. Doesn’t help that I’ve been spoiled about the ending. Ancient-time romance isn’t really my thing, neither is Feng Shaofeng. Maybe I’ll just watch this non-committally.
{7/10, not my kinda thing but still worth a watch if you are into ancient romance}

5. Smile, Dong-hae [Episode 114/152]

Just as I thought that this show is finally coming to an end since I hit 100+ episodes, I realised I still have a third to go. I’m only watching this every now and then because it’s airing on my local channel. With chinese dubs too, yay! Not sure if it’s the dubs or what but I am tickled every time I hear Donghae calling Bongyi ‘Miss Bongyi’. Characters are easy to root for and it’s an easy watch despite the length.
{7/10, the only downside being its length – it seems like it’s impossible to finish}

6. A Different Kind of Pretty Man [Episode 5/20]
A different kind of pretty man
First drama on the list that is not airing on my local channel so I’m just watching at my own pace. First of all, I love love love Zhang Han. But I do not love this drama at all. I knew that this show was about crazy superpowers and all but it is totally not what I expected. I don’t get the point of the plot, and I don’t feel the burning desire to want to either. I am this close to giving up this drama but look at that picture above! Look at all that eye candy!! I want to see them but I don’t want to deal with the rubbish plot (for now)!
{4/10, don’t start or risk facing a dilemma because… look at all that eye candy!!!}
PS: Not sure why is the quality of the photo so bad but go google it, they are hot stuff.

7. The Romance of the Condor Heroes
Romance of the Condor Heroes
Like I said, ancient romance is not my type of genre but this is going to air in my local channel soon and I’m debating whether to watch it or not. I’m familiar with both Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen so I don’t mind watching even though I’m not a great fan of either. Chen Xiao‘s magic didn’t work on me in Legend of Lu Zhen. So why am I considering this drama? Because Condor Heroes is a classic and I want to know the story. Reading the novel 微微一笑很倾城 (Dreams of Jianghu) also made me curious about the legendary Condor Heroes.

8. Our Love
Our Love
I have this downloaded on my phone. This is the next drama I plan to watch after A Different Kind of Pretty Man. When I start on this will depend on whether I decide to drop the other show or not. 36 episodes is quite a lot but it seems that Bryant Chang will be cute in this drama so let’s go! Do give me some feedback if you have watched either drama!

That’s pretty much about it, I’ll do up a variety show round-up next!

PS: The quality of these photos turned out horrible. I swear they were better when I first picked them. Sorry about it and I promise to choose better photos the next time round.


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