Knick-knack: Blog updates

Here’s an update on my blog renovation progress! I spent the entire day doing up a movie review on Secret and updating my pages, namely the ‘About’, ‘Blog Roll’ and ‘Chinese Novel’ pages. Finally got to linking up the dramablogs that I follow. Maybe one day I’ll do up a post introducing my favourite blogs.

I also changed the theme and attempted making my own header images with my limited photoshop skills. Gotta say I’m pretty glad with the results, even though there’s still vast improvement to be made.

Show Luo Zhi Xiang:Header 7 - Show Lo _950x200pixel_
Header 2 - Show Lo
Header 6 - Show Lo _950x200pixel_Header 8 - Show Lo _950x200pixel_

Alien Huang Hong Sheng:
Header 10- Alien Huang _950x200pixel_Header 9 - Alien Huang _950x200pixel_

Chen Xuedong:
Header 11 - Xuedong _950x200pixel_
Header 1 - Xuedong
Header 1 - Xuedong

Kimi Qiao Ren Liang:
Header 5 - Kimi Qiao _950x200pixel_Header 4 - Kimi Qiao _950x200pixel_

Zhang Han:
Header 10 - Zhang Han _950x200pixel_

Leave me a comment and tell me which one do you find the nicest!

I guess it’s pretty obvious who my favourite actors are from here. I didn’t have time to do up any female posters but I guess those will have to wait since I don’t need more header images urgently. I want to finish up editing my pages asap and start churning out posts soon!

Still, if anyone is in need of a header image, and do not find those I do too ugly, I’ll be more than willing to do one for your blog! Leave your blog name, dimensions of the header image and maybe the picture/style you want behind and I’ll work on it!


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