Fangirl Diaries: Jerry Yan at the Golden Melody Awards 2019 + Barbie Hsu’s Hotel

Golden Melody Awards is Taiwan’s most prestigious music awards (Think: Grammys in the US)

Yes, I came to see him again! I swear I’m not obsessed 😉 Read more about my whirlwind weekend in Taipei here!

*All photos were taken by the author

After flying to Tokyo to see Jerry (read it here), I headed over to his hometown in which he has not publicly appeared for years. Tokyo and Taipei have always been my most favorite cities so it was definitely not a chore for me to travel to even if the latter’s trip was just for the weekend.

To start off my weekend pilgrimage of one of my most favorite Taiwanese dramas, “Meteor Garden”, my mom and I checked in Barbie Hsu’s hotel (yes, she married a real-life Dao Ming Si!).

The pearl necklace must be very significant for Barbie and her husband as it is seen everywhere in the hotel

It is a four-star hotel which automatically means that it can be costly (and it was!). As a Barbie fan, I knew I just had to experience staying at her hotel at least once in my fangirling life.

Thank you for this welcoming note, mom!

The lowest-priced room was quite small but the interiors looked simple yet elegant (only took a video of it, sorry!). We also had their Taiwanese breakfast buffet as part of the package and although no food stood out, it was quite a filling meal.

So will I recommend you to stay at S Hotel? If you are a Barbie fan like me and willing to spare your extra cash for a night, then please do! Please feel free to ask in the comments section below if you have any hotel-specific questions. I would be more than willing to help you out if other booking sites will not be able to.

She had her favorite pictures of her family and self-portraits up in the lobby

As a JerBie fan, wasn’t it great that I had Barbie’s hotel in the introduction part of my post then start talking about Jerry?! Okay, maybe it was just me haha! Let me go to the main point of this blog post:


Before the event:

I had no idea that Barbie’s hotel was just a walking distance away from the Taipei Arena, the venue of the GMA, but it was a pleasant surprise! I came out of the hotel starving and that was my plan, go out early to eat my lunch then proceed to the Arena. I ended up going around the venue and saw all the media cars, the red carpet, and several people already staying by the barricade.

I expected more people and as a fan, I felt competitive and wanted to get the best viewing spot. It ended up to be an almost five-hour hunger strike just so I could stay in my spot. The most unexpected twist to my day happened when I shamelessly approached one of the fans wearing a Jerry Yan Philippines shirt. She was kind enough to let me in to their spot and even lent me her shirt (see photo below). The pin and signboard came from Yan Cheng Xu Family (Jerry’s Chinese fan base).

I swear I’m not a fangirl!

The members of Jerry Yan PH were such wonderful ladies whom I will forever be thankful for. I probably would not enjoy this experience as much as I did if it were not for them. I mean, I came to the venue hungry, bothered by the abrupt changes in weather, and the worst part was being surrounded by perverts (which I would rather not talk about in this post). Only to find out that Jerry Yan’s red carpet arrival will be delayed by an hour and that he would not be able to interact with his fans.

Look, mom! We’re on Taiwanese TV!

Despite the long wait, we were entertained by a number of GMA’s hosts endlessly taking photos, videos, and interviews of each fan club. Not that I am biased but they were mostly fascinated by Jerry’s fan base as we were the biggest among all the other groups. So if you saw any snippet of the GMA where a fan tries to be seen behind a tree and screams her heart out, then that would be me.

Never have I wanted to cut off a tree in my entire pro-environment life until this event happened

Fast-forward to the nerve-wracking wait of his arrival, EVERYONE in the crowd went wild. Suddenly, there were no fan clubs as everyone was screaming and holding their phones out to have a glimpse of our superstar.

In true Jerry fashion, he walked slowly by the side of his fans and left us with a smile. He smiled when he saw one of Jerry Yan PH’s red card shirt!

My newfound friends from Jerry Yan PH have been his fan way longer than I did and everything was just overwhelming. The whole experience made us tear up and support each other with a hug!

Our closest encounter in Taipei! My encounter in Tokyo was definitely sweeter but it still made me happy nonetheless.

Call me biased but again, Jerry was probably the only artist who did the most heartfelt gestures of staying on our side and walking slowly. We did not see the same reaction from the other artists who had fan clubs. Some just walked like a runway in the middle but of course, their fans were satisfied but come on, Jerry’s fan service was on a whole different level.

Another fangirl diary entry for the books! After this public appearance, it seems like we will not be seeing much of him as he will be busy filming. This does not mean that my fangirling adventures will end as there should be more to come!

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


8 thoughts on “Fangirl Diaries: Jerry Yan at the Golden Melody Awards 2019 + Barbie Hsu’s Hotel

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  2. Laura

    Oh my God, i just found your blog. And I’m very grateful! Thank you for writing abd sharing your experience. I really enjoyed reading your post. Hope you (and me!) Can meet Jerry in close encounter many2 times more!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello Laura! I’m so grateful that you found our blog too 🙂 Thank you for dropping by and glad that you enjoyed it!

      Yes, really hope so too! I will be going to this fan meeting again this December so I hope you can too!


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