Fangirl Diaries: Dylan Wang’s Fun Meet!

The stage looked amazing and perfect for someone like Didi – – full of energy and character!

Let it be known that I am not Didi’s biggest fan (but yes, I lovingly call him that nickname). Heck, I’m not even a big fan. So why should you read this fangirl diary of mine if that’s the case, right?

Read more to find out if his fun meet was actually hmmm well, fun?

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Before anything else, I would like to thank you for clicking “Read more”. It only means that you are still interested enough to read my experience even if I am not a big fan.

Being an average fan might just give you a whole different kind of perspective. My writing may be less biased but most importantly, this may be a narration of how I could end up being Didi’s big fan after this fun meet.

So if I am not a big fan, then what was my motivation for coming to this event? Having seen all TV adaptations of Hana Yori Dango, it was just right for me to see my 2nd best Domyouji in real life (of course, you guessed my 1st whom I have just seen a few weeks ago!).

Fast-forward to the day of the fun meet and now inside the Coliseum, I could only imagine how Dylan would be feeling once he sees the huge crowd roaring to see him. It was not a full house but there were still many fans (which I honestly didn’t expect!) despite the short notice of getting passes for the event. What more if the fans were given a decent amount of time to prepare!

Didi had to shush the crowd as they would squeal for every breath that he would make haha!


+ Didi looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in real life. I thought I could only use such an adjective for ladies but boy, he was just beautiful!

– Q&A portion only featured questions which we all knew the answers too to be honest… And to think that I’m not even a big fan! The questions were all about his previous job as a flight attendant, upcoming projects, etc.

+ The DiYue shippers chanting “Shen Yue” when he was being asked about his experience filming “The Inn 2”. I did not really hear it clearly during the event but saw the videos and just loved it! You go, shippers! Let’s make this ship sail and not become a wreck (or it never even sailed) that your original counterparts had. So can someone make a video parallel of the fans chanting “Barbie” during Jerry Yan’s performance here too to go along with the DiYue chants too?

– Didi clearly wanted to dance and even requested for the music crew to find a hip-hop song. Damn, he even asked if there was a Filipino dance that he could try! Then there was his management who appeared to be more evil than how Dao Ming Feng was… Haha!

+ There was a game where they would throw huge balls and whoever got the ball when the music stopped, could claim a prize from Bench. Didi made an effort to throw the balls high enough for people seated at the lower box section (where I was!) to have a chance. It was quite a stretch so that did not happen but we all saw how he tried and that was already a touching gesture from him!

– + 10 lucky fans got a chance to spin the wheel and win prizes from Dylan such as: getting a bouquet of flowers, signed posters, a surprise which was just an audio recording of him saying “Good Morning”/”Good Night”, and the highly-coveted selfie (I would die to have one too!). I tagged this as a lowlight too because of again, his management’s restriction. I mean, I understand that safety is always the priority but come on, even the selfie did not really look like it was a selfie with them holding Bench’s signboards. Okay, I will stop complaining as I should still thank them from bringing him here!

– + Some VIP guests were lucky enough to shake his hand while some were not. Well, they were not really supposed to but some passed thanks to Didi and the ninja moves of the lucky fans! If I were a VIP ticket-holder, I would probably not feel as fulfilled after spending P20,000 (almost $400!) just to get close to him, receive a signed poster, then be escorted by the bouncers right away… I know the circumstances are different but if you read my Tokyo fan meeting with Jerry Yan here, you will probably understand where I’m coming from.

+ After signing 100 posters, no one could already stop Didi from continuing to entertain his fans from bopping his head while signing to actually performing “Don’t Think About It” when it was off the script as the host said! The enthusiasm, energy, and overflowing love of his fans obviously inspired him to do that.

Everyone was happy that you said “I love you” back to us!

Overall, it was still a night of fun and joy but I know that it could have still been better. This is also coming from someone who has gone to quite a decent number of fan meetings. My advice for huge Didi fans or any fans in general is to attend fan meetings which are organized by the artist and their official fan club and you might just have the most perfect time of your life!

It just made me happy that it was not only the fans who had the time of their lives, but Didi obviously had too! Hopefully, his first ever solo international fan meeting made a lasting mark on him and that it was enough to have him come here again.

Hope you had a great time reading another one of my fangirling diaries here! See you until the next adventure 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fangirl Diaries: Dylan Wang’s Fun Meet!

  1. Ronaliza Jagonase

    Thank You for sharing your adventures by meeting DiDi in person I envy you bcz even I want too I can’t go to fun Meet of DiDi but watching him teary eyes of overwhelm feelings that fans give it him I am happy to see him been happy just for morethan one hours looking forward for more adventure of yours 💜💛 diyue forever

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      My main reason for writing my fangirling diaries is to inspire fans and make them happy with my posts too 🙂

      Hope you can meet him someday! Thank you very much and I’m so happy that you’re looking forward to my adventures 😊



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