Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 18 Review


When you’ve done everything for the girl you like, but she still likens you to a dog…

We are heading towards the right direction in our love adventure! If you have seen the 2001 drama, everything that happened in this episode should be familiar to you. If you are a Meteor Garden virgin, I hope you enjoyed the happenings in this episode as much as I did back in 2001. Let’s guo! (guo is dog in Mandarin haha!).


Look at that concerned face of Lei!


Oh I know! It’s because you trusted anyone other than Dao Ming Si so easily!


Ah Si ran away to rescue his damsel in distress right away!


He kept taunting the gangsters until he started bleeding. In the 2001 version, the physical abuse towards Dao Ming Si was relatively longer and we saw how Shancai was screaming and crying of pain for him. Sadly, this version deprived us of that but they totally redeemed themselves with the hospital prank scene that we will be seeing later.


Did you also notice how this version loved showing Shancai’s dream scenarios? Really interesting!


Shancai woke up from her nightmare and ran right away to look for Ah Si. Loved how Lei looked at her with a somber expression.


While watching this, I was already feeling disappointed that they did not show Shancai and Dao Ming Si talking before he completely passed out. I spoke too soon and saw that they included it as a flashback for Shancai. Unfortunately, it did not make me tear up as the 2001 version did but that’s okay since I almost teared up from my laughter in the next scenes…


I would not have laughed and/or bummed that I knew what was going to happen if I had not watched the 2001 drama.


I would have strangled all of these guys if I were Shancai! Who could joke about someone’s death after having experienced such a stressful and emotional distress? It was still so funny though and it’s such a classic Meteor Garden scene!


F3 was reminiscing how the old Ah Si was more troublesome and irresponsible. They said that he should be thankful for them helping him change for the better.


HAHA. He’s just so lovable despite displaying such a cocky attitude!


*long awkward pause* but I was still covering my mouth from squealing now that F3 left them for some private time.


Awww. I don’t know why I still find it romantic that Ah Si calls her ugly maybe because I know his personality too well that he does not really mean it? Please tell me that it’s not just me…


It melted my heart when he reminded her of what he said when he confessed his feelings *sighs*.


F3 was reflecting on what just happened to Ah Si and Shancai. Meizuo said that it was a good thing that they did not give up on Ah Si. Loved it when Lei asked this question because giving up was never an option for him.


Ugh I completely agree! We have all done a lot of good things in the past too but how come we never got our own Dao Ming Si?!! HAHA.


I would be glad to take him with my open arms if you don’t want him, Shancai! I enjoyed this part so much because the way the F3 was pushing them together looked like Ah Si was really some fancy jewelry on sale. 2001 version failed to do that but the way they were selling Ah Si was also funny!


Shancai had no words to say except that she thinks Ah Si is like a dog for her… LOL. this scene never fails especially Lei’s laughter (seen in the 2001 drama too!).


Look at how his buddies try to comfort him. Best friends forever!


“Dog” is now Ah Si’s new trigger word. LOL.


He even went on mocking her comment. He said that they would not understand his pain because he was only called as a dog despite having risked his life for her.




They asked Lei about his opinion. Ximen and Meizuo were just disappointed to realize that they were the only normal guys in the house.


I never thought that we would see a Shancai – Lei rooftop moment after so long!


He gave her advice regarding her relationship with Ah Si.


Ah Si saw them being comfortable with each other and sat right in the middle of them. HAHA. We saw this happen in the 2001 drama too!


He then told her that he could recover like a dog anyway so he still went to school.


It seems like Ah Si being called a dog is also a trigger word for Lei except that it triggers him to laugh haha!


Lei told Ah Si that he was not able to tell Shancai what he wanted him to ask her.


YESSSS. This might be a NOOOO for some people because Dao Ming Si’s birthday only means one thing in the HYD world: DAO MING FENG.

In a nutshell,

  • This version did not add much to this story line from the original. They actually toned down the emotional content (I might have cried watching the 2001 one). Although it was still as funny as the old one especially when they pranked Shancai and when she called Ah Si a dog.
  • I have been looking forward to Dao Ming Feng’s arrival actually because being the antagonist that she is, she will make everything exciting! She will also indirectly help Shancai release her feelings towards Ah Si. Looking forward to the next episode!
  • I don’t have much to say about this episode as they did not really disappoint much in remaking my favorite scenes from the 2001 version. All I know is that I am totally ready for how this version will deal with the classic evil mother arc!

What did you think of this episode?


4 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 18 Review

  1. Mei

    For me, not having seen the older version, I couldn’t believe how dramatic of a turn it took with Si and the gangsters. It’s kind of hard to see him as being able to take those guys down being a pretty boy and all 😉 but I was gasping and found it very dramatic and sacrificial!!
    Shancai calling him a dog was lol funny! Though she keeps avoiding and dodging his advances… she acts like she’s in junior high.
    I still can’t get over the dubbing… I feel like it semi-ruins the experience for me, but I’m trying to put it aside. I read a blog that said bottom line, the reason China dubs is because of money (and not the mainstream reasons as thought, ie. diff dialects). That makes more sense to me, even though it sucks. If China wants to export its dramas to the world, they need to stop dubbing. I started watching A Love So Beautiful and Shen’s natural voice is so lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      You will be so surprised and feel really heavy emotionally if you get to watch the original 😳 I loved his entrance though and how he was taunting the gangsters. That was hot! Haha!

      Yeah, that just never fails! They were all sooo cute. As for dubbing, different dialects is still one of the reasons, and money is definitely one of the main reasons. I really blame the dubbing for ruining other classic lines and emotional scenes boohoo. Just in case you didn’t know, it has been confirmed that Darren (Lei), Caesar (Ximen), and Dee (Zhuang jie) were the only ones who weren’t dubbed! Not sure why though especially that Dee and Darren speak Taiwanese Mandarin.

      ALSB is one of my favorite Chinese dramas! Hope you’ll love it as much as I did 🙂 yeah, Shen Yue’s voice is nice so I was really bummed when I learned that she was dubbed 😦


  2. vespa

    I haven’t watched the other versions of Meteor Garden, but I gotta say this episode was fantastic. That scene in the warehouse was so dramatic, from Shencai’s insult hurling to the gangsters, Si’s showing up and the exchange between Si and Shencai. She is definitely his match!

    The bit where he tells her he doesn’t want her filthy face looking at him and where he tells her to shut her eyes as the beating begins. So dramatic!

    I can’t get over the interactions between these two. So glad they made this version.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I think it’s nice that you didn’t watch the other versions. As for me, I have always had my expectations set already so if they kind of failed, it affects my opinion on the drama. So having watched the original version, I consider this as only very slightly dramatic 😅

      Putting that aside, you’re right! Loved their interactions and this episode wasn’t so bad either 😊 Thank you very much for sharing your insights!



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